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Thursday 14 September 2006 17:27

Update: 29th September 2006

A large number of emails has been received asking what the position is, whether the Editor is still alive, and why haven't we posted any update for some days. The short answer to this is that when we are ready to post further information, we will do so: not before. We don't publish for the sake of it, but to provide appropriate information for the benefit of the international financial community, and to inform subscribers of our publishing intentions.

The current situation is essentially that a decision on this matter needs to be made without any further delay, given that calling the entire $70+ trillion of financial assets lodged in the offshore accounts – as the Trustor and Principal is entitled to do, and in accordance with the procedure specified by Judge Gerald Bruce Lee in his Memorandum Opinion dated 13th April 2003, handed down in the United States Eastern District Court of Virginia – would jeopardise the entire global banking system. Self-evidently, Ambassador Wanta is in no way interested in any such outcome, which would be disastrous for the whole world. Nor has there ever been any intention to procure such a development. All he needs, and is entitled to, is his formally agreed Settlement.

Yet the harsh reality is that since the US authorities have defaulted on the compromise payment – for unimaginably great 'services rendered' in the past – of $4.5 trillion, with which Leo intends to undertake taxable projects for the benefit of the American people on a very large scale, he may be about to be left with no choice in the matter. All concerned sincerely and resolutely hope that this will not have to happen – even though the thought of corrupt US intelligence operatives and their banking co-conspirators getting away with the biggest financial heist in history leaves an extremely bitter taste. But since we are dealing with people who appear to be irrational in their approach to this crisis, which is of their own making, predicting the outcome is not realistically possible.

And those who keep pressing us to do so, should cease and desist, please.

An announcement about the forthcoming issue of International Currency Review [Volume 31, Numbers 3 and 4] will be posted soon. It is being held back for a few days only – pending the outcome of the crisis. The Editor thanks everyone for their considerable patience to date.

Pending the above, the posting below, dated 12th September, will remain up:



Flash Report by Christopher Story FRSA,
Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review
World Reports Limited, London and New York:
For earlier 'Wanta Crisis' reports, see Home Page ARCHIVE Button

In the afternoon of Tuesday 12th September 2006, a financial sector supporter of The Wanta Plan, which was the main topic of conversation behind the scenes at the G-8 Summit in St Petersburg back in July, telephoned the White House and was put through to the West Wing.

Three people were parties to the telephone call, which was recorded, and the West Wing official remains in place. This is what he told the caller:

'This Administration will not be pressured into doing anything until it's Goddam ready'.

'It will be done on our timeframe and when we're ready'.

Obviously God is nowhere to be seen in this White House. But Lucifer and damnation are clearly present. Being interpreted, this foul-mouthed, uncouth put-down, which has relevance for the entire international financial community, can be explained as follows:

The fact that we have defaulted on our solemn and formal undertaking, signed off by the US Supreme Court, to implement the compromise settlement that we negotiated with Ambassador Leo Wanta*, is a matter of indifference to us. Okay, so we negotiated with him in bad faith. So what?

Yes the White House did indeed characterise Wanta's operations on behalf of the United States against the Soviet Union as 'BRILLIANT'. But that was then. This is now.

We are all in power to enrich ourselves, didn't you know? Self-enrichment is our goal, and we will NEVER be deflected from pursuing it. We bribe foreigners every day: they have the same goal.

Okay, so we have destroyed the Full Faith and Credit of the United States. Who cares?

We can do as we Goddam please. We aren't here to serve the people. The people are our servants. There is nothing anyone can do to stop us stealing all the money. Period.

What's all this BS about the Rule of Law? We aren't here to uphold the law. We have put Alberto Gonzales in the Department of Justice to ensure that we can flout it indefinitely. He's doing a great job, fulfilling his brief. The President and the Treasury Secretary are delighted with him.

Demagoguery is our privilege.

We couldn't care less if you think there are two classes of US taxpayer. The Internal Revenue Service does what we say. That's why the IRS has hired outside auditors to review the affairs of the 1,200 richest US taxpayers. Yes, indeed: we are partially privatising the IRS, for our own benefit!

