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Global Analysis Limited is a separate intelligence resource which is operated in parallel and in close association with World Reports Limited. Its main remit is to add depth to our continuous intelligence, economic, financial and geopolitical research operations. The four primary activities are: (1) Specialist research, in support of the serials published by World Reports Limited; (2) The editing, publishing and distribution of Global Analyst, An Intelligent(ce) Perspective on World Affairs and on Global Revolution; (3) Preparation and launch of an Online, fee-based intelligence service, accessible only by subscribers to any of our serials; and: (4) Consultancy services benefiting from the potential of Christopher Story’s geopolitical, interpretative and prophetic expertise, accumulated over 35+ years of global analytical intelligence work. Please Contact Us for more information: see also the Home Page of this website.

Global Analysis Limited is the specialist resource for intelligence on crucial dimensions of the World Revolution, which is turning the world upside down. Most thinking people realise that something has gone drastically wrong, but few have any knowledge at all about the international revolutionary dialectic. To expose some of the ‘dark actors’ who are ‘playing games’ in this crisis, which is affecting us all, we publish Global Analyst, a newsletter introduced in 2002 to provide detailed insights into the geomasonic and other forces directing the World Revolution. It is no use seeking this information in the controlled ‘mainstream’ media, which is concerned increasingly with facile entertainment and is, with a handful of exceptions, failing to address the fundamental causes of the world’s destabilisation.

Global Analyst is helping to expose not only the Illuminati’s practical programme for establishing global governance – in the hands of the Luciferian Úlite – but also the universal hegemony, as the global norm, of the esoteric, satanic ‘ancient mysteries’ (black magic, kabbalism, occultism, spiritism, etc). Astonishing though it may appear to sane, sensible people, these mad globalists actually seek a reversion to outright paganism – the darkness out of which the Children of Israel were guided in ancient times. We can prove, from a recent Rand Corporation (CIA) document, that ‘Egypt’ (biblical synonym for ‘the darkness’, with no disrespect for today’s honourable Egyptian people) is indeed ‘the prize’. At the cusp of the millennium, top Luciferians, including Dr Henry Kissinger and George Bush Sr., participated in an ‘ancient mysteries’ ceremony at the Great Pyramid, when they should have been at home with their families.

Global Analyst Volume 2, Number 1 [January-February 2005] contained the following features:
A: Former Stasi repression chief recruited by U.S. Homeland Security apparatus.
B: Editorial column: Massive secret German rearmament.
C: Church of England scandals: Bishop of Oxford’s Pagan Links; Bishop actually reads the Gospels; Bishop woos worshippers with choccies: Examples of the reprobate behaviour of the C of E.
D: Servants of the Evil One: President G. W. Bush signifies before the world that he salutes the Devil.
E: Freemasonry & Witchcraft: Two manifestations of the same pagan, reprobate ‘mystery’ cult of Lucifer.
F: Bamboozling the Public: The Soviet Leninist origins of ‘Political Correctness’ and the ‘Common Mind’.
G: Special Analysis: How to recognise and respond to lies and disinformation by the Public Sector.
H: The educational focus on death in U.K. and U.S. schools.
J: Teaching children perversion: British ‘Gay School’ Month.
K: Schwarzenegger in the woodpile.
L: Several contemporary insights into numerlogical totems: 666 and 322.

In summary Global Analyst deals with the esoteric and Luciferian background to, and the causes of, many of today’s evils, and applies this specialist knowledge in order to expose the sources of contemporary scandals and issues which exercise all those who have become sensitised to the onslaught of the World Revolution, to its sponsorship of abominations, and to the way it is destabilising all our civilisations.