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Monday 24 July 2006 16:09

By Christopher Story, Editor, International Currency Review:

LONDON: 24 JULY 2006 – In a further twist to the global crisis surrounding the sabotaging of The Wanta Plan [see Christopher Story’s recent reports], it has transpired that the President of the United States personally ordered the funds earmarked for Ambassador Leo Wanta/AmeriTrust Groupe*, Inc., to be frozen. It is understood that the parallel so-called 'Bretton Woods Settlement', involving funds due to 37 countries, were also frozen at the same time.

The order for the funds to be frozen was issued by President George Bush Jr. while he was en route to the G-8 Summit Meeting in St Petersburg, in mid-July.

The Federal Reserve, which is a private organisation owned mainly by foreigners, is believed to have instructed Bank of America, Richmond, VA, where the funds are located and held in the name of Leo Wanta/AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., not to credit them to an existing account for access by the Trustor and owner of the funds, Leo Wanta, and his trading corporation.

The funds accumulated for The Wanta Plan, amounting to $4.5 trillion, were assembled in May and June this year, pursuant to the accord between Leo Wanta/AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. and the US Treasury and other key parties approved in principle in November 2005, and signed in December.

The funds belong to the Trustor and his trading corporation and are not the property of Bank of America, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury or any other party.

The agreement was reached after the veteran Treasury/Secret Service agent Leo Wanta surfaced last year, having been falsely pronounced by the CIA to be dead. Ambassador Wanta was illegally incarcerated, scammed and held under house arrest for many years after having refused demands by Presidents George H W Bush Sr. and William Jefferson Clinton for funds to be diverted for their personal benefit, and after identifying the wrongful diversion of $1.0 billion into an account for Pilgrim Investments/Jorge (George) Bush in August 1989.

The reappearance of this upright Treasury/Secret Service financial agent after years of absence, after the CIA had lied for years that he was dead, delivered a high-voltage electric shock to the criminal gangs operating deep inside the US structures. These are led by arrogant and powerful intelligence 'barons', and their compromised intelligence, banking and legal associates.

Such people now understandably fear that they are all going to be exposed, arrested and indicted for their serial corruption crimes over the years.

Under The Wanta Plan, approved in final detail this year by the US Treasury and the White House itself, the US Treasury is to receive $1.6 trillion of windfall tax payments, representing tax payable at 35% on $4.5 trillion, and then at least $96 billion per banking day following the delayed start-up of prearranged AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. trading operations.

A further, similar aggregate tax amount  per banking day will be payable to the US Treasury/Internal Revenue Service arising from parallel transactions with other US parties, generating an estimated aggregate $200 billion every banking day for the Treasury.

In addition, the State of Virginia is to receive an initial windfall tax remittance totalling $270 billion, plus of course further payments arising from the planned ongoing financial trading transactions.

Substantial continuing tax remittances will additionally be payable to the state of Pennsylvania, as the Treasurer of AmeriTrust Group, Inc. is resident in that state and will be associated with large ongoing financial transactions there, ensuring windfall tax remittances to Pennsylvania, as well.


Preventing a taxpayer from paying tax is a felony. A taxpayer has a duty to pay tax, so that anyone impeding a taxpayer from meeting his obligations to the Internal Revenue Service is committing a crime. It is understood that no-one who commits this felony is immune from prosecution. Hence this even applies to holders of the highest offices, including the Presidency and the Chairmanship of the Federal Reserve Board.

In other words, by freezing the funds belonging to the Trustor and his AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc, those responsible for this scandal are not only liable to racketeering and conspiracy charges, but are also committing a  felony for which no claim of privilege is applicable.

Just as a taxpayer is obliged to pay his taxes, on pain of severe penalties for not doing so, anyone who prevents a taxpayer from paying tax is liable in the eyes of the law: and this, as noted, applies to everyone, without exception, including the President of the United States.


To make matters much worse, there appears to be a blatant conspiracy to defraud AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. and Leo Wanta of $4.5 trillion – with all who are involved in this conspiracy becoming more vulnerable, as each day passes, to the most untoward consequences. The $4.5 trillion were released illegally to the Bank of America, Richmond, itself, even though they are earmarked and labelled for the benefit of the account there of Ameritrust Groupe, Inc and Leo Wanta.

