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Sunday 22 April 2007 21:10






By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for 'Wantagate' reports since April 2006. [Note: The CLICK HERE panel is now: NEWS. A panel giving details of our latest publications, has been added].

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Exceptionally, this 'Wantagate' report has not been cleared with Ambassador Wanta and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., because it contains intelligence that is (unfortunately) almost exclusive to the Editor of International Currency Review, and because it addresses certain issues that are certainly relevant to the biggest financial corruption crisis in world history but which the Editor has not been able, given communications and other practical considerations, to present to and discuss with the Principals. The Editor therefore takes full responsibility for its content, but at the same time affirms its relevance to 'Wantagate' and the current dramatic 'unfolding of events'.

It is springtime in our beautiful garden deep in the English countryside. The cherry, pear and apple blossom have joined our continuing display of daffodils, tulips, grape hyacinths, primroses and scented shrubs in their magnificent annual display of the Lord’s wonderful works, made for our enjoyment and His pleasure. Truly, the English countryside is a place where He resides, vividly reminding us that although Lucifer has been ‘loosed for a season’, he is not the Author of any of this spectacular beauty, but exclusively of lies, confusion and death (which is his sole product). Lucifer, since his fall, has no knowledge of life and beauty, which is of course the Lord’s doing.

Because of this fundamental reality, all who walk in his foul ways discover that, sooner of later, the schemes they may devise with his assistance end in death, collapse, chaos and failure. For this reason, we can be 100% certain that the evil schemes that we have had to report in this space this past year, and have to elaborate further below, will likewise fail: and indeed are in the process of failing spectacularly. Despite appearances to the contrary, everything is starting to unravel.

Lucifer and his followers have indeed only one product: death, both spiritual and physical. And indeed, in the other United Kingdom, away from our beautiful countryside, Lucifer is having a ball: distributing drugs and contraceptives to schoolchildren; immersing them in yoga (mental ‘tabula rasa’ ‘therapy) at nursery school; murdering an estimated 50,000 people annually through drugs (distributed by cartels controlled by a corrupt ‘Black’ agency within MI6, labelled GO-2) while also destroying the lives of 400,000 more through drugs, compared with 5,000 in 1975; proposing drug liberalisation rather than the drastic curtailment of supply (1); decreeing from on high that children are no longer to be taught the difference between right and wrong (imposing Luciferian relativism); distributing endless officially authorised pornography to schools (2); diverting the population with a tawdry, amoral ‘celebrity culture’; failing to report the real news in favour of crass, dumbed-down reportage in the controlled broadcast media and press; undermining and blackmailing the British Monarchy (by means of a catalogue of externally-inspired and parallel ‘Black’ blackmail operations, including a dreadful scamming and blackmail operation against Prince Andrew run by the US Office of Naval Intelligence); destabilising and brainwashing UK institutions and society generally through a Psy-Ops operation calling itself ‘Common Purpose’ (3) controlled by our Bolshevik 'Deputy Prime Minister', John Prescott; ensuring that the stark spiritual desert cultivated by the decadent Church of England – presided over by an Archdruid of Canterbury and his odd priests and priestesses – continues to preach apostasy, homosexuality and ‘political correctness’ rather than the Word of Jesus Christ (who is hardly ever mentioned); and preventing good and serious people ever rising to the highest positions in the Government and elsewhere, in accordance with the modus operandi of the Illuminati as exposed by Professor John Robison of Edinburgh University in 1798 (4).

This ensures that only Illuminati agentur operatives, or flawed and compromised figures who have been trapped and brainwashed by them, ever get to hold a lease on power.

Now, being arrogant, deceitful and self-deluded, Lucifer and his followers have always assumed historically that they cannot be defeated and can never fail – even though everything they touch ends in death, destruction, catastrophe and failure in one way or another. Therefore, all who have been depressed by the course of events we have had to report here, should reflect that they may have allowed themselves to be brainwashed. For one of the ‘Dark Side’s’ tricks all along has been to make us believe that ‘these forces are too big for us, so there’s nothing we can do to stop them’. This is untrue, as will shortly be revealed: as usual, the Devil turns the truth upside down. For the reality is that, as stated above, all the schemes and devices of Lucifer and his followers end in death and confusion, and go no-where. What is the real meaning of the word ‘revolution’? The answer is: ‘going round and round in circles’.