As for the privileged class, consisting of friends of ours, that pays no tax on its off-balance sheet trading programme earnings, good luck to them!

If we choose to do deals behind the backs of the American people with the United States' former Communist enemy, Vietnam, so that we can enrich ourselves further, that's our business. They're in it for the money, too. You naive idiots don't seem to 'get' that power is all about self-enrichment.

Our high-falutin' rhetoric masks our underlying intention of doing at all times as we please, and if this means defaulting on our Goddam commitments, we couldn't care less.

We have of course never responded to publicised accusations that we are in breach inter alia of The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, the Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act, the Bank Secrecy Act, the Hobbs Act, the Securities Exchange Act, the Money-Laundering Control Act, the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, the Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act, the Money-Laundering Suppression Act, the Terrorism Prevention Act, the old Maloney Act, the Economic Espionage Act and also the Title 18 Sections of the US Code that cover 'Imparting or Conveying False Information', 'Misprision of Felony' and 'Crimes, General Provisions: Accessory after the Fact' – because these accusations are all true. We can't dispute them. But we don't care.

And since you say the Rule of Law has collapsed – a proposition with which we wholeheartedly agree – we have the upper hand and the American people can have no say in the matter. We will continue to break these laws as we Goddam see fit. Don't pressure us to meet our commitments.


1. The pound sterling has appreciated sharply, as predicted in our last Posting, due to China switching from the US dollar to the British currency for oil payments purposes.

2. The Editor of International Currency Review has been informed again that legal measures and procedures are in hand, as previously stated in these reports, to call in the entire $70+ trillion of which Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta is the Trustor, from banks worldwide, since the US Treasury and the White House have defaulted on the compromise agreement with Leo Wanta. The nature of the measures that are being taken, which are at an advanced stage of implementation, are of course confidential and so cannot be reported in these updates.

3. On the assumption that, as originally planned, the 'win-win', above-board, taxable, transactions had started up with effect from 1st July 2006, and that the US Treasury would have earned around $200 billion of windfall taxes per banking day from that date forward, we calculate that the Treasury has so far deprived itself of on-the-books windfall taxes amounting to an estimated $10.6 trillion
(= 53 banking days @ $200 billion tax receipts per banking day).

4. The latest 'rumour' is that the President of the United States will fulfil his obligations to Wanta, of which Mr Bush is in glaring breach, when it is to his political advantage to do so. As was explained in the first reports in this series, it would have been massively to President G. W. Bush's advantage to have implemented the Wanta Plan from the get-go, as his legacy would be assured thereby and the immediate prospects for America would be transformed in the remaining period of his term.

But as matters stand, and given the egregious crimes that have knowingly been committed, his legacy is likely to be the chaos, mass slaughter and destabilisation associated with the botched military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

5. Having survived 14 years of illegal incarceration and the CIA lying that he was dead, and having been double-crossed by criminal fraudsters masquerading as officials at every turn, Ambassador Wanta is not surprised that the White House and the US Treasury are in default. This behaviour is entirely in line with the record and standard behaviour of these fraudsters.

Accordingly, the $70+ trillion stashed in foreign bank accounts which have been diverted, will be called; and since the expectations of compromised bankers that they would be let off the hook and would not go to jail, thanks to the very generous Wanta compromise, have been unilaterally dashed by the White House, the Treasury and the US Federal Reserve – the assets of which Leo E. Wanta is the Trustor will be indeed be repatriated. There is no alternative. This means that the institutions and all concerned will have to face the severe consequences that will progressively ensue. ENDS

PS. By courtesy of the Ambassador of a major foreign power, all Christopher Story's reports in this series have been delivered to every newspaper in New York. This includes The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, which have systematically ignored them all. The Fourth Estate in the United States, like its cowardly British counterpart, is failing in its basic duty to protect the people against the excesses of those holding power. The reason for this is that the intelligence services control the media, just as they control the governments themselves.

The intelligence services are in control, out of control, and need to be brought under control.

*Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535
a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS

AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001