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World Reports Limited, directed by Christopher Story FRSA, has been publishing currency, economic, geofinancial and intelligence services since 1969. Its first venture was International Currency Review, launched in London that year, which remains, to this day, the world’s unique currency-oriented financial journal for the international financial community. In 1972, World Reports Limited augmented this service with London Currency Report, a global gold, currency and economic information system together with a filing binder. This was followed in 1977 by Interest Rate Service, modelled along similar lines, and which specialises in monetary and interest rate intelligence and analyses.

Because of the importance of the Middle East for all subscribers to these financial sector intelligence services, World Reports Limited acquired Arab-Asian Affairs in the late 1970s. This is now recognised to be among the most perceptive of geopolitical resources for understanding Great Power rivalries in the Middle East and the Islamic World generally. A number of leading intelligence communities subscribe to this service, as do certain Ruling Family organisations, petroleum and investment corporations, and of course universities and libraries with interests in energy and Middle East issues.

In 1991, when the British Foreign Office was among the herd short-sightedly assuming that the Soviet Union was about to disintegrate and that Communism was 'collapsing', Christopher Story adopted the opposite view, based on his understanding of Leninism and of the Leninist mentality and its historical penchant for strategic deception. World Reports Limited was able to acquire Soviet Analyst from a study group of Foreign Office-linked observers, who had been told by the complacent Foreign Office that any publication named Soviet Analyst would no longer be relevant. And a senior F.O. official subsequently wrote to us with contempt – that is to say, in a superior, arrogant manner – to that effect.

The stupidity and folly of this behaviour has since become so obvious that it needs no emphasis. The Foreign Office, with its inside knowledge of Financial Warfare operations conducted by US intelligence against the Soviets (with which key Soviet operatives such as Vladimir Putin, Mikhail GorbachŰv, Viktor Geraschenko and many others collaborated) wrongly assumed, as did the controlled media, that, all of a sudden, hardened Leninist revolutionaries of the second and third generation had put on nice smiles, brushed their teeth, acquired Savile Row suits, and dropped their anti-Western rhetoric for good. This catastrophic millennial error has led us all into the full maelstrom of the World Revolution that we are experiencing today. It is the ‘pure’ Leninist, rather than Stalin’s, revolutionary model.

Christopher Story has understandable contempt for the shallow policymakers and slick politicians who committed these idiotic mistakes; and now that we are all in such severe straits, this contempt no doubt reveals itself in our publications. Even so, the geopolitical analyses published by World Reports Limited are sober, balanced, perceptive, troubling and accurate. This reflects the reality that we begin from the correct (i.e., ‘politically incorrect’) intellectual foundation that is typically rejected by the brainwashing ‘mainstream’ media which, in the United States, is controlled by the all-powerful intelligence community (and in Britain, extensively directed by it, as the fiasco over the Iraq War ‘dossier’ demonstrated).

Economic Intelligence Review, a geofinancial intelligence publication, is permeated with these insights. Its recent special research has included certain detailed investigations into criminalist intelligence and Financial Warfare operations, and into the establishment of a war chest now worth over $80 trillion, with which the globalist Úlite intends to impose its so-called New World Order. Sufficient finance has been assembled, managed out of Brussels, to bribe every politician, policymaker and intelligence operative in the entire world for the whole of the 21st century. For elaboration, see also The New Underworld Order, Christopher Story’s new book published by Edward Harle Limited.

The other intelligence publications listed in the catalogue are self-explanatory. This website has been created to make it as easy as possible for subscribers and agents worldwide to access information about World Reports Limited and its special intelligence publications, and to place subscription orders directly, and with absolute confidence, via our secure subscription ordering system.