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Wednesday 17 January 2007 00:20


They have been added to the Testimonials presentation [see below] but are posted here to show how uptight and angry Americans are at the behaviour of the criminal cleptocracy. There is no doubt that these criminal, thieving operatives are on the run. This crisis is developing behind the scenes and severe measures are reportedly being taken against official organised crime figures.

NOTE: In testimonials added on 16th-18th January 2007 below, correspondents shower kind but wholly undeserved praise upon the Editor, in the continuing context of our primary coverage of the international financial corruption crisis against which Leo Emil Wanta is engaged.

However Christopher Story would like to point out that all the credit is due exclusively to the brave Ambassador Leo Wanta, who was 'taken out' by these criminals on 7th July 1993 and sentenced to an intended 22 years' incarceration and house arrest for non-payment of a falsified tax demand issued by the White House's co-conspiratorial Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

The falsely demanded State tax has in fact been paid three times already, and is STILL being corruptly demanded. One of the necessary tasks we shall be addressing as soon as time permits, therefore, is the global exposure of the rampant corruption of the Wisconsin Tax Gestapo (displayed in detail in the 24-page Supplement published with International Currency Review, Volume 31, 3/4).

A number of attempts were made to murder the Ambassador, starting with the poisoned cheese in the Swiss dungeon, and followed by assaults in the various jails he was sent to in the US GULAG, plus no less than four attempts to have him certified insane. Throughout this ordeal, Leo Wanta displayed courage and fortitude, as well as a simple faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, which has no parallel in the personal experience of the Editor, and will astonish everyone when the full story is told. Therefore, when reading the Leo Wanta-related testimonials below, please transfer the kind remarks made about the Editor, to Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, the greatest and most brilliantly distinguished American patriot of our time. A friend tells us that she receives, every New Year, from a friend of hers, a set of predictions for the year ahead. One of the predictions for 2007 was that the name Leo Emil Wanta would be on the lips of every American by the end of the year.

None of this would have been possible without Leo's fortitude, bravery courage, determination, and leadership. The big progress that is now being made against these criminals is due to Leo's strength and faith. Nothing could have been achieved had it not been for his faith throughout those dark years when he was languishing, and all appeals for mercy and against the false witness perpetrated by the US authorities were systematically thwarted and brutally disregarded. These crimes were committed so that the criminals could play with Leo Wanta's entrusted funds. CS.

"Thank you for publishing the support messages from your readers. I would like to be added to your list of well wishers and extend my THANK YOU for what you have done as a public service for us Americans. Very best regards". – Nolan K. A., 18 January 2007, LA, USA.

"I have been following the Wanta funds and the updates since I first heard about it the 1st of this year. I am passing the word out which I get from you. Keep up the good work exposing these MEGA-crooks. Thanks". – Vernie E. Hole, US truck driver/Rancher, 18 January 2007, West Chester, IA, USA.

"Dear Mr Story: You cannot imagine just how much your expose of the Wanta affair has piqued my interest and that of all my friends. It gladdens our hearts to see a very brave soul standing up to the scum. Please keep on skimming. Yours sincerely, Roman Mudryk" – 17 January 2007, St Leonard, Montreal, PQ, Canada.

"I am fascinated with this story and happy to have found your site. I sincerely hope all of this can come to the full light of day, and that the criminal elements of the intelligence community will get punished for their horrendous crimes against all of us. For you, Mr Wanta, Mr Cottrell and the many others involved fighting for this justice, please be careful and take care of yourselves. These criminals would likely do all they can to prevent exposure. The glaring lies put forth by our leaders are so huge, that surely the people of America must wake up to see the scandals, thievery, corruption, treason, war profiteering, and cover ups, and put a stop to this madness. Please continue exposing these criminals for their true colors". – Tom C., 17 January, USA.

"I would like to commend you for bringing all of this (the Wanta story) to the attention of the people. Like another writer said, I read this first, and the last thing every day. I send this info to everyone I can think of, and I pray for the day that this all becomes public knowledge. Keep up the great work. We all owe you a large debt of gratitude. Best regards, J. B." – 17 January 2007, MD, USA.

"My eternal gratitude to you all!" – E. A. L., 17 January 2007, USA.

"I read your recent posting and have been consuming your International Currency Review [Volume 31, 3/4] Your work is truly remarkable". – Don Nicoloff, 16 January 2007, USA.

"I need to say BLESS YOU. Exposing the eye of the Octopus is what you are doing. Your work is so important to all the world. A big thank you!" – Ethel, 15 January 2007, USA.

