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Tuesday 27 October 2009 00:01

Original report posted October 26, 3:08 PM: Manhattan Headlines Examiner

Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher inter alia of International Currency Review, writes:


Information received overnight from tested reliable high-level sources confirms that the decisive measures reportedly taken on 27th October 2009, referenced BELOW, had the (or ‘an’) intended effect. These ENFORCEMENT PROCEDURES were and continue to be implemented by armed agents for the High Parties referenced earlier in our reports.

In addition, we were advised on Friday 23rd October 2009 that ‘the countries’ were positioned to apply drastic measures: the words used in that communication were: ‘The countries are hitting them as we speak’. Hence the arrests mentioned above.

In correspondence with that source, the Editor had pointed out earlier that the organised criminal cadres have one product: it’s called: DELAY. If they can achieve DELAY, they think they have the upper hand. The ENFORCEMENT MEASURES now in play are intended to ‘decapitate’ DELAY. The information received overnight makes it plain that ‘the countries’ have had an impact. We shall see, given that all this is happening, as usual, ‘below the radar’. However we are being kept quite well informed of ‘the unfolding of events’ in general terms.

Two more IN MEMORIAM AND HORIZONTALISATION NEWS entries have had to be added (28th October). As the purge continues, this list is expected to keep expanding. It is not a ‘nice’ subject; but since the fate of the whole world depends upon eradicating these snakes and rats from the woodwork, and given ‘the years that the locusts have eaten’ while these despicable criminals ransacked, pillaged and stole from innocent parties to finance their Ponzi and other Fraudulent Finance scams, there is (and has been for ages), as Lady Thatcher used to say, ‘no alternative’.

As clearly stated in black and white below, the information in this list (augmented by a few we have added) has been in the public domain SINCE 2005, and appeared in another format in the Editor’s huge study The New Underworld Order, published in 2007. Those who have ‘come late to the party’ on this score, should consider why it is that this OLD INFORMATION is a problem, when in fact it has been in the public domain for so long.

However we have, as indicated, added a few suspect websites; and this UPDATE confirms that, as of 28th October we have added a further FOUR CONTROLLED WEBSITES to the list. No doubt this list will expand, like the IN MEMORIAM Listings, as the entire complex of lies, diversionary claptrap, New Age gobbledegook, disinformation, agitation and propaganda, redirection, and cover-up ops. and dissimulation, is exposed, like the financial crimes and murders that these websites exist to obfuscate and to wrap in a convenient fog of confusion so as to blind people to these crimes.

FACT: An associate very well known to the Editor of this service logged onto on 28th October 2009, as a consequence of which his computer was IMMEDIATELY IMMOBILISED, and is having to be rebuilt from scratch ‘as we speak’.

Authoritative US sources have separately confirmed to us that certain websites have embedded computer bugs which go beyond the familiar notorious US spying arrangements, and are designed to immobilise your computer. The fact that our associate’s computer was immobilised on contact with rumormills means today that we are unable to comment or respond at all to the arguments put forward by that website on this date as to why they should be removed from the long published list of suspect websites. This is unfortunate, because the Editor confirms that, at least in respect of direct contact with us by that website, we are treated with courtesy and respect – even if our own serious content is often followed or preceded by wanton and ignorant knee-jerk rubbish.

ATTACKS ON THE QUEEN: Those who are still mindlessly engaged in the sterile rearguard, orchestrated disinformation offensive against the British Monarchical Power, identify themselves unwittingly as being perhaps IN FAVOUR OF the outright THEFT of pro bono publico loan funds by criminalised US operatives, and further reveal that they may be supportive of crimes such as:

The illegal diversion, conversion and theft of real loan funds earmarked for an intended purpose (the Dollar Refunding Programme) in order to platform and finance untaxed, off-balance sheet US financial operations contrary to the Rule of Law and in breach of US securities and tax regulations.

The stealing of The Queen’s gold [29th-30th March 2007].

Ransacking and pillaging the assets of innocent Americans.

Perpetrating open-ended Ponzi scheme frauds on innocent Americans.

Extensive counterfeiting of financial documents and contracts.

Organised and systematic theft of the financial assets of others.

Systematic sabotage of settlement operations with the connivance of the US criminal enterprise money center banks, assisted by foreign banks corrupted via this pandemic of official corruption.

Fraudulent Finance operations based upon the dishonest marketing and onward selling of fraudulent securities with no recourse, which are backed by no underlying real flow of real funds.

Selfish ongoing speculative financial scams by criminal enterprise financial institutions.

Murdering innocent Americans and foreigners in the 9/11 holocaust, in part so as to cancel out contracts held for instance by Cantor Fitzgerald, and inter alia to redirect attention away from their Fraudulent Finance and rapine, so as to buy time for further pillaging and related abominations.