The World Revolution may appear to be ‘succeeding’, but that can decisively be stated to be an illusion. By definition, its perpetrators, being Workers of Darkness, sow the seeds of their own, and their World Revolution’s, destruction: and we are true witnesses to that reality right now, although few people yet realise what is happening. They soon will!

Following the police raids in Europe reported in our last posting, the secret offshore bank account coordinates of approximately 1,500+ operatives ‘inside the Beltway’, including key operatives at the highest levels of the US Government and structures, were exposed. It will be recalled that prior to that development, certain powerful people had visited the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to ask yet again (in vain, obviously), for the assistance of its now notoriously corrupted officials and Justices in procuring that the Wanta Settlement be finally implemented – almost one year after the May 2006 agreement was reached with Ambassador Wanta and signed off in bad faith at the highest conspiratorial levels of the US Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of the US Government.

It will also be recalled that when, predictably, the ‘visitors’ to The Hague were given the brush-off, they shook the dust off the soles of their feet with the loaded comment that ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat’.

Shortly afterwards, the unreported, untaxed secret offshore bank accounts of the 1,500+ or so ‘operatives inside the Beltway’ were frozen. The cat had been well and truly skinned, to cite Lenin, ‘by other means’.

Let there be no mistake here. These accounts have not been frozen as a temporary measure, but ‘permanently’. The fiat untaxed fiat money generated through the illegal exploitation inter alia and primarily of Ambassador Wanta’s funds does not ‘belong’ to the perpetrators, but is the property of Leo Wanta, the sole Principal of the original funds.

As a consequence, it is a fact that some of these people suddenly found that they couldn’t meet utilities bills, and needed to borrow money from staffers to buy groceries. Of course, the problem such people face is that they cannot complain about this state of affairs to anyone at all, not least because their frozen offshore bank accounts should have been reported to the Internal Revenue Service (and to other national tax agencies) for taxation purposes, and weren’t.

The IRS was busily squeezing tax yield out of ordinary Americans who report their tax obligations honestly (as they have been doing these past days), while letting these privileged tax evaders off the hook, even though (according to reliable information) the Federal tax authorities knew a great deal about what was happening.

And, to repeat, what was the source of much of the fiat money created by means of untaxed high-yield investment programmes with corrupt foreign counterparties, stashed away in these secret offshore bank accounts belonging to the 1,500+ ‘operatives’, unreported to the IRS et al?

Answer: The funds originally aggregating $27.5+ trillion belonging to Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, their sole Principal and owner, the most senior US paymaster and intelligence taskmaster whose achievements included the successful implementation of the Reagan Administration’s Financial Warfare offensive against the Soviet Union.

We understand that the no longer so-secret, untaxed offshore bank accounts of which the 1,500+ operatives styled themselves or their trusts etc as beneficiaries, will now be taxed and penalised by the ‘metropolitan’ governments to which unpaid tax is said to be owed. Only after this process has been completed (and not the other way round) will the ‘beneficiaries’ then be required to divulge by what means these funds were accumulated, i.e. to disclose ‘source of funds’. Since the original funds were illicitly misdirected, largely from the Ambassador’s legitimate resources, they will be unable to do this; and the likelihood, therefore, is that 100% of these illicit ‘assets’ will be forfeit to the governments and jurisdictions concerned.

To complicate matters, and very much to the point at the present time, something close to a civil war may have broken out between ruthless competing cadres within the immense, corrupt US intelligence community, in the face of this global showdown, involving international police and judicial activity, over the Ambassador’s funds.

In earlier, necessarily simpler, analyses, we had indicated our general understanding that the co-conspiring accessories to the fact of these illicit financial operations, the banks, were actively supportive of the Wanta Settlement because the remaining original $23.0 trillion would then ostensibly be retained by the corrupt financial institutions, with the whole sordid mess promptly buried under a colossal carpet.

However the official perpetrators of this nexus of financial scams, which have frankly scandalised the entire international financial and political communities since June 2006 (notwithstanding the collaboration of many of the institutions concerned), could not ‘let go’ and have now grossly overplayed their hand, as a consequence of which they face losing ‘every red cent’ they stole and misappropriated: see above.

Furthermore, other parallel developments, some of which are revealed here and others of which may be forthcoming upon approval by the Principals in a future posting, will bring Wantagate, the biggest financial corruption crisis in world history, to its now inevitable conclusion amid much ‘wailing and gnashing of teeth’ and, in the near future, possible outbreaks of violence within the US official structures which are at last being held to account for their endless criminal behaviour.