"You are to be applauded for your seamless righteousness in the face of clamorous Internet attacks against you. Numerous so-called 'patriotic' organizations exist today in the United States and throughout the world. Only a few of these organizations have been willing to report your story... The paid-for 'mainstream' media is useless. Individuals throughout the world credit your intelligence... which you have so kindly put where all can see".
– Claudia Treacey, 14 January 2007, Indianapolis, USA

"Our family (along with 4 other good and honest families) is one of the "broken hearted" you mention in your latest post. The CIA escrow attorney who scammed our family non-profit Christian foundation of a $1 million USD "investment" ($5 million if our fellow non-profit investors are included) ran off to Ireland so he could not be extradited. Our investment agent was poisoned to death the day before. I Just thought you'd like to know that we WILL have justice against these CIA operative thieves and how much we appreciate your honest and truthful reporting. Thank you" Name and address withheld, 12 January 2007, Illinois, USA.

"I have been following your continuing saga of the White House/Wanta scandal. I wanted to email you and salute, you, sir, for your unbridled courage and TRUE patriotism in exposing this unfolding fiasco... I have been following your evolving story closely. I know of a number of others who are doing the same. The arrogance and criminality of this Administration must continue to be exposed until real change occurs. On behalf of many fed-up individuals such as myself, I'd like to thank you for your efforts. Keep up the great work!!" – John McGuire, O'Brien, FL, USA.

"Thank you for getting back to us. When we first read the story on the Burlington Free Press, we were so incredulous that we wondered whether someone had made the story up and accredited it to you!! It disgusts us that there has been NOTHING on this in the 'mainstream' media here in New Zealand, or from the sounds of it pretty much anywhere except your publication and those really free press sites... It is a huge story that has obviously been heavily suppressed". [However the cover-up cannot succeed]. – Ron Lopert, 12 January 2007, Tauranga, New Zealand.

"I am patiently awaiting more news about Paulson and the Wanta money. Thanks for keeping us informed". – Mike Demny, 11 January 2007, USA.

"I really appreciate that at least one reputable journalistic publication has the courage to cover the massive corruption by the current US Administration". – Erik Bass, Ohio State University, USA.

"Mr Story: I just want to advise you that on the 010307 broadcast is a verbatim reading of your posting (PAULSON ARRESTED, SENTENCED IN EUROPE RE THEFT OF WANTA'S $4.5 TRILLION) but with all references to World Reports, International Currency Review or yourself omitted. The report is dramatically and theatrically presented as their own knowledge and research". – Rasmus F. Hansen, 10 January 2007, Denmark.

"Please send us information as it happens on your website. We are working in an international finance area and your information is very helpful for us. We appreciated your postings".
– Roulement Etablissement, Triesen, Liechtenstein.

"Please relay this message to Mr Wanta. Full force ahead. Do not slow down, do not give up, do not change your intentions in any manner. We who know about what has happened in the past and now what is happening in the present desperately want this mess cleaned up from top to bottom. We that are on the outside just wish we could help you. We want to see those people penniless, homeless, depressed, and yes, put their dumb backsides in jail for the rest of time. We hope you start at the top and go to the bottom of these evil people. Your hidden supporters are here".
– R. Weaver, 09 January 2007, USA.

"Thank you for all your insightful updates, Chris!" – Eddy, 09 January 2007, USA.

"Great stuff!!!! Keep it coming. Hang in there, now you are on the map. Thank you for your citizenship". – Joseph Decuzzi, 08 January 2007, USA.

"Hi Chris! The information that you sent me was of such importance that I decided to make your information available as a complete update. As always, this information will be distributed far and wide! Thank you once more for having the trust in me to make the info available. Interesting to watch the yield curve, which tells me something is coming soon!! Integrity does matter!!! Best regards". – Ed Garay, USA.

"I have been following the Leo Wanta happenings with great interest".
– Bryant Blake, 08 January 2007, Baltimore, MD, USA.

"I have been following your diary and sequence of events with great interest... You have 37 years of doing your job and I respect that. Don't allow the negative people to grind you down. There are a lot of good people, especially in the United States, with broken hearts. We will continue to read. We will continue to watch. Your friend, Stefan Grieb". – Staten Island, NY, 08 January 2007.

"I have read your published reports for some months and, although sickened by the clear circumvention of law perpetrated by Government officials, am indebted to you for maintaining your scrutiny of financial shenanigans perpetrated by those who would do us grave economic harm. Thank you for making these facts available to the public... There is no doubt that much of what transpires is a callous, overreaching attempt by a grasping international power elite to destroy the economic strength of this country in order to facilitate the emergence of the North American Union and a new fiat-based currency. May you be blessed this day and always for your commitment to truth, justice, right action, and the rule of law. Blessings and peace to you".
– Gillian Grannum, Ph D., Liberty, NC, USA.