It is suggested that these lemmings would be well advised to resist the temptation to jump on this discredited, faltering bandwagon in view of the fact that in so doing they are liable unwittingly to incriminate themselves as favouring or even aiding and abetting some or all of the above.

ATTACKS ON A ARE OK BECAUSE WE ALSO ATTACK B: The Editor's attention has been drawn to the following ALIBI which is proffered as an excuse for the wanton publication of malicious libels against, for instance, the British Monarchical Power. This goes: 'We do publish unpleasant stuff about The Queen but we also publish unpleasant stuff about President Obama, so it's neither here nor there'. This is a piece of Jesuitical claptrap: a thoroughly disreputable and dishonest pretext for malevolent agitation and propaganda which is a product of a diseased CIA/DVD mentality bent upon sowing discord, hatred and lies, rather than providing appropriate enlightenment.

We have completed a study of the methodology used by US deception agents, and this angle will be included in the report. The study will identify the techniques employed by CIA operatives and other scum of the earth in trying to mislead and entrap the Editor of this service, all of which have failed, and will also deal with issues arising out of the exposure of the malevolent controlled sites. Apparently our dealing with this issue has ruffled some feathers: a very good sign of progress.

Another 'nice little number' is the 'line': Chris Story 'protests too much'. What this means is that certain forces don't like the exposures. Lenin was right: The ONE thing they cannot handle at all is EXPOSURE. All we are doing is taking a leaf out of Lenin's book and throwing it back at 'em. As has been pointed out here, the US system is quintessentially Leninist.

If you missed THAT, we'll have to explain it to you all over again.

The Updates appended on 28th October end here.

We are receiving reports from respected and usually reliable 'connected' sources of ARRESTS OF BANKING STAFF AND OTHERS, including HIGH-LEVEL bank officers, 'all over the place' in the United States. Our sources repeat that HIGH-LEVEL ARRESTS ARE AND HAVE BEEN TAKING PLACE TODAY and imply that they have been going on all day with devastating impact.

Certain other sources are currently unavailable to provide usual corroboration, so this add-on comes with a caution that it requires confirmation. However we believe that the information is accurate, albeit incomplete. The arrests relate to the ENFORCEMENT PROCEDURES mentioned previously and below, and to culpable and wilful non-compliance with Basel-II requirements.

Reminder: ALL 'information' signed off by specifically ANONYMOUS sources, meaning sources that deliberately choose anonymity and that are too cowardly or controlled to reveal their identities and coordinates, is UNPROVENANCED and prospectively SPURIOUS 'information' for which the sources cannot be held responsible, and therefore should prudently be discounted. ANONYMITY implies intelligence community cover, making such sources of 'information' doubly suspect. Any denial of intelligence community cover by an anonymous source is by definition worthless.

VIRTUAL KEYBOARD DEVICE: Given the 'questions' that have been raised as to the veracity and credibility of ANONYMOUS sources, certain controlled NAMED sources have been activated in the past week or so to front an operation which has the following objective. Its purpose is to generate preparatory confusion so that when the really devastating exposures surface, false 'alternative' versions of the events will have been swilling around in the undergrowth sufficient to generate a protective fog of lies and diversionary 'noise' to afford the perpetrators an added layer of sorely needed 'protection'. The technique being used is to redistribute old reports, on the pretext that we should all immediately drop everything and 'connect the (false) dots' amid a heightened cacophany of CIA/DVD redirection stories that are in fact designed to maximise the potential for confusion.

Do not be fooled by this cynical diversionary operation. Its purpose is to CONFUSE YOU so that when the exposures take place you will be bogged down with old, recycled, diversionary 'lines' and will (they hope) fail to see the truth when it's stuck, pardon the expression, right under your nose.
Watch and wait in patience. The abominations will not be obfuscated by this cynical operation.

THIS OPERATION has been broadened to embrace ignorant attacks on the British Head of State which have had to be 'corrected' with further disinformation almost immediately, as the reality of developments behind the scenes continues to cause extreme panic among the Bush-Clinton-DVD operatives, who imagine that wanton attacks of this nature can change things from their twisted perspective, which is out of the question. So they are left with nothing but abuse spewed out via controlled outlets which lack all discernment and exist purely for disinformation purposes. The overall picture is of a discredited US agitation and propaganda apparat that is falling apart at the seams, and making a dirty mess as it implodes and its full nastiness is revealed for all to see.

This report and its 'SUDDEN DEATH SYNDROME' Listing dated the 18th October 2009 has been EXTENSIVELY UPDATED effective 26th October 2009, to take account of the FAST EMERGING PANDEMIC OF COVER-UP HORIZONTALISATIONS anticipated earlier by this service.

