Red Cocaine

The Drugging of America and the West.

Author: Dr Joseph D. Douglass    Published by: Edward Harle Limited

Red Cocaine cover

Drawing on defector information and other intelligence sources, Dr Douglass reveals that the Soviets plotted the global drugs scourge in the 1960s, as a key element of their planned onslaught against the fabric of Western society and culture. By the mid-1960s, the Soviet criminalists had already penetrated the existing drug networks; and where they had encountered resistance, they had set up fresh drug-trafficking organisations and distribution systems. Over the Western Hemisphere, Soviet drug-trafficking ops are controlled by the Cuban Communist Party's Americas Department, which remains to this day under covert Soviet KGB direction. The KGB organises the financial arrangements on behalf of Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU), which directs the drugs offensive on the basis that it is a gigantic sabotage operation – which also happens to provide limitless finance for World Revolutionary purposes, including the financing of terrorism training operations. The Soviets further pre-selected the Western banks, and the individuals within them, that they would require in order to carry out the extensive money-laundering operations that they anticipated: hence the advance placement of Soviet operatives at Bank of New York, Republic National Bank, and other prominent institutions, well ahead of the predicted avalanche of drug-derived liquidity. This was how the Soviets penetrated the principal 'engine room' of Western capitalism – the banking system. The significance of all this for the world’s cohesion was summarised by a senior International Monetary Fund official who has pronounced that 'the drug problem cannot be solved, because if it were now to be fixed, the international financial system would collapse'. Drugs are the most valuable commodity in the world – even more so than oil and gold. The Global Revolution, driven by criminalised revolutionary operatives, is as focused upon control over drug-trafficking as upon dominating energy resources.

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  • ISBN: 1-899798-04-8
  • Published in: 1999
  • Author: Dr Joseph D. Douglass

Exposes the Soviet dimension of the global drugs offensive. Western drug operations are not addressed in this classic study.

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