Christopher Story, Editor of International Currency Review, is authoritatively informed that there may be a high-level intention to steal these giga-funds in their entirety – notwithstanding that this crime would represent conspiracy to defraud not only the rightful owners of the funds, but also, as explained in earlier reports, the US Treasury, the United States, and the American people.

A Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) that was to have been filed with the Bank of America, Richmond, has meanwhile mysteriously ‘gone missing’.


In a separate investigation, the Editor of International Currency Review has established that the President’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has suppressed publication of the financial condition of several Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs). Specifically, the OMB Federal Budget documentation, which usually contains tables purporting to show the financial positions of the key GSEs, has BLANK tables for the Federal National Mortgage Association (‘Fannie Mae’), the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (‘Freddie Mac’), and the Federal Home Loan Bank System (FHLBanks), where financial data has been shown for decades past.

A note, in the smallest type, explains that ‘Consistent with Government-wide practice for GSEs, information for 2006 and 2007 was not required to be collected’. However in the same document, the usual financial data are provided for the Farm Credit System and for its Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (‘Farmer Mac’), so the note is blatantly misleading and inaccurate.

The Savings and Loan Banks (S & Ls) were ransacked by criminal gangs operating within the US official and intelligence structures in the 1980s. Early enquiries by International Currency Review now suggest that the self-same criminal gangs may have likewise ransacked the Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs), which are believed to be collectively in very severe financial difficulties, with liabilities in the trillions of dollars that they cannot meet.

It is further suspected that the obvious attempt to hijack The Wanta Plan and possibly to steal the entire $4.5 trillion, to which the Federal Reserve and present and past high office-holders appear to be accessories to the fact and co-conspirators, may be connected inter alia with the need for the gigantic black hole in the GSEs’ finances to be backfilled.

That something is drastically wrong here is exposed by the blank financial tables for the three main GSEs – which will be found on pages 1229-1231 of the Government-Sponsored Enterprises section in the current OMB documentation.


Meanwhile the newly appointed US Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson Jr., has discovered that he cannot do his job. The Federal Reserve, and President Bush, who enticed him away from Goldman Sachs - where he was doing very nicely, thank you – are impeding the delayed Wanta Settlement and thereby preventing the taxpayer from paying taxes, contrary to the most basic requirements of the law, and contrary to the known wishes of the eminently qualified Hank Paulson.

No-one, not even the President of the United States, possesses the authority to frustrate the payment of taxes. Yet this appears to be the latest instance of high-handed behaviour by the White House in defiance of the Rule of Law.

Close observers of this crisis expect further ‘dirty tricks’ to be imminent. For instance, the 37 countries waiting impatiently for payment under the closely-held separate, but linked, Bretton Woods Settlement, will be told that their Settlement is being impeded by ‘problems’ associated with The Wanta Plan.

In reality, their long-delayed payouts are being sabotaged because there may be a reckless and desperate criminal intention to steal $4.5 trillion of privately-owned funds belonging to the long-term Trustor of the ‘Global Security Fund’.

If well-informed suspicions along these lines are accurate, the perpetrators face the prospect of being exposed – which has never happened before.

Hitherto, these criminal cadres have got away with stealing, scamming, money-laundering and high financial crimes on a gigantic scale.

No doubt they thought they would be able to perpetrate such serial criminality for ever. And as is commonplace with criminals, the impunity they have enjoyed to date has led them to assume that they are permanently above the law.

Unfortunately for all of them – and fortunately for the over-tolerant and abused American people – this time round, too many informed observers are watching them. The controlled ‘mainstream’ media may remain comatose, as usual, but these days, that doesn’t matter as much as it used to.

The Editor’s reports are continuing to reverberate around the world, and the crooks are scared.

It’s reality time for these crooks, banksters and their lawyer collaborators: and they know it. 

*Note: AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., is registered with the word Groupe spelt with an ‘e’.
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