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Saturday 5 January 2008 17:41






The report dated 2nd January 2008 is accessible, along with all the earlier Wantagate reports since April 2006, in the Archive. It has not been changed. Further shootings have taken place and the bloodbath that we predicted in these reports, arising from the fact that the ruthless criminal cadres refuse to relinquish the funds that they have stolen, is continuing. 'Eliminations' are known also to be taking place all over the world, but it is not known how long this phase of the de facto counter-revolution will last, or even whether it will escalate into war (as has, of late, reportedly been hinted at by some of the aggrieved 'country' payees).

Our expectation is that brutal steps are and will continue to be taken and that there will be no let-up in the tension for some time. To give just one example of how evil these people are, funds have been stolen within the banks even AFTER the shootings that have been reported to date.

The report appended here exposes ANOTHER dimension of the Fascist assault on civilisation.

It does not mean that we will not be reverting to other matters at the appropriate time. It means that now is the time to make it clear how IMMENSE is the criminalist offensive against us all, and why no further delay in mounting the ongoing de facto counter-revolution could have been tolerated.

By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for 'Wantagate' reports since April 2006. [Note: A new panel giving details of our latest publications as they are made available, has been added].

Please Make a Donation to help finance Christopher Story's ongoing financial global corruption investigations. Your assistance will be very sincerely appreciated and will make a real difference, hastening the necessary resolution of the worst financial corruption and global financial crisis in history. This website has been calling the shots, because of the hijacking of Wanta's Settlement.

This report addresses a hitherto obscured dimension of the criminalists' headlong revolutionary offensive to steal and acquire by all possible nefarious means the assets of others, everywhere: in this category, by means of data theft. The notion that the data theft epidemic is just happenstance is as naive as the notion, lodged in some people's minds, that the developments that we have had to report in these postings 'can't be true'. There is no difference between this complacent mentality and that of Western populations in the 1930s and 1940s, who chose to believe that the Holocaust could not be 'for real', just because the crimes alleged were so 'inconceivable' and horriffic.

The Editor of this service, having identified a body of data giving details of MASSIVE ongoing theft of computerised information, proceeded to manipulate the data from its somewhat disorganised state, to observe whether any clear patterns would emerge.

By reorganising all the information into alphabetical order, the Editor discovered a truly horrifying display of identity theft which has been taking place on such a huge scale that it can only represent a coordinated criminal operation. This is such a massive undertaking that we are certain it is being orchestrated by the World Revolution. The data displayed in alphabetical order below represents reported thefts of computerised data reported in the public domain in 2006 and 2007 alone.

It is understood that the British Parliament has taken a dim view of the multiple lapses of care that components of the decadent British official structures have allowed to occur in recent months. It is also clear from the relevant reports that MPs have absolutely no clue what they have been talking about. They appear to have assumed that the observed thefts of confidential data have arisen due to carelessness, stupidity, laziness, or all of the above. The ONE cause of this epidemic that they have omitted to consider is that it is AN ORCHESTRATED OPERATION.

Okay, most of these MPs have no inkling that we are in the midst of a hectic phase of the World Revolution. But taking such clear ignorance as a given, surely SOMEONE in Parliament has the brains to think outside the box, and to ask the question: Could these data thefts be orchestrated? The answer, which is glaringly evident from the huge list of data thefts shown below, is that THAT MUST BE THE ONLY EXPLANATION.

While on the subject of the failings of UK Government structures, we suggest that someone in authority in Whitehall (who is not corrupt) should take a look at 'contractors' like ED and Entrust, and should ask themselves whether there may be a possibility that such organisations may have a criminal dimension, i.e. may be covers inter alia for data theft, which opens up multiple scamming opportunities for the criminal cadres affiliated with the World Revolution (in case you didn't know, that's the way it is). It would be no earthly use the Editor contacting Whitehall mandarins about this, because they always know better than 'outsiders'. That's why we mention this point here.

In November 2007, HM Customs & Excise was roundly criticised for allowing the personal details of 25 million UK files to vanish en route from an office in the northeast of England, to the National Audit Office in Central London. What was not mentioned in the many press reports on this subject was that TNT, which provides the ‘internal’ courier service for the tax and customs authority, is under Dutch ownership, and that Dutch organised crime is prominent in data and identity theft.

The Editor thought of informing HM Customs and Excise of this specific knowledge, but since on an earlier occasion when he had attempted to provide that entity with detailed information about the criminality of a foreign tax authority he had received no response, he decided not to bother.