This updated report contains a great deal of important intelligence which provides plenty of clues as to the stage that this crisis has reached. You can access this updated report and the expanded alphabetical Listing instantaneously, via our ARCHIVE.

TESTIMONIALS: Our TESTIMONIALS have now been updated to 26th October 2009.

UNDERLYING PURPOSE OF CURRENT VITUPERATIVE AND IGNORANT ATTACKS ON THE BRITISH MONARCHY: The Writ of Enforcement concerning inter alia the stolen and diverted $6.2 trillion is being ENFORCED, to the consternation and loathing of the Bush-DVD Fifth Column and their traitor associates within the US Intelligence Power, the Clinton mafiosi and beyond. So, in a display of their standard nastiness, they are attacking The Queen, as though this has the potential to change the situation from their perspective, which is of course out of the question.

This is the behaviour of agents for sick and infantile minds belonging to crooks, Ponzi operatives, thieves, manipulators and mass murderers (in some cases) who have been EXPOSED. The level of exposure achieved to date is AS NOTHING compared to what lies in store for these odious people.

We are proud indeed to have had the opportunity to assist, in a small ongoing way, our abused and bewildered American friends in their time of crisis. An American private friendship is, in the Editor's own long personal experience, the best and most reliable, rewarding and comforting in the world.

By Tim Barello,
This report is posted by kind permission of the author and the cited website.

Canadian-born Benjamin Fulford, formerly of Forbes, lives in Japan and has developed quite a presence on the Internet over the past few years; in 2007, he surprised many when he secured an exclusive interview with David Rockefeller, which can be viewed in four parts on YouTube. Of late, he has also published videos and information about Leo Zagami, who claims to be a representative of the Vatican, as well as a member of the Knights Templar, and the Italian Illuminati

Mr. Fulford, an established connoisseur of disseminating libel, was recently ordered to pay Stephen L. Herman – Voice of America’s South Asia bureau chief – damages after he admitted to willfully publishing false claims about Herman; the purported civil libel action, in Japanese, is attributed to the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court, and can be viewed online. Beginning on page 25 of the aforementioned document, a passage in English reads as follows:

'I, Benjamin Fulford, am author of a book entitled ‘The Real Identity of Uncovered ‘Rulers of the Dark’ (the ‘Book’), and our company Fusosha Publishing Inc., is a publishing company of the Book and I, Matsuki Katagiri, am the publisher of the Book. On Page 91 of the Book, it was stated that ‘There are CIA spies among foreign correspondents’ and ‘one of such spies is Steven Herman, a foreign correspondent for the Voice of America’. However, these statements contradict the facts. We hereby express our heartfelt apology to Mr. Steven Herman for the fact that with these statements we have hurt Mr. Steven Herman’s reputation'.

Over the past few hours and days, Fulford has willfully propagated a hodgepodge of truly vicious lies about Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in addition to other members of the British Royal Family. In the past 24 hours, he has published ridiculously bizarre claims, such as:

Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama is her “slave” – meaning that he is functionally operating under the control of the British Monarchy.

Her Majesty “has offered to turn over Japanese sovereignty to the Chinese by 2011”.

"Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, was also Adolph Hitler’s half-brother (not father as initially reported) according to Emily Elizabeth Catherine Josephine Mary Windsor-Cragg, [illegitimate] daughter of Edward VIII Duke of Windsor".

James Hewitt – who himself previously denied these allegations – is Prince Harry’s father. Hewitt has been quoted by the BBC as saying, “I can absolutely assure you that I am not".

Intending to cause undue – and demonically sadistic – distress to Britain’s Head of State, Fulford has also recently published far worse claims, including that Queen Elizabeth II “made a secret pact with Hitler and the Nazis” and that she was “also in on the 911 attacks”.

These unbelievable claims are, at the very least, preposterous, as Her Majesty’s own reign did not even begin until 1952 – many years after World War II ended – and furthermore, she would have only been a teenager during the period referenced, which also substantiates that she would have no place in making international political agreements with evil individuals.

Fulford has a directly measured audience of over 100,000 people worldwide every month, and his postings are found on alternative, New Age, anti-Christian news websites like, which reaches nearly 130,000 people around the globe each month, and, which reaches at least 85,000 in the United States.

The operator of, said to be Patrick H. Bellringer – likely a pen name only – has previously been reported to have made a death threat against Queen Elizabeth II.

He also publishes a barrage of rubbish, including anti-Christian nonsense, claiming that he is in contact with spirits like “Aton” and “Hatonn” that know the real story behind our existence.