As repeatedly explained in our earlier postings, leading financial institutions in Europe, the United States and elsewhere in the world, were, and remain, co-conspirators with corrupt US intelligence operatives, intermediaries and lawyers, and with appointed and elected current and former officials and holders of very high office, both in the United States and abroad, in the systematic diversion, misappropriation and exploitation of these funds – taking advantage of the carefully orchestrated, illegal ‘takedown’ of the Ambassador perpetrated on 7th July 1993 and sustained by the corrupt Wisconsin authorities (see posting in our Archive dated 20th March 2007). Extensive details and facsimiles showing the extent of Ambassador’s Wanta’s legal Title 18 USC Section 6 offshore bank accounts, authorised under President Reagan’s Executive Order 12333 and reported annually to the Government Accounting Office (5), were exclusively exposed in International Currency Review, Volume 31, 3 and 4, consisting of 480 pages of text and documents, published in late November 2006. [See this website for subscription and ordering details].

When Leo Wanta ‘ceased to be dead’ with effect from 21st July 2005 [see e.g. our posting dated 20th March 2007], contrary to the lies perpetrated by the CIA to its deluded, compartmentalised cadres and to the receptive international financial community, the criminal cadres set about devising a plan to ‘address’ the serious problem that had suddenly arisen: how on earth to ‘make Ambassador Leo Wanta go away without 'compromising' the $27.5+ trillion, so that the banks and their co-conspirators could keep the illegally misapplied and diverted funds, with everything being conveniently brushed under the carpet’. That way, it would be ‘business as usual’ for everyone.

So, since these people do not understand the meaning of the word ‘integrity’, they negotiated with the Ambassador in bad faith. Now Leo Emil Wanta, you will also recall, was ‘taken down’ precisely because he is a man of his word, can be trusted at all times, and honours all his undertakings – a fact acknowledged in the world’s capitals, especially in London, Paris and Beijing, where Leo Wanta is remembered and well known as the only American intelligence officer who could ever be relied upon. In this respect, the highest-level Chinese, to this day, share the opinion of President Reagan, who, for good reason, felt comfortable with no-one in the US Federal Government structures – with the single, justified, exception of Leo Wanta, to whom the late President Ronald Reagan therefore entrusted the most sensitive US intelligence operations of all.

Thus the Wanta Settlement agreement signed off in May 2006, to which the high-level signatories are being held, was viewed from the outset by the CIA officials who visited the Ambassador and devised it, as a ruse. These crooked people are incapable of dealing in a straightforward manner, but always engage in their tired ‘bait and switch’ behaviour: as on this occasion. For the Devil knows no new tricks, always playing creepy variations on the same sterile themes.

And no sooner had the accord been signed, than John Snow, who may have been out of his depth, was replaced by Mr Henry M. Paulson as US Treasury Secretary. Paulson evidently took over with instructions to hold on to the $4.5 trillion Settlement funds that the foreign banks had sent over to finance the agreement, and thus double-crossed the foreign banks. This accounts for the fact that he had handcuffs attached to his wrists when visiting Germany last December.

Collecting and transferring that $4.5 trillion to the United States generated a liquidity shortage in the banking system which was the underlying cause of the stock market wobbles that occurred in May and June 2006.

As the former Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs and Company, Mr Paulson had become interim de facto illegal 'custodian' of Leo Wanta’s $4.5 trillion; and when he moved to the Treasury, he corruptly retained sole signatory power over the account in question, prompting us to rename him Henry ‘Conflict-of-Interest’ Paulson – given that this official accordingly perpetrated, in open daylight, the most egregious conflict of interest in world financial history.

But that was ‘then’. Where we are now, since the European police raids, is that the secret offshore bank accounts of the 1,500+ ‘operatives’ have, as noted above, been frozen, all over the world: BY THE BANKS WHO WANT THIS CRISIS SETTLED. And nor is that all. Hedge fund accounts have been frozen too, as have the accounts of certain very large trusts. The institutions have simply inactivated the relevant accounts, so that the game for these co-conspirators is OVER.

Let us be specific: the perpetrators of these financial crimes and diversionary financial operations cannot trade, or make huge tax-free profits, as in the past. And they are furious. This, then, was indeed ‘another way to skin the cat’. Since senior officials and Justices at the International Court of Justice and the US Supreme Court had been bribed on the orders of Vice President Cheney and/or his colleagues, the cat had to be skinned by the only means that these criminalists understand: freezing their untaxed offshore bank accounts.

