The European Union Collective

Enemy of its Member States

Author: Christopher Story FRSA    Published by: Edward Harle Limited

The European Union Collective cover

The European Union is a strategic deception op. Masquerading as a means of institutionalising 'cooperation', it has been more accurately described by the cynical former President Mikhail Gorbachev as 'the new European Soviet'. Far from primarily representing a vehicle for furthering the various interests of its members, the European Union is in reality a Political Collective – modelled along classically Leninist lines. Its Member States have collectivised most of their interests in perpetuity – a collective act of revolutionary madness, since the EU’s real purpose is to strip European countries of their residual political, social and economic independence and sovereignty, and to control and absorb them within itself. It is indeed 'the enemy of its Member States'. The time has long since come for exposure of this corrupt collectivist geopolitical menace, and Christopher Story's book does just that. The book is divided into two main sections: Part 1, entitled 'Europe from the Atlantic to Vladivostok', provides a detailed analysis of the secret continuing Soviet Leninist strategic deception plan to achieve 'irreversible' hegemony over a 'single political space' from the Atlantic to the Pacific, using the European Union as one of the primary instruments for this purpose; and Part 2, entitled 'Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals', exposes the continuity of the parallel Pan-German strategy to achieve political and economic hegemony ('lebensraum') using the European Union as a mask. Mr Story shows that there has never been any discontinuity of either the Soviet or the Pan-German strategy. Russia and Germany have secret accords and function together in pursuit of their common, overt geopolitical objectives; but fundamentally, these two Great Powers are really at loggerheads. Although Germany has been extensively penetrated by Communists at the very highest levels, covert Soviet and German objectives actually diverge. The European Union Collective reveals the probably messy outcome of this always problematical 'marriage of geopolitical convenience'. Russia, Germany and France participate in a Trilateral Commission (no relation), which was formerly chaired by Jacques Chirac before he became President of France. It is partly though this mechanism that Moscow is in a position to maximise the potential of its comprehensive penetration of the European Union.

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  • ISBN: 1-899798-01-3
  • Published in: 2002
  • Author: Christopher Story FRSA

A Study in Russian and German Strategy to complete the Eurasian dimension of Lenin’s continuing World Revolution.

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