Why waste time trying to get bovine UK tax officials to understand that they are being targeted by organised crime, and that this data theft was NO ACCIDENT, he thought – and then got on with other matters. When confidence in governance slumps to the depths of demoralisation prevalent in Britain today, the citizen retains little incentive to provide the authorities with the benefit of his knowledge of what may be going on in a sector in which he is qualified to provide assistance.

Rather than adopt that course, therefore, the Editor has obtained a body of data theft intelligence that is in the public domain but which, crucially, was presented for public consumption in such a manner that no clear pattern of criminal activity could be observed. When these tell-tale data were manipulated, however, a truly horrifying picture emerged, as shown below.

While the Editor was organising this data for two of our print publications, severe and previously never experienced electronic interference with what the Editor was then doing overwhelmed the computer system and screen. Specifically, whenever the Editor came to a military entry, all of a sudden the screen and image became unstable and vacillated violently, before vanishing from the point at which text had not been saved.

Our system saves every 0.25 of a minute, and the Editor is also in the habit of saving inputted data to separate media frequently. With the assistance of data sticks and his separate hard drives, the Editor preserved all the saved work and every time these attacks happened, over the space of nearly two days, the data was retrieved and placed back onto the template.

The paranoid and duplicitous US intelligence community, which notoriously operates on the basis of lies and deception, in accordance with the deception model established in the 19th century by Stieber in Prussia and through him, in Russia, and which had been elaborated from known Jesuit procedures, is in the habit of clumsily blowing its cover all the time.

By signalling so blatantly that where the Editor was going with this data was 'not appreciated', the cadres concerned had revealed to the Editor that what he was doing with the data – reorganising it and placing it in alphabetical order, a tedious process that took at least a day and a half – would be likely to reveal some interesting information.

And so it has proved. They shot themselves in the foot, didn't they?

Hence we are hereby able to reveal a truly horrendous identity theft offensive, which is of such immense proportions that it can ONLY be the work of malevolent (criminal) intelligence cadres, who are the only Dark Forces with the (stolen) resources to mount an operation as huge as this.

And since, while the Editor was in the very act of manipulating the data into alphabetical order, signals were being directed to the Editor (by electronic intervention means, or via successive TEMPEST attacks) that confirmed his suspicions on this score, we attach the gravest importance to what is revealed. This may be our most alarming background exposure to date.

It is crystal clear from this reformatted data that the criminal enterprise known as the Central Intelligence Agency and its subsidiary intelligence entities are engaged in a concerted data theft operation, coordinated with organised crime, which is intended to provide access to the personal affairs of as many targeted individuals and organisations as can be handled, worldwide.

This colossal operational offensive is being (or has been) run in parallel with the vast fraudulent finance and theft epidemic which has been the main subject of these reports for the past twenty months. Identity theft is being developed on this gargantuan scale in order to yield innumerable data-mined ‘benefits’ for criminal intelligence, for organised crime and the ‘Black’ components of the Illuminati (there are certain Illuminati groups that are benevolent, which sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it’s true).

But first, examination of the data will reveal a significant concentration on hospitals, services for children and young people, services by extension (and specifically) for old people, and the military.

Why should this be the case?

Hospitals are targets because information on the deceased is of priority concern to the criminal cadres, so that corrupt professional advisers handling estates and bereaved family members, can be activated. Where elderly people are likely to perish due to Alzheimer’s (induced by aspartame, a chemical sweetener promoted by the war criminal Donald Rumsfeld, which has the ‘advantage’ that old people can be persuaded to hand over their assets to criminal operatives in the nursing and medical professions), their assets and estates are coveted.

Very young children and babies are targets for identity theft following bust-ups between parents, fomented by the strains imposed on relationships by the permissive society, which has itself been fostered by the ‘Black’ intelligence community serving the interests of the World Revolution.

Stolen identities are then used for real estate and other fraudulent documentation purposes. Affiliated crime families such as the Sucato Crime Family and the East Valley Group in Arizona are heavily involved. Phoenix, AZ, is an Illuminati centre: hence its name. Massive real estate frauds based on identity theft are resident there.

Thefts of military data, including identity thefts, have obvious national security implications.