"Bravo, Mr Story! Keep up the wonderful job you have done and continue to do in exposing the rot and corruption of those whom the American people elected to do the people's business. They have betrayed our faith, eviscerated our Constitution and have created this sham against the American people and have lost credibility with countries around the world that will be very hard-pressed to believe in our leadership again. The detractors may have their current moment, but we the people will have the final say. Sincerely". – Richard Brandeis, Titan Group Limited, 07 January 2007, USA.

"We think your team are doing a great job!! It takes courage but what you are doing is for humanity, which is priceless. May God bless you all. Do not fear: when you seek the truth, there will be guidance, and help from above". – Ahmad Abdullah, 07 January 2007, Think Tank, Malaysia.

"This site is a discovery for me. I see things which I never imagined before. Really appreciate your contribution to the world". – Chan Meng Chai, 07 January 2007, Zimbabwe.

"The breaking news about Mr "Conflict-of-Interest" Paulson is the best news I've ever heard. Keep up the awesome work. I'm looking forward to your updates. Thank you!"
– Robert Buote, 06 January 2007m Epsom, NH, USA.

"Hi, Christopher. Have read your Archives and am intrigued by the whole Wanta affair, though not surprised at the way the bad actors in the United States are behaving. Keep up the good work".
– Paul Wilkie, 06 January 2007, USA.

"Keep up the great work, please". – Ron Stratton, 06 January 2007, Canton, OH, USA.

"It is very hard to believe that people find it so difficult to read the handwriting on the wall. My hat is off to the brave people willing to stand up and speak the truth".
– Linda Fogh, 05 January 2007, Issaquah, WA, USA.

"It is a great thing that happened to me to find your website. I am very proud to see the truth coming from somewhere other than my own eyes. There are a lot of people here in the United States that know the things you have been talking about in your articles. We the people of the United States are waiting for the time when the truth and justice will come to the surface so that the people can do what is needed to bring this country back to freedom. In time we will have justice. We are prepared to do these things. We have been waiting for these very truths".
– Wayne Blakely, 05 January 2007, Kansas City, MS, USA.

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for the work you are doing on the Wanta situation. Thank you for having the courage to do the right thing. We are praying for Leo Wanta's protection and that you will have ALL the truth revealed to you so that you can print it. Blessings to you and yours".
– Betty McCormick, 05 January 2007, USA.

"Keep up the good work, Christopher! My parents in VA speak very highly of you and I am now personally following your story as a result with great interest".
– Name and address withheld, 05 January 2007, USA.

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm so excited. I will be writing more on this topic and the bravery of all involved". – Gina de Miranda, Texas, USA.

"I'm extremely interested in your reporting of the story about Henry M. Paulson being arrested in Germany, and I come home from work every day eagerly anticipating an update on the current situation. However today, January 3rd, NO UPDATE! Help me out here. I won't be able to sleep: I need my update! Keep up the good work. Thanks. I'll be watching!" – Tom Chambers, 04 January 2007, Santa Monica, CA.

"Keep up the hard work of letting people know what the occupying criminal forces are up to".
– Randall Foreman, 04 January 2007, USA.

"I just want to let you guys know there are people aware about what is happening in our country.
I have posted links to your articles... I will be following your reporting and updating as you update. This is HUGE and not a peep out of our media here in the United States" [That's because they are bribed and partially funded by 'funny money': CS]. – Troy Schneider, 04 January 2007, USA.

"People like you terrify these types and all they know how to do is to criticize. It takes brains to create: any idiot can criticize. Don't you find it ironic that the same people who condemn the monopoly press also want confirmation from the monopoly press about your writings? You have put a tremendous amount of time into these Wanta articles, so it's not your job to prove you're right: it's the job of your detractors to prove you're wrong. I'm sure there's a lot of professional jealousy involved, so stand your ground. People who subscribe to your publications expect your type of reporting, the hardcore behind-the-scenes type of reporting: otherwise you would not have subscribers". R.L.D., 04 January 2007, USA.

