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Christopher Story FRSA has accumulated unparalleled experience and intelligence over 4 decades of following and explaining geopolitical affairs and the World Revolution through which we are living. He is available for budgeted fee-based special geopolitical analyses and assignments within the framework of his own decades-long experience in this field of research. His services are also available for occasional or scheduled routine consultations on the World Revolution and how it may be affecting or threatening your organisation, institution or business. If you believe that your organisation may need the benefits of Christopher Story’s experience and talents, please describe your requirements in the Message space below and complete the rest of this form. When you send this Order/Enquiry, you send us an email, to which we will respond promptly. Mr Story will be in touch with you personally to consider your possible consulting requirements. This contact will be treated in confidence and an early meeting will be sought in the first instance to establish the outline of a proposed Action Plan for the work to be undertaken.

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