DOB: Date of Birth
SSN: Social Security Number (US)
NIN: National Insurance Number (UK)


A. J. Falciani Realty Co. (NJ), Nov 2007. 500-1000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
ABN Amro Mortgage Co., Sep 2007, 5,000 SSNs, DOBs, Data leak
Academic Magnet High School, Charleston, SC, Dec 2006,
Hundreds personal data files, Physical theft
Adams State College, Sep 2006, 184 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Administaff, Oct 2007, 159,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Aetna Apr 2006, 38,000, SSNs, other data, Physical theft
Aetna/Concentra Preferred Systems, Dec 2006, 130,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
AFLAC, Aug 2006, 162 SSNs, DOBs, police information, Physical theft
AFLAC, Jul 2007, 152,000 Japanese customers’ Policy numbers, DOBs, Physical theft
Alabama Medicaid/EDS, Aug 2007, 498 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Allina Hospitals and Clinics, Oct 2006, 14,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Allstate, Huntsville, AL, June 2006, Unknown insurance information, Physical theft
American Airlines, Jun 2007 300 pilots, other employees, SSNs, DOBs, Data leak
American Education Services, Jul 2007, 5,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
American Ex-Prisoners of War, Aug 2007, 35,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
American Family Insurance, Sep 2006, More than 2,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
American Institute of CPAs, May 2006, 330,000 SSNs, DOBs, Loss of hardware
American International Group (AIG)/Medical Excess LLC, Mar 2006 930,000 SSNs,
Medical information, Physical theft
American Red Cross, Mar 2006, 8,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
American Red Cross, Texas, Jun 2005, Unknown DOBs, medical information, Physical theft
American Red Cross, Texas, May 2006, Unknown DOBs, medical information, Physical theft
Ameriprise Financial, Inc., Jan. 2006 226,000 SSNs, financial data, Physical theft
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Jan 2007, 50,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Arizona Biodyne (Blue Cross/Blue Shield), Jul 2005, 57,000 SSNs, medical data, Physical theft
Armstrong World Industries, July 2006 12,000 SSNs, financial data, Physical theft
AT&T, Aug 2007, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
AT&T, Aug 2006, 19,000 Credit card numbers, other financial data, Hacking
Athens (GA) Regional Health Service, Oct 2007 1,441 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Atlantis Resorts (Bahamas), Jan 2006, 55,000 SSNs, credit data, Physical theft
Automated Data Processing (ADP), July 2006,
Hundreds of thousands of clients’ financial data, Leak
Baltimore County Department of Health, Apr 2007, 6,000 DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Bank of America, Apr 2007, Unknown DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Bank of America, Dec 2006, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Bank of America, Wachovia, Commerce Bancorp, PNC Bank NA, May 2005,
676,000 bank accounts compromised, Hacking
Bank of Montreal, Sep 2006, financial information on 900 clients, Physical theft
Bank of Scotland, May 2007, 62,000 Mortgage account numbers, DOBs, Physical theft
Battelle & Battelle LLC, Ohio Nov 2007, 600 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Belhaven College, Jul 2006, 300 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Birmingham Veterans Medical Center, May 2007, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Bisys Group, Inc., July 2006 61,000 hedge fund investors’ SSNs and financial data, Physical theft
Boeing, Apr. 2006, 3,600 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Boeing, Dec 2006, 382,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Boeing, Nov 2005 161,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Bowling Green State University, Jun 2007 199 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Brock University, Canada, Oct 2006, 70,000 credit card and bank account numbers, Hacking
Bronx VA Hospital, SSNs, other data, Physical theft
Buckeye Community Health Plan, Ohio, June 2006, 72,000 SSNs, medical data, Physical theft
Butte Community Bank, Nov 2007, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Butte County, California, Nov 2006, Electronic voting machine data, Physical theft
Cal State, Los Angeles, Nov 2006, 2,534 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Calgary Health Region, Nov 2006, Personal and medical data on 1,000 children, Physical theft
California Department of Health Services, May 2005, 21,600 SSNs, medical data, Physical theft
California Department of Mental Health, Aug 2006, 9,468 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
California National Guard, Jan 2006, Hundreds of Guardsmen’s SSNs, other data, Physical theft
California National Guard, San Diego Naval Base, Feb 2007, 1,300 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Talvest Fund, Jan 2007,
Personal financial data on 470,000 clients, Physical theft
Cape Fear Health System, June 2006, 24,350 SSNs, Medical data, Physical theft
Capistrano School District, CA, Oct 2006, Unknown SSNs, DOBs Physical theft
Capital Health, Edmonton, Alberta, Aug 2007, 20,000, Health Card Numbers, DOBs, Physical theft
