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Soviet Analyst, An Intelligence Commentary, edited by Christopher Story FRSA, is the only publication that specialises in exposing Moscow's continuing strategy, in close collaboration with Communist China and to some extent Israel, to consummate Lenin's World Communist Revolution. In analysing the Soviet deception strategy, Soviet Analyst also exposes the stupidity, myopia and duplicity of many collaborating Western Governments and intelligence cadres which have accepted Soviet lies about the collapse of Communism in 1989-91 – as though it were genuine, rather than a colossal Leninist strategic deception.

The consequences of this millennial error of analysis and judgment are today destabilising the entire world. The complacency of the British Foreign Office and of the American State Department, in the face of glaring evidence of continuing covert Soviet Leninist lies and deception, has been staggering. Even today, officials would appear to have little grasp of the reality that we are living through what Lenin’s revolutionaries called ‘the period of escalating violence’. This was clearly revealed in the text of the Blueprint for World Revolution, approved by the Comintern in 1928.

Believe it or not, the British Foreign Office not only cancelled several hundred existing subscriptions to Soviet Analyst before World Reports Limited acquired this important title in 1991, but further sold off its Library of priceless books on Communism and the Soviet Union, certain of which we managed to acquire from a second-hand bookstore located in Bloomsbury, Central London. By examining such documents, and by reading Communist literature such as the indispensable periodical ‘Political Affairs’, published by the Communist Party USA (historically the closest Communist Party to the Kremlin), Christopher Story, the Editor, has been able to gauge the likely course of false ‘post’-Soviet strategy accurately – ever since the Leninist ruse of ‘collapsible Communism’ was implemented by the Party-KGB-GRU in 1989-91.

In May 1992, Anatoliy Golitsyn, the famous genuine Soviet defector and the Author of ‘New Lies for Old’ [1984], wrote to Mr Story as follows; ‘I have read a few recent issues of Soviet Analyst with great interest. It seems to me that you have good grasp of Soviet strategy which probably causes them some concern. I now enclose for your perusal and not for publication an extract from my Memorandum called ‘Predicting, Understanding and Responding to Perestroika’ which I sent to the CIA in March 1989. I do not want to alarm you and I do not want to discourage you from the excellent courageous line you are taking in your publication. But I want to warn you on personal basis to be careful in your contacts…. I think of sending you through my lawyer more extracts from my memos to CIA for possible publication in Soviet Analyst after this year’s US Presidential elections. With good wishes, Sincerely, Anatoliy Golitsyn’.

The 1992 Presidential election was won by Bill Clinton, a CIA operative and intelligence community ‘Box Gang’ crony of the Bush Family. Sure enough, a large parcel arrived at World Reports Limited’s London office in December 1992, containing more than 100 pages of memoranda that Mr Golitsyn had submitted of his own volition (not under contract) to the Central Intelligence Agency (many of them addressed by name to the Director of Central Intelligence, or DCI). So what did Anatoliy Golitsyn realise about the US presidential succession of 1992, or what did he suspect? Did he know that Clinton, a CIA operative, may also serve another master (as subsequent events allegedly implied)?

The significance of all this is that a proper grasp of the Leninist mentality is an essential prerequisite for understanding overt and covert Soviet long-range World Revolution deception strategy. What Golitsyn does is to teach the uncomprehending West what Leninism means, and how it never dies. If intelligence communities had taken Mr Golitsyn’s warnings as seriously as the Editor of Soviet Analyst did, the world today would be a very different place. But the Foreign Office and the US State Department ‘knew better’.

And if certain multinational corporations had not been so blinded by greed and had paid attention as well – by subscribing to Soviet Analyst – they would have saved themselves billions and billions of dollars in some instances. It is quite obvious, even today, that the top leadership of British Petroleum has no real clue about the nature of the KGB-GRU criminalists with which it is dealing: and the same also applies to certain US energy majors, as well – although US intelligence, being itself so extensively criminalised, is probably better equipped to collaborate with the covert Soviet ‘oligarchs’ (specially selected KGB-GRU operatives) into whose hands the assets of the Soviet Party-State were temporarily transferred.

In short, Soviet Analyst never accepted that there was a Soviet strategic discontinuity in 1989-91. The ‘discontinuity’ was Leninist in character. This is what the Foreign Office, the State Department, and most of the key Western intelligence communities, chose not to understand. We are all paying the expensive price for their blindness and stupidity today. The West did NOT win the intelligence war.

As a result of Anatoliy Golitsyn’s intervention, Christopher Story subsequently edited the memoranda and published them as The Perestroika Deception, which is probably the most important work on Soviet deception strategy ever written: see the Edward Harle Limited book sub-website for details.