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Monday 24 July 2006 15:36

By Christopher Story, Editor, International Currency Review:

LONDON: 21 JULY 2006 – Christopher Story, Editor of International Currency Review, will today
call for the Federal Reserve System to be nationalised. He will make this urgent suggestion on a widely-heard radio talk show hosted by Greg Szymanski in the United States this evening. The Fed should be divested of its foreign shareholdings and placed firmly under the control of the United States, so that America is at last independent, which is not currently the case. A country with a 'central bank' that is mainly owned by foreign interests is, by definition, not independent.
This crisis has come to a head because the Federal Reserve is currently sabotaging and blocking
the FINAL consummation of a long-planned agreement between inter alia the US Treasury and the distinguished US Secret Service/Treasury financial expert and agent, Leo Wanta.

Under an accord with the US authorities and Treasury agreed last November and signed in December, $4.5 trillion which were repatriated in May and June 2006 to fund the long-planned refinancing, are available at Bank of America, Richmond, VA, earmarked for Leo Wanta's financial trading organisation, but have not been credited to his company's account. It is understood that the Fed is blocking the deal – thereby thwarting the will of the US Treasury and arrogantly defying the American people.
Under the arrangements agreed with the US Treasury, Leo Wanta's organisation will:

1. Pay 35% tax direct to the Treasury, amounting to $1,575,000,000,000 prepaid.
2. Pay 6% state tax to the State of Virginia amounting to approximately $270,000,000,000 prepaid.
3. Generate windfall tax payments to the US Treasury worth at least $96 billion per banking day.
4. Generate secondary tax windfalls arising from related financial transactions by many American counterparties and others worth at least the same amount again, so that total daily tax windfalls accruing to the Treasury/Internal Revenue Service will aggregate an estimated $200 billion per banking day [3 + 4].
5. As a consequence, rehabilitate the US Federal Government's finances, reversing the decades of financial decadence, and providing resources for infrastructure and other projects, tax reductions (including a possible outright abolition of Inheritance Tax, and income and corporate tax cuts), plus additional resources for the vulnerable segments of society.
These are the outline transactions and benefits which the Federal Reserve is currently blocking.
In other words, the Fed is defying the will of the US Treasury, which serves the United States and the American people, being a creation of the US Constitution.
By contrast, the Federal Reserve, is just a clearing house. With no checks and balances, it is a private organisation which is primarily owned by foreign shareholders and is said to be deeply corrupt. If it cannot be relied upon and is going to stand obtusely and provocatively in the way of America's fundamental interests, it should be abolished – which means nationalisation.
The US Government should now seize it and replace its underlying statutes with statutes creating a national central bank, with appropriate policy independence safeguards, say, on the British model.
The funds that have been repatriated represent a small fraction of the original $27.5 trillion which
was raised in 1989-92 from 200+ international banks at a deep discount for a 20-year period at 7.5% per annum. The long-term Trustor of these funds, by Presidential instruction dating from President Reagan's era, is Leo Wanta. The total funds are now believed to amount to about $70 trillion. The Trustor has made it plain that if the Settlement has not been consummated by close of business on 31st July 2006, steps will be taken to organise the collection of the full $70 trillion from offshore accounts of the Title 18, Section 6 USG intelligence corporations, and their closure, as has been advised by US Judge Gerald Bruce Lee in a Memorandum Opinion signed in April 2003.
In such an event, certain international banks may find themselves in solvency difficulties.
Related reports on this crisis will be found at ARCHIVE on this Home Page.
Leo Emil Wanta, an honourable and upright man (rare in the intelligence environment), refused to accommodate demands from two US Presidents for Trustor funds to be diverted for their ultimate personal benefit, and annotated a Federal Reserve transactions print-out to the effect that George (Jorge) Bush Sr. is in breach of crucial US statutes in connection with a transfer of $1.0 billion from
a bank in Malaga, Spain, to Panama, in August 1989.

Instead of being supported by his peers, as would be expected in an ethical environment, Wanta
was framed, arrested, flung into a stinking Swiss dungeon for 134 days, extradited to the United States (after an intervention by Yizhak Rabin), arraigned before a US Judge in New York, released when the judge threw the case out, illegally rearrested without a warrant on the US court building steps, extradited illegally to Wisconsin on a trumped-up tax charge, suffered false witness, jailed for a period of 22 years, experienced three attempts to murder him in prison plus unsuccessful official efforts to have him certified insane, released into house arrest in Wisconsin where he languished for many years, and falsely reported by the lying CIA to be dead.
After Wisconsin had stolen his initial illegal tax payment, which was paid a second time, a lump sum covering the illegal tax (for the thrid time) plus illegal fines and charges, was paid into the court on 27th July 2005. On 14th November 2005, Leo Wanta was freed from all illegal restrictions, and the international intelligence and financial communities became aware that, far from being dead as the CIA had lied, here he was, alive, well, and as determined as ever to fulfil his responsibilities.
Let's be clear: Notwithstanding the fact that a large constituency of corrupt intelligence operatives, banksters and others chose to believe the CIA lie that Wanta was DEAD, now that on the contrary he is known by them to be ALIVE, it still suits a number of foolish people to continue to believe the multiple lies that have been disseminated by the CIA – along with the fairy story concerning his death - about this distinguished man who acted as President Reagan's go-between with Gorbachev and the senior GRU operative, Vladimir Putin. It was Putin who supervised the controlled East European 'revolutions' to implement the KGB's long-planned 'collapsible Communism' strategy.
Later this summer, International Currency Review will publish documented intelligence revealing the extent of Leo Wanta's frame-up by the authorities, explaining just who has been lying and why, and exposing banking documents to show that ongoing banking relationships were established with a large number of banks, some of which have even claimed that no such relationships exist.

The journal will further provide evidence that USG Trustor funds have been identified in overseas bank accounts in the personal name or names of corrupt US intelligence officers masquerading as lawyers, and that claims by certain institutions that these and other accounts do not exist, are accordingly spurious.
This action has been prompted by the corrupt continuation of trading operations deploying funds belonging to the Trustor which were originally assembled to finance the so-called 'post-Cold War Global Security Environment'. Because the funds were located offshore, arrogant criminal gangs working inside the US Government and foreign structures thought that, with Wanta deliberately
put out of the way and falsely said by corrupted elements within the CIA to be dead, they could
annexe and divert the funds without any danger of being rumbled.

These operations were also part of an underlying global intelligence war. 
But the Day of Reckoning has well and truly arrived, and we now face the situation where the Federal Reserve has allowed itself to become an apparent accessory to the fact and also a co-conspirator to defraud the US Treasury, the United States, the American people, Leo Wanta – and AmeriTrust Group, Inc., his trading organisation which is supported by one or more agreements with the US Treasury, approved by the White House and the authorities.
So the crisis has reached the stage where the Fed has to be brought to book, or nationalised.
Christopher Story, the Editor and Publisher of International Currency Review, will say this loud and clear during his US radio interview this evening. See ARCHIVE for yesterday’s fuller report.

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