Carnegie Mellon University, Oct 2007, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Carolinas Medical Center-NorthEast, Nov 2007, 28,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Caterpillar, Inc., Apr 2007, Unknown DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Census Bureau, Apr 2007, 30,000 SSNs, Leak
Chevron, Aug 2006, 29,000 SSNs, DOBs, Financial data, Physical theft
Chicago Board of Elections, Jan 2007, 1,300,000 SSNs, Missing CDs
Chicago Public Schools, Apr 2007, 40,000 DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
ChildNet, Broward County, Forida, Child welfare services, Apr 2007,
12,000 DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Children's Health Council, Palo Alto, Sep 2005 6,000 SSNs, Medical data Physical theft
Children's Hospital, Akron, OH, Oct 2006, 200,000 SSNs, DOBs, Hacking
Choice Point, Feb 2006, 150,000 Subscribers’ data, Leak
Cingular Wireless, July 2006, Unknown corporate data, Physical theft
City National Bank, Louisiana, Jul 2005, unknown SSNs, Financial data, Physical theft
City of Columbus, Ohio, Sep 2007, 3,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
City of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, June 2006, 23,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
City of Virginia Beach, Jul 2007, 2,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
City of Wickliffe, Ohio, Dec 2006, 125 SSNs, DOBs, Hacking
City University of New York, Oct 2007, 20,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control Center, Oct 2006, 400 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Cleveland State University, Jun 2005, 44,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Coastal Community Credit Union, Jun 2007, 120,000 DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Colorado Department of Human Services/Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS), Oct 2006,
Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Colorado State Health Department, May 2005, 1,600 families’ SSNs, Medical data, Physical theft
Columbus Bank & Trust, May 2006, Credit card data on 2,000 clients, Physical theft
Commerce Bank, Nov 2007, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Compass Health, June 2006, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Other personal data, Physical theft
Concordia Hospital, Jun 2007, 3,000 DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Connecticut Department of Revenue Services, Aug 2007, 100,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Connors State College, Nov 2006, 22,500 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Cricket Communications, Jul 2007, 300 Credit card numbers, Physical theft
CS Stars, July 2006, 540,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
CTS Tax Service, Feb 2007, 800 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
CUSO Mortgage Co., May 2006, 1,695 SSNs, DOBs, Financial data, Hacking
Cuyahoga County, Jul 2007, 3,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
DCH Health Systems, Apr 2007, 6,000 DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Deaconess Hospital, Indiana, Dec 2006, 128 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Deloitte & Touche, Feb 2006, 9,000 McAfee employees’ SSNs, Financial data, Physical theft
Denver Election Commission, June 2006, 150,000 Voters’ records, Physical theft
DePaul Medical Center, Norfolk, VA, Sep 2006, Over 100 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Devon and Cornwall Police, UK, Reported 27th Dec 2007, Confidential information on employees, including telephone numbers, ranks and qualifications, lost at a center in Exeter by a man who had been ‘looking for spare computer parts’ after a computer was sent for recyclying. The man who found the data, a 48-year-old engineer, told The Sun newspaper: ‘People often fail to wipe their details before dumping computers but this is something else. I loaded the disc out of curiosity and was horrified by what I found’.
Disney Movie Club, Jul 2007, Unknown credit card numbers, Physical theft
Dixie State College, Oct 2007, 11,000 SSNs, DOBs, Hacking
Dollar Tree, Jul 2006, 1,000 ATM PINs, Hacking
Dominion Resources, Aug 2006, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Eastern Illinois University, Jan. 2007, 1,400 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Eden Project,Cornwall, UK, Jun 2007, 500 DOBs, NINs, Physical theft
Empire Blue Cross, Mar 2007, 75,000 SSNs, DOBs, Medical data, Physical theft
Eon, Jul 2007, 3,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Equifax, May 2006, 2,500 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Erlanger Hospital, TN, Sep 2006, 4,150 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Ernst & Young, Feb 2006, Unknown SSNs, financial data, Physical theft
Ernst & Young, Mar 2006, Thousands of records on IBM employees, SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Jun 2005, 6,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration/DOT, Aug 2006, 193 commercial driver's license numbers, DOBs, Physical theft
Federal Trade Commission, June 2006, 1,100 FTC employees’ SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Fidelity National Information Services, Jul 2007,
2,300,000 SSNs, DOBs, No information about nature of scandal
First Response Finance, UK, Aug 2007,
Personal data on ‘thousands’ of customers, Physical theft