"I am very impressed with your site, and have been learning so much from your excellent reporting... The US Government is such a master of disinformation and obfuscation".
– Carol Delhagen, 03 January 2007, USA

"I have been following your reporting on the Wanta saga the entire time. I researched the source and went all the way back to 1973. I concluded Mr Story is a man of honor and integrity... I trust Mr Story and would like to point out that my fellow Americans have been so deceived with 9/11 and the decades of corrupt leadership that cognitive dissonance is the only explanation I can give for their ignorance. PLEASE continue to help us Americans expose these criminals for what they are. Do not be swayed by my ignorant fellow citizens. I DO SUPPORT you Christopher! Thank you Sir, you are the best!" [Comment: No, that accolade is reserved exclusively for the greatest God-fearing American patriot of our time, a man who has suffered without a cause at the hands of these criminals, who are now scared stiff and on the run. That accolade cannot be shared by anyone else! CS]. – Joe Shadwick, 03 January 2007, Texas, USA.

"Just to let you know, I have been spreading [your work] all over the place. I want to thank you for your hard work... I was wondering when they would get round to arresting these thugs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" – Amy Sasser, Occupied USA.

"Keep it up. Can't wait to party over the Falls in a barrel". – Roy Berger, Montreal, PQ, Canada.

"I am so very sorry for the persecution [of you] for telling the truth. I know [that] what you say is truth. I have enough information already in bits and pieces that lead me to smell and see the truth. Continue: America will be grateful when her arrogant slave-owners are exposed and brought down regardless of her shock and pain... DO NOT STOP! The bearer of truth, though he be repulsed at times and tormented at others, will remain because the Creator has seen fit to protect the truth and its bearer(s) always". – Debbie Wicker, 03 January 2007, USA.

"First of all, thank you for bringing forth the information relative to Leo Wanta and the plight of
the American body politic. I started to track the whereabouts of Paulson when I read your latest missive. Contrary to the conventional 'take', he dropped from the face of the planet after his meeting in Germany. Usually, there are references to all his movements. I found this to be supportive of your revelations. When Paulson again showed up at Ford's funeral, enough time had passed to allow for his release due to political pressure or his signing of the required releases". [This is not quite what happened, but the statement is accurate in general terms, and welcome] – Dennis Schultz, 03 January 2007, VA, USA.

"Chris: As a retired police sergeant with 17 years of investigative experience as Sgt/i/c GIS, I find it refreshing that although we may not [yet] be getting real good answers, people sure are starting to ask some damn good questions. Keep up the good work!" Harold Durant, 03 January 2007, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

"Please continue your truth about what is going on concerning Leo Wanta. I and others have
been involved in the Farm Claims [scenario] in the USA for years. We know what is and has been happening [criminally] for years, We are so grateful to see your reports and that the Rest of the World is also involved. No matter how painful matters may become, carry on and let us clean up this problem [of endemic official corruption] once and for all. WE DO NOT WANT THIS ONE WORLD [CRIMINAL] ORDER. DO NOT STOP UNTIL THIS DIRTY PROBLEM IS CLEANED UP IN D.C".
– R Weaver, 93 January 2007, USA.

"Thank you for the updates and for your courage in printing the truth!"
– Jan Scott, 03 January 2007, USA.

"Thank you guys for all you do for us here in America. You are just about the first I look up on the Internet and the last I look up at night. At New Years', I had looked but nothing new about 9.00 Central Time; then at 2.00 am a few hours later, there it was: US Treasury Secretary Paulson ARRESTED. I couldn't get to sites and spread the word fast enough. Thanks again: we really do need people like you right now. Many great things for you and yours in the New Year."
– Barbara Schallock, 02 January 2007, WI, USA.

"... People do want to believe what is fed to them by the 'mainstream' press. When I started reading your postings on your website, I could hardly understand what you mentioned in the latest article. Combined with your charges against the DVD, it was even for me almost too extreme. So I decided to start reading from your first posting onwards. Slowly I started to understand the bigger picture and the impression became much less extreme. I then decided to subscribe to your service. You sent me the whole package of information. I started with the oldest ICRs which I think is essential to do, in order to better understand what you are telling us. I think I do understand the big picture now.. I do appreciate your work enormously and hope this is a stimulus to keep on going" [kindly ordered the Package service]. – Henk Thijssen, 02 January 2007, Belgium and Monaco.

"I have been doing my best to alert many websites and their owners of your superb and diligent work. This past week I think your traffic should have jumped considerably!"
– Mike Young, 21 December 2006, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA.

George Orwell: 'In an age of deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act'.

J. Edgar Hoover: 'The individual is handicapped coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists'. [As with the holocaust].

Martin Luther King: 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere'.

US friend: 'You are to be congratulated on a masterful piece of research in exposing the treason and the biggest heist in history'.

Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta: Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535 a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS. AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001