No crocodile tears need be shed for these people. It is TEN MONTHS since the Wanta Settlement was confirmed. They have all had ample time to curb their excesses and to reach the necessary overdue conclusions. But their greed and their corrupt internationalist agenda blinded them to the reality they would be facing. Now, at long last, they are having to face it.

Again, make no mistake. These developments will have profound and probably irreversible consequences for all dimensions of the World Revolution that these brainwashed crooks have been trying, by all devious means at their disposal, to impose upon the rest of humanity without our agreement, while enriching themselves in the process.

The carcases of the Illuminati structures, such as the parasitical European Union Collective, will continue functioning: but they will probably start to fall apart as the catastrophic financial reality, from the agentur’s perspective, progressively takes effect (unless the governments are stupid enough to use some of their taxed windfall funds to continue the World Revolution, rather than acting in their peoples' interests by taking the funds into their national Treasuries and using them for domestic purposes, such as reducing debt and taxation burdens).

And, all of a sudden, representatives of the small, self-interested, ruthless and opinionated cliques that have been forcing the evil New World Order down our throats these past decades, will begin to ‘change sides’. Indeed, certain of their number have been doing precisely that, according to certain anecdotal information conveyed to this Editor in recent weeks. They will start writing press articles suggesting, for example, that perhaps, maybe, after all, the European Union wasn’t such a bright idea, and that the enlightened nation state may even still be the best formula.

And the consequences for the United States are likely to be even more dramatic (see below). On Sunday 22nd April, wives of prominent people in the United States were reported to be phoning round asking what has happened to their husbands, according to early intelligence received.

It had of course been naively assumed by the criminalists and their co-conspirators that bringing over the $4.5 trillion last year under cover of the Settlement, negotiated in bad faith, would enable them to continue to play indefinitely with the full diverted $27.5 trillion, given that the $4.5 trillion forming part of that original aggregate amount remained under the sole signatory control of the US Treasury Secretary. With the ‘mainstream’ US media notoriously silenced on orders from Karl Rove, the presumption had been that this would be the end of the matter: the banks would keep the $23+ trillion and Paulson and his thieving cronies at the highest levels of the US structures could play with the Ambassador’s $4.5 trillion, so that the corrupt ‘colleagues’ would enjoy ‘the best of both worlds’ ad infinitum. And the Ambassador would be ignored.

Fortunately, these fools miscalculated badly.

While the ‘sidestream’ media ignored Wantagate, an ‘end-run’ was performed around the media: so that the entire international community ‘that matters’ has been kept well informed, in general terms, of the criminal financial manoeuvres perpetrated against the Ambassador and his funds by these corrupt operatives and their financial sector co-conspirators. This was ‘never supposed to happen, you understand’. The criminalists thought they had everything under control, for ever.

In an early sign of the criminalists’ new desperation, over the Easter weekend, a CIA operative was ordered to travel to London, with instructions to contact the Editor of this service. However, in contravention of the usual norms of civilised behaviour, the high-level operative in question did not contact this writer in person. Instead, a third party emailed the Editor with the very insistent suggestion that he should get in touch with this individual during his London visit.

The email in question dropped four names, including those of an author whose work we have published, a West Coast radio talk show host on whose show the Editor was featured many years ago, plus two other (obscure) contacts – the purpose, presumably, being to make it seem that this ‘visit’ represented a nice, friendly opportunity for the Editor to expand his range of US contacts ‘in the interests of further business’.

Naturally, we made certain enquiries, establishing that the ‘visitor – who was described as running a ‘training school in Florida and in France, where he owns a farm’ – was staying in Room 37 at the Gainsborough Hotel, 7-11 Queensbury Place, South Kensington, London SW7. It is well known that US operatives are ordered to book in at secondary hotels in order to curb expenses and to avoid being too conspicuous. This is a distinctly secondary hotel.

When these blandishments, from several quarters, failed to yield the intended outcome, a further correspondent started emailing the Editor. This person actually revealed (quote) that ‘one friend of mine has CIA connections. I was told [that] a member of that organization was going to London to try to meet with you. This man is a ‘white’ operative’. However when we researched the matter, we found this ‘Florida training school proprietor’ to be associated with a curious website which has a black background, which is often a sign of Illuminati content. In any case, post-9/11, who in his right mind would have anything to do with a ‘Florida training school proprietor’?