First Trust Bank, Dec 2005, Thousands of SSNs, financial data, Physical theft
Florida International University, May 2006, Thousands of SSNs, DOBs, Hacking
Florida National Guard, Sep 2006, 100 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Florists' Mutual Insurance Company (Hortica), Apr 2007, unknown DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Foothill-De Anza College, Aug 2007, 3,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Ford Motor Company, Dec 2005, 70,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Fraser Health Authority, British Columbia, Apr 2006, Thousands of SINs, DOBs, Physical theft
Fresno County, May 2007, 10,000 DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Gap Inc., Sep 2007 800,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Geisinger Health Systems, Dec 2006,25,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
General Electric, Sep 2006, ‘Thousands of SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Georgetown University, Feb 2006, 41,000 elderly DC residents’ SSNs, DOBs, Hacking
Georgia Department of Community Health/Affiliated Computer Services, Inc., Apr 2007
2,900,000 DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Georgia Technology Authority, Mar 2006, 570,000 SSNs, DOBs, Hacking
Germanton Elementary School, Oct 2006, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Grand Valley State University, Jun 2007, 3,000 DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Greater Media, Boston, Nov 2006, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Greenville County, NC, School District, Jan 2007,
‘Thousands’ of SSNs, DOBs, temporarily ‘missing’
Group Health Cooperative Health Care System, Washington State, Mar 2007,
31,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Gulf Coast Medical Center, Feb 2007, 9900 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Gymboree, Oct 2006, 20,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Halifax Bank, UK, Mar 2007, 13,000 Mortgage, financial data, Physical theft
Hancock Askew & Co., Oct 2006, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Hanford Nuclear Reservation, June 2006, 4,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Harrison County (NV) Schools, Jun 2007, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Hartford Financial Services Group, Oct 2007, 230,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
HCA, Inc., Aug 2006, ‘Thousands’ of SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Hewlett-Packard/Fidelity Investments, Mar 2006, 196,000 SSNs, other data, Physical theft
Highland Hospital, Rochester, NY, May 2007, 13,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Highland University, Jul 2007 420 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
HM Revenue & Customs, UK, Dec 2007, Report that HMRC continues complacently to demand and receive details of personal investments of 9 million people on unencrypted media by post, despite recent scandalous data losses
HM Revenue & Customs, UK, Nov 2007, 25,000,000 NINs, DOBs, Physical theft
HM Revenue & Customs, UK, Oct 2007,Financial data on 400 taxpayers, Physical theft
HM Revenue & Customs, UK, Nov 2007, loss of disc sent to Standard Life containing names, addresses, DOBs, pension details and NINs on thousands of pensioners
HM Revenue & Customs, UK, Nov 2007, 15,000 NINs, DOBs, Physical theft
HM Revenue & Customs, UK, 21st Nov 2007, Tax officials who lost the personal and banking details of everyone receiving child benefit also revealed to have presided over 2,111security breaches in 2006 alone, including the loss of 41 laptops
HM Customs & Excise, UK, 21st Nov 2007, Staff at tax offices in Washington, Tyne and Wear, sent two further unencrypted discs containing National insurance Numbers and date of birth, password that will unlock the personal details may have been included in the missing package
HM Revenue & Customs, Sep 2007, Laptop stolen from a tax official’s car, containing thousands of customer details from 15 financial institutions
Home Depot, Oct 2007, 10,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Hospital for Sick Children, Ontario, Canada, Feb 2007, Unknown medical data, Physical theft
Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Aug 2007, 3,300 DOBs, medical data, Physical theft, Feb 2006, Credit card information on 243,000 customers, Physical theft
Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin (Law firm), San Francisco, Sep 2006, 500 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Humana Medicare Program, June 2006, 17,000 SSNs, DOBs,
Medical information, Possible compromise
Humana Medicare Program, May 2006,
250 Medicare applicants, Paper applications, Physical theft
IBM, May 2007, Unknown number of SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Idaho National Guard, Aug 2007, 3,400 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Independent Living Funds, UK, Dec 2006, 19,000 NINs, DOBs, bank data, Physical theft
Indiana Department of Health, Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, Nov 2006,
7,500 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
ING Bank, Dec 2005, 8,500 SSNs, financial data, Physical theft
ING Bank, June 2006, 13,000 SSNs, financial data, Physical theft
Internal Revenue Service, Kansas City, Jan 2007, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Internal Revenue Service, Apr 2007, 480 DOBs, SSNs, tax data, Physical theft