Over at, site publisher Rayelan Allen has allowed “News Agents” to publish that England is secretly controlling US Social Security funds, and Allen has even written a book about Diana, Princess of Wales, in which she states that the deceased Princess was murdered for the purposes of creating a new world religion. She also claims to be affiliated with the Knights Templar – among countless other assertions.

These malicious websites form a network of propaganda against the British Monarchy and its public; they are causing web surfers to believe outright lies and distortions about many prominent individuals – not just in the United Kingdom, but worldwide.

As the global economy continues to suffer, anger is building, and the disinformation that these people are generating will only add fuel to the fire; out of respect to God, and for the sake of the whole of humanity, these operations must be terminated immediately, and their owners must be held to account for every single piece of libellous claptrap they have generated.

“Now as Jannes and Jambres [two Old Testament know-alls: Ed.] resisted Moses, so these also resist the truth, men corrupted in mind, reprobate concerning the faith. But they shall proceed no farther: for their folly shall be manifest to all men, as theirs also was”. – 2 Timothy 3:8-9.

Tim Barello’s report ends here.

Some of these are redundant and/or no longer effective. The list was originally published by the Irish website run by Mr Fintan Dunne. A related list was published in the Editor's study The New Underworld Order, published by Edward Harle Limited, London and New York [2007], available from THIS website [see Edward Harle Limited segment]. A few more sites have been added. If these sites now all turn on the Editor of this service in unison or piecemeal, the accuracy of this assessment will of course immediately be reconfirmed.

They'll probably do it: generally speaking, many of these people are THAT stupid!

Websites established inter alia to ' control' the backlash from the 9/11 mass murders:

[See also: and other sites containing 911 in their titles]

Websites servicing CIA and DVD etc. diversion and confusion-mongering interests for the primary purpose of maximising the fog of confusion in order to cover up the counterfeiting, mass thefts, Ponzi operations, Fraudulent Finance leveraging and hypothecation, and other speculative crimes developed and orchestrated originally by the US Intelligence Power, as well as to OBFUSCATE the circumstances surrounding inter alia the 9/11 MASS MURDERS, and to prevent the Ponzi scamming victims from realising that they have been pillaged and reaching for their guns simultaneously:

A close and informed observer of the US controlled websites and issues surrounding them, informed the Editor on 28th October 2009 as follows: 'I have yet to run into an 'English language version' of a purportedly Iranian, Chinese or Pakistani 'news' site that's not chock full of CIA or Mossad-type 'information': China Daily, PressTV, Pakistan Daily, and more. They're probably bogus'. [Dutch intel website: Steals copyright including 10116 copies of The Editor's work
The New Underworld Order. Faces serious problems as a consequence]. [Described to us by the observer referenced above as: 'A whacky disinformation site apparently intended to make opposition to the Mega-Corporatocracy sound dippy and foolish. Gullible do-gooders are encouraged to call their Congress critters to fight this or that bill for the most stupid and ill-informed of reasons. frequently links to]. [Lots of CIA employees posing as whistleblowers]
rivernend.blogspot [Forced to take down ILLEGAL COPIES of FOUR of our books (a)].
sorchafaal (b) [Jane Burgermeister disinformation]
Thomas Heneghan

(a) One of the techniques used in order to steal book copyright is to REMOVE the ISBN number from the image of the front cover shown on the website and to OMIT the copyright page, thereby revealing A DELIBERATE INTENT TO STEAL the rights and copyright. This has happened in at least three cases of our stolen books. The Editor is now engaged in a comprehensive analysis of this COPYRIGHT THEFT OPERATION ORCHESTRATED BY U.S. CRIMINAL INTELLIGENCE, and will expose each and every instance of which we are aware of the stealing of our books, providing detailed information of who is involved, and how they have reacted to our determined response to their behaviour. These creeps thought that there would never be any opposition to their rampaging criminality. They may now be starting to understand that they were sorely mistaken.

(b) Operated by: (1) Commander J. Forrest Sharpe, of Light in the Darkness Publications, Vienna, VA. Our US military and 'special' sources state that: 'Sharpe is active duty submarine service fleet', i.e. Office of Naval intelligence (ONI); (2) D. L. O'Huallachain, who covers for the Vatican. These reports typically begin with the ignorant fantasy: 'Rumors circulating in the Kremlin today'. As we have pointed out, the Kremlin doesn't 'DO' rumours. Despite our exposures of this deception operation in the past, they have continued behaving as though they had never been exposed.

Postscript: The Editor has noted the rather MODEST statistics for the discredited websites mentioned in his report. Your attention is also drawn to the fact that the attack on The Queen presupposes 'allegiance' to the force that has been FACED UP TO AND IS BEING OVERCOME.

The full significance of all this WILL enter the public domain. One cannot move ahead of events.