Though cunning, it often transpires that these people are quite exceptionally stupid.

If someone wishes to meet with this Editor, he or she is at liberty to send him an email, to leave a voicemail to that effect, or to write a letter. It is neither ‘intelligent’ nor polite to approach a target indirectly via four separate intermediaries. Naturally, rather than comply, your correspondent reported this matter to a contact at the highest level of MI6.

Why do we mention this? Because we learned a few days ago, prior to the Blacksburg atrocity (see below), that sudden deaths are ‘happening’. Specifically, a financial sector friend has reported that one of his contacts stated within the past week or so that two of his associates, who were alive and ‘doing business’ two weeks earlier, are now dead. Recall again not only that Lucifer is the author of lies and confusion, but also that he has only one product: death.

Meanwhile the extraordinary situation surrounding the future of Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank and one of the instigators of the attack on Iraq, and Shaha Riza, his British-Libyan-Northern-Cypriot-Saudi girlfriend (depending on the source consulted), was quickly revealed to be nothing new. In fact the Daily Telegraph specifically went out of its way to point out that it had first reported the basic facts of this case three years earlier. Therefore, the story had nothing to do with the underlying situation, which, in part, involves the alleged complicity of the World Bank under Wolfowitz in the illegal diversion of the Ambassador’s funds.

It is this Editor’s long-standing personal experience that the professional staffs at both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the Annual and Spring Meetings of which he has attended on and off since 1977, are usually of the highest intellectual and ethical calibre. Therefore, when the female representative of the World Bank’s staff association pointed out sharply during the 2007 Spring Meetings period that the matter of favoured pecuniary treatment for Wolfowitz’s girlfriend (motivated by the fact that he tried to compensate her for loss of her World Bank tax-free status while on secondment to the State Department), represented the tip of the iceberg in terms of Wolfowitz’s breaches of trust with the staff, those ‘in the know’ understood what she meant.

Subsequent research revealed that Wolfowitz’s girlfriend was or is associated with a shadowy State Department-linked outfit calling itself The Foundation for the Future, which one of our informed sources has advised us, has been identified as a money-laundering operation.

On 16th April, we had another diversion, timed to coincide with Wantagate, in the form of the ‘Manchurian Candidate’ operation, riddled with ‘extraordinary’ anomalies, in which a ‘Monarch slave’ student murdered the geomasonically precise number of 32 victims, including a renowned Jewish Professor of Romanian background – before turning his gun on himself, to ‘complete’ the esoteric numeral of 33 deaths. The gunman, subsequently identified as 23-year-old Virginia Tech senior Cho Seung-Hui, of Korean extraction, took care to shoot each of his victims THREE times, and here’s why. Without going into any detail here about Luciferian mind-control programming practice (of Luciferian, Himmlerian, Tavistock Institute and Jesuit Illuminati origin in the modern context), it is a fact that Omega mind programming controlled inter alia by an Executive Control Board (Grand Druid Council) uses numeric codes for gaining forced access to traumatised and pre-programmed controlled ‘slave’ operatives within which the ‘trigger’ numeric code prompting the controlled operative-victim to commit murder is 3221456. Note that the first two numbers coincide with the number of Cho’s victims. The universal programming code for access to the ‘programmed internal computers’ of these intelligence sector controlled Monarch ‘slaves’ is 33123113211. Note also that the first two numerals coincide with the ‘completed’ number of dead, including the mass murderer himself, as well as 'triggering' him to shoot each victim THREE times. George Bush Sr., former Director of Central Intelligence and head of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst in succession to Dr Henry Kissinger and Admiral Canaris (Samuel Randall Pittmann), ‘was’ a Monarch ‘slave’ handler.

On 3rd August 1977, Admiral Stansfield Turner (Office of Naval intelligence and Director of Central Intelligence (CIA)) told a US Senate hearing that the CIA had been conducting mental control and multiple-personality (‘split’ personality) manipulation operations on thousands of unsuspecting victims for decades, like Himmler, without their knowledge or consent. Turner confirmed that 185 scientists (many of German Nazi background) and over 80 US institutions, especially US GULAG prisons, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and 44 medical colleges and universities (including the Blacksburg campus) were involved in this satanic Himmlerian activity: and DCI Turner probably understated the true extent of the overall programme (abomination). The former Director of Central Intelligence also admitted that the notorious MK-ULTRA mind control research programme (one of a nexus of such CIA Nazi-inspired operations) had been squandering millions of dollars on the study of voodoo, witchcraft and ‘psychic’ phenomena (‘Black Arts’ code for the 'magickal' evocation of demonic spirits, which was what Professor Adam Weishaupt and his notorious Masonic sorcerer successor, and founder of the Palladian Rite, Albert Pike, specialised in).