Internal Revenue Service, June 2006,
291 IRS employees’ SSNs, fingerprints, DOBs, Physical theft
Iowa Department of Education, Feb 2007, 160,000 SSNs, DOBs, Hacking
Iron Mountain, Inc., Apr 2006,
17,000 Long Island Railroad employees and retirees, SSNs, DOBs, personal data stolen
Iron Mountain, Inc., suspicious consecutive warehouse fires in London and Ottawa, summer 2006, as reported in International Currency Review and the Wantagate reports. Massive loss of data, especially of Deutsche Bank records, accompanied by suspicions that the fires were started deliberately in order to destroy original fraudulent financial transaction contracts
ISA USA, June 2006, Financial data possibly on millions of people, Leak
Japan Post Office, Feb 2007, Financial data on 290,000, Physical theft
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Aug 2007, 5,783 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Johns Hopkins University, Feb 2007, personal data on 52,000 people. Naturally, the intelligence source for the raw data used here has been anxious for it to be known that those affected did not include past/present employees of Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, which works closely with the NSA, CIA, and other US intelligence agencies: SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
JP Morgan Chase, Aug 2005, Unknown SSNs, financial data, Physical theft
JP Morgan Chase, Apr 2007, 47,000 DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Kaiser Permanente, Aug 2006, 160,000 DOBs, Medical record numbers, Physical theft
Kaiser Permanente, Colorado, Nov 2006, 38,000 Medical ID Numbers, DOBs, Physical theft
Kaiser Permanente, Feb 2007, 22,000 SSNs, DOBs, Medical data, Physical theft
Kartenhaus, Hamburg, Germany, Oct 2007, 66,000 credit card numbers, Physical theft
KB Homes, Jan 2007, 2,700 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
KDDI Telco, Japan, June 2006, 4,000,000 Phone numbers, DOBs, Leaked
Keck School of Medicine, (USC), Nov 2005, 50,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Kellogg Community Federal Credit Union, Michigan, Aug 2007,
Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Kent State University, Sep 2005, 100,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Key Bank, Dec 2006, 9,300 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
King Co., Washington Transportation Department, Oct 2007, 1,400 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
LabCorp Monroe NJ Patient Service Center, Aug 2006, Unknown SSNs, Physical theft
LaSalle Bank/ABN Amro Mortgage, Dec 2005,
2,000,000 SSNs and financial data, Lost/recovered
Legacy Health Clinic, Oregon, Aug 2007, 747 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Lexis-Nexis, May 2005, 310,000 Phone records, Hacking
Linden Lab/Second Life, Sep 2006, 650,000 personal information, Hacking
Loomis Chaffee School, Aug 2007, ‘Several hundred‘ SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Los Alamos National Lab/KSL Services, Nov 2006, 1,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Los Angeles County Child Support Services, Mar 2007, 243,000 DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance, Oct 2007 SSNs and DOBs of virtually all
Louisiana college applicants over the past the past nine years SSNs, DOBs Physical theft
Louisiana State University, Apr 2007 750 DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Loyola University, Aug 2007, 5,800 SSNs, DOBs, Discarded hard drive
Lucent/Alcatel, May 2007, 200,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Madrona Medical Group, June 2006, 6,000 SSNs, DOBs, Hacking
Manhattan Veterans Medical Center, Oct 2006,
‘Hundreds’ of SSNs, DOBs and medical data, Physical theft
Marks and Spencer, UK, May 2007, 20,000 DOBs, NINs, Physical theft
Marriott, Dec 2005, 206,000 SSNs and credit data, Physical theft
Maryland Department of the Environment, Aug 2007, Unknown SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Apr 2007, 1,400 DOBs, SSNs, Physical theft
Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents, Jan 2007, 1,200 SSNs, DOBs Hacking
Massachusetts Division of Public Licensure, Oct 2007, 450,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Massachusetts National Guard, Lowell, Jan 2007,
Unknown personal data on recruits, Physical theft
MCI, April 2005, SSNs and employment data on 16,500 people, Physical theft
McKesson, Sep 2007, ‘Thousands’ of SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Medco Health Solutions, Mar 2006, 4600 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Mercantile Potomac Bank, May 2006, 48,000 SSNs and account data, Physical theft
Mercy Medical Center, Merced County, CA, Sep 2006, 295 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Merrill Lynch, Aug 2007, 30,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Metropolitan College, Denver, Feb 2006, 93,000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Metropolitan State College of Denver, Feb 2007, 988 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Miami University of Ohio, May 2006 851 SSNs, DOBsm Loss of hardware
Michigan Department of Community Health, Sep 2006, 4000 SSNs, DOBs, Physical theft
Minnesota Department of Revenue, June 2006, 2,400 taxpayers’ and 48,000 businesses;
SSNs + other personal data, Physical theft
Minnesota S