Legal Notice

In the contemporary revolutionary environment – in which certain organised criminalist communities, scamming networks, gangs, cadres and individuals that may consider themselves to be permanently protected by intelligence secrecy legislation and/or by their occupation of high official positions, think they can get away with very high crimes and misdemeanours on a scale without historical precedent – the Fourth Estate has been extensively intimidated and warned off from investigating any such official criminal operations. When such parties or interests consider their operations to be vulnerable to partial exposure, they are in the habit, like Chicago gangsters, of issuing threats. The issuance of threats is a criminal offence in the United Kingdom, but it is apparently not in the United States – highlighting an interesting and important divergence between our two cultures.

On 24th July 2003, the legal representative of a certain (innocent) party wrote to the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States, the National Security Adviser and the Attorney General of the United States, referring to Volume 28, Number 4 of the International Currency Review, published in the Spring of 2004, which contained preliminary details of certain international financial operations, including certain dubious transactions. The letter contained the following text:

International Currency Review, Volume 28, Number 4, Spring/Summer 2003 with primary author being Mr Christopher Story. It should be noted that every attempt has been made to advise the appropriate parties that upon best information and belief financial contributions to generate the referenced publication came from the DNC’.

DNC stands for Democratic National Committee. Thus it was alleged inter alia directly to the President of the United States that the issue of International Currency Review in question may have been financed in part by the dialectical political opposition in the United States. The context of this wild allegation is not elaborated here, since the purpose of this notice is to make it apparent that we will not tolerate libellous statements such as the implied libel contained in this letter. The suggestion that we have accepted, and by implication routinely accept, financial contributions in exchange for publishing certain information, is libellous, inaccurate, spurious and wholly without any foundation whatsoever. World Reports Limited and the two other companies with which it is associated are independently financed, stand-alone operations with no outside political, intelligence or other affiliations of any kind. This has been the case since we started in business in 1969, and any unwise suggestions to the contrary are malevolent libels.

In November 2004, a British intermediary with ‘very close MI6 contacts’ conveyed the following spurious allegations to Christopher Story. He stated that MI6 had alleged to the British media that Mr Story was or is associated in some odd way with Sir Mark Thatcher, in connection with the aborted Equatorial Guinea coup. This scurrilous allegation is total make-believe and has no basis in fact. Mr Story has never met Sir Mark Thatcher and has no connection with him or with any of his alleged associates. He spends 100% of his time, with others, preparing our intelligence titles for publication.

In the same month, it was separately alleged via a non-UK source that Mr Story was in some mysterious way associated with a Mr Bernie Ecclestone. a motor racing magnate with a colourful background, and might be willing or able to contribute funds for a racing venture in Monte Carlo. Christopher Story has no knowldge of, or interest in, motor racing, has never met Mr Ecclestone, and has no time at all for such frivolous matters. These pathetic tall stories are malevolent inventions, and would be laughable if their underlying purpose were not so manifestly evil, outrageous and scandalous. Bearing false witness is among the very worst of the sins listed in the Ten Commandments.

Upon investigation, Mr Story was able to establish that both these allegations had been invented by MI6.

The UK-based intermediary was able to confirm this. He agreed that the allegations had no basis in fact, but added threateningly words to the following effect: 'They don't need to be accurate. All they need to do is to give the false information out to the media, in the expectation that they will accordingly pay no attention to anything you publish’. In Volume 30, Numbers 2 and 3 of International Currency Review, the Editor described these threats in detail in order to place them into the public domain for current and any future reference. This Legal Notice serves the same purpose.

It is hereby reiterated that in the event that the aforementioned black, scurrilous libels, or similar or any further fabrications about Christopher Story, his publications and/or his businesses, are ever alluded to, repeated, elaborated or otherwise disseminated by any print, broadcast or other medium, including via the Internet, anywhere in the world, appropriately severe legal measures will be taken against all those concerned, including any distributors of such offensive materials, in the English Court and in any other jurisdiction as appropriate, and that maximum damages for defamation will be sought regardless of the circumstances of the perpetrators.

It is to be understood by all concerned that we will will not tolerate such black pressure being exerted upon us by departments of dirty tricks instructed by or associated with organisations or others whose dubious activities may at any time be the subject of our necessarily good faith, arms-length exposures and investigations in the interests of the international financial community or any of our other specialist readerships. In summary: any repetition or elaboration of these lies and libels, and any new lies about or libels against us, will be met with the appropriately vigorous legal responses.