Luciferian (satanic) organisations engaged in mind control, 'slave', and personality modification (known by ‘insiders’ as ‘The Network’ of the ‘New World Order') include the following (asterisks denote US: some titles have successor names): Air Force Intelligence*, Army Intelligence*, Atomic Energy Commission*; the Bureau of Narcotics*; Bureau of Prisons*; Central Intelligence Agency*; Charismatic Movement; Church of Satan*; Church of Scientology*; the Country Music industry*; Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)*; Department of Justice*; Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)*; Freemasonry, especially the Palladian Rite, the Thirty-third degree and all 'higher' degrees, the Quatuor Coronati Lodge and other affiliated Masonic organisations; German Intelligence (Shaback and Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, Dachau, or DVD); Hollywood*; the House of Saud; Illuminati (‘open’ elements thereof, including Le Cercle, Moriah, Gnostics, Luciferians, Golden Dawn, Ordo Templi Orientis, etc); Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)*; Ku Klux Klan (including other KKK groups)*; Mafia* and Mafiya; MI6; Modi’in; Mossad le Aliyah Beth; Mormon Church*; the US National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA)*; National Security Agency (NSA)*; National Programs Office*; National Science Foundation*; Neo-Nazi groups; Oddfellows; Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)*; Ordo Templi Orientis (of which there are four groups calling themselves OTO: see above also); P4 (an elite MI6 section); Palo Mayombe; Professional Baseball elements*; the Russian/Soviet Government and its intelligence community cadres, Cheka and its successors, GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence continuum); [Note: An earlier Soviet nexus called Spetsburo #1, known as ‘Kamera’ (Chamber) in Russian, carried out drug and hypnosis mind control research, and was responsible for Soviet assassinations]; Santaria (Voodoo derivative); Satanic Hubs; the Tavistock Institute, London; Temple of Power (Set)*; Umbanda; US Army*, especially Delta Forces and the 1st Earth Battalion, USAF; The Veterans’ Administration*; the Watchtower Society*; the Werewolf Order*; Witchcraft groups beyond Satanism and Moriah* (this list being of course incomplete and, given the scarcity of reliable sources, not up to date). Note also that ALL such (mind-manipulation) organisations self-interestedly styling themselves ‘The Order’, are ‘actives’ within ‘The Network’.

As with 9/11 (6) and other such ‘MK-ULTRA'-derived controlled 'Black Ops' atrocities, such tell-tale numerological signs of Himmlerian CIA Psy-Ops behaviour by planted, controlled assets who can be triggered at any time by their Agency handlers – in this case, inserted to terrorise scholarship-level students destined in many cases for the military – are NEVER ‘coincidences’, but are INVARIABLY contrived in order to signal to those 'actives' whom Lenin called ‘the interested’, the true satanic (intelligence) origin of the Illuminati atrocity in question. The Madrid atrocities, for instance, took place 911 days after 911. There will be more to say about a future intended '9/11' shortly.

For this esoteric information is included here for a critical reason that will become clearer below, and as a necessary reminder that numerology, astrology, goofy hand-signals, peculiar emblems, corporate logos and symbology play an exaggerated role as signalling mechanisms among the demented ranks of the dark underworld of global Masonic Illuminism which is clearly exposing itself through these serial controlled and preplanned abominations, which are perpetrated by the Luciferian intelligence ‘services’. The Iranian President and known 'Savak' intelligence operative and satanist, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been photographed performing the 'devil' hand-signal, which requires the conscious act of pressing the second and third fingers onto the palm of the left hand while extending its first and fourth fingers – an image that has been displayed by the analyst Henry Mackow alongside a photograph of President George W. Bush Jr. performing the identical satanic 'hook-'em horns' signal at his second Inauguration Ball. To serious analysts, this confirms that the current Iranian scenario is false, and is scripted by 'The Network'.

Within 48 hours, Virginia Tech had somehow organised the mass distribution of candles and candle-holders to all the students on the Blacksburg campus, had laid on an orchestrated Nazi-style mind-bending ‘memorial’ event attended by the President of the United States, and had rolled out the sequel to the atrocities like a military operation (which is what it was). When journalists discovered that the perpetrator of the atrocity had a sister who had graduated from Princeton in 2004 and who now works in the State Department, one among their number researched the home addresses of the two, discovered them to be the same, and travelled with press colleagues to the family home in Centreville, VA – only to discover that the entire family had been abruptly moved from the location beforehand. And by Thursday 19th April 2007, the University’s website could suddenly no longer be accessed. Blacksburg is conveniently located 'a mere' 215 miles from Richmond, VA, where one or more US intelligence multi-tasking Psy-Ops asset handlers who are believed by this service and others to have diverted funds belonging to the Ambassador, reside. In terms of US distances, this is ‘next door’: hence the choice of this Virginia University for the timed mass Psy-Ops abomination.

The sister, Sun-Kyung Cho, an economics major who ‘interned’ at the (drug-running) US Embassy in Bangkok, was revealed by The Daily Princetonian on 17th April 2007 to be employed these days as a ‘State Department contractor’ – just like Mr Wolfowitz’s girlfriend, Shaha Riza, even though, when repeatedly questioned about that mysterious, shadowy ‘Foundation for the Future’, officials at the State Department seemed to have little knowledge of it, with one spokesman saying flatly that ‘my understanding is that she (Riza) is an individual seconded by the World Bank as an adviser to the Foundation for the Future’.

Not surprisingly, there are signs that, at long last, elements of the US ‘mainstream’ media are no longer prepared to accept pre-packaged ‘official’ explanations of these successive Himmlerian US intelligence community abominations, even when masked by staged Presidential public prayers (deliberately preceded by an ‘in-your-face’ ‘reading’ from the Koran).

It should be understood that the orchestrators of such weird behaviour are out of their minds, and in the mind of the Evil One, and vice versa (a concept that your typically cynical pressman cannot easily grasp). They are all certifiably mad. Understanding the unquestionable relevance of outward numerological 'Black Ops' clues such as that of the number of victims at Blacksburg (32, then 33), with each of them being shot THREE times, is a necessary component of any objective arms'-length study of these Works of Darkness – which, however, can ONLY be undertaken safely provided that the serious researcher, however much he or she may obviously be a sinner in the Christian sense, gives glory to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings first, and at all times. Such investigations are NOT therefore ever to be embarked upon out of idle curiosity.

This explains why the Editor began this posting with a simple description of the beauty of the English countryside this spring, attributing this beauty to its Author.

And it also explains why we have left until now the following warning which the Editor now feels compelled to publicise, in the light of current events. In October 2004, the Editor of this service was a guest in a certain part of the United States, when he became aware that an attempt was being made to contact him by Delmart ‘Mike’ Vreeland, the Office of Naval Intelligence operative credited with accurately predicting 9/11 in August 2001, and who had met the Editor in May 2003 following the first report we published in International Currency Review on what has become Wantagate (7). The mundane circumstances of this second attempted contact by Vreeland are not of any special interest; but they have been recorded in 'sanitised' detail, notarised, reported to relevant US authorities, and are held in multiple locations for safekeeping.

Vreeland advised a US party on 21st October 2004 that he had information to the effect that the TWIN cities of Minneapolis-St Paul had been targeted for a devastating attack. On 22nd October 2004, Lt. Vreeland and his ‘young male companion’ were discovered, upon investigation, to be incarcerated in Hardin Country Jail, a small county jail near Eldora, Iowa. The administrator of that facility confirmed that a ‘Barry Stevens’, one of Vreeland’s many aliases, and a ‘Shane’, had been picked up and were under indictment.

The ONI operative, reported many months ago to be allegedly incarcerated in Denver, claimed to another party on 21st October 2004 that he possessed a document that he wished to hand-deliver to this Editor. As indicated above, the Editor had met Vreeland in May 2003 in Canada, in the course of his normal financial journalism investigative activity, which we are obliged to undertake so that International Currency Review can remain sharply differentiated from all other published financial sources. Incredibly, it transpired that Lt. Vreeland wished the Editor to physically transport this unknown document to Boston. The Editor was not scheduled to travel anywhere near Boston and in any case could not possibly have entertained any such activity as was being suggested; and so, rather than engage in any way with Lt. Vreeland, the matter was immediately reported both to the Minneapolis-St Paul Sherriff’s Office and to the staffers of a US Congressman and a US Senator. The Editor at once wrote, notarised and filed a detailed account of these events, as stated above.

Just as the cold blooded, programmed and triggered murder of 32 students in Blacksburg provides a significant esoteric-numerological clue, for those who ‘understand’, that the latest US campus atrocity was ‘not an accident’, and just as 911 happens to be the number one calls in an emergency in the United States, the choice of the TWIN Towers for that ‘Reichstag Fire’ operation on 9/11 has special signalling significance for these hideous US Himmlerian Luciferians who are in temporary control of the US Government. These Luciferians have a hang-up about TWINS. One of the several background factors here is their parallel Masonic preoccupation with ‘Jachin’ and ‘Boaz’, the TWIN pillars of their imaginary esoteric ‘Solomon’s Temple’.

Furthermore, twins are extensively exploited as 'research fodder' in Himmlerian 'MK-ULTRA'-type personality modification and 'slave' operations.

The first day of the 2008 Republican National Convention will, on present plans, be held in the TWIN Cities of Minneapolis-St Paul from 1st to 4th September 2008. On the basis of the cited Babylonian numerological method into which the mind-controlled Black cadres are indoctrinated, the first date of this Convention devolves to 9/11: 9 (September) and 1 (first day of the Convention) +2 + 8 (2008) = 11 (9/11).

Vreeland informed a party on the West Coast that four nuclear weapons would be exploded in the TWIN Cities of Minneapolis-St Paul. Facts are facts. The Editor rushed immediately to prepare his notarised report in New York in October 2004 on the mistaken assumption that Lt. Vreeland’s statement referred to an event that was then imminent, and in order that it could subsequently be demonstrated that the appropriate authorities had been informed in advance. As noted, the threat was properly reported at once by others to relevant authorities, at the time – as any responsible and patriotic person with the appropriate moral orientation would be bound to do.

When the atrocity did not of course take place, the Editor simply reflected that he had wasted two days of his trip compiling his report and having it notarised, but he nevertheless returned to the United Kingdom relieved that this appeared to be the only ‘damage’ that had so far been inflicted.

But in the aftermath of Blacksburg, this historical record has been subjected to further review. The first interim conclusion we have reached is as follows.

Quite clearly, the Workers of Darkness within the corrupt and Luciferian components of the US intelligence structures remain prepared, at any time, to employ merciless and ruthless methods without regard for the consequences, in pursuit of their demonised objectives – on this occasion, obfuscation of the biggest financial corruption crisis in world history, a.k.a. Wantagate, and the numerous consequences thereof that are liable to ‘break out’ at any moment.

For instance, measures were to begin on Monday 23rd April 2007 to convene a US Grand Jury investigation and separately, to commence the predicted Federal R.I.C.O. action against evidently criminal operatives inside the Wisconsin State structures. And the involvement of Interpol, Europol and any number of national police forces in concurrent international ‘Wantagate’ investigations has seriously destabilised the mental equilibrium of these reprobate criminal intelligence cadres, who arrogantly believe that they are immune from the consequences of their criminal behaviour under the terms inter alia of the 1947 National Security Act, also known as a criminals’ charter under which their serial crimes and abominations are mysteriously ‘permitted’

In the light of all the above, we believe and hereby warn as follows:

1. An abominable atrocity has been preplanned to coincide with the US Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St Paul on 1st September 2008. Such atrocities are typically prepared many years in advance: for instance, operatives associated with the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City revealed their foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks back in 1995.

2. The purpose of the planned abomination in the Twin Cities on the next ‘9/11’ will have been to scrap the US Constitution and to install the intended (Nazi) dictatorship, in conformity with the long-range strategy pursued by Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), based at Dachau, the Black ‘Nazi Continuum’ counterintelligence strategic centre, to ‘Build the Thousand-Year Reich on the Ruins of the United States’ – as exposed in documents from the Madrid-based German Geopolitical Centre captured after World War II and reported by this service in earlier postings on this website.

3. Following exposure here of this intended crime against humanity, we have every expectation that this diabolical ‘Reichstag Fire to end all Reichstag Fires’ will be/has been aborted.

Significantly, a US intelligence corporation engaged in the recovery of nuclear materials and which was known to have ‘lost’ certain materials at the time of the warning by Vreeland described above, subsequently ‘found’ them, some months later – in Boston. This was the same destination to which Vreeland was reported to have wanted the Editor to convey certain documents – an indirect offer (or trap) which was emphatically refused and disregarded.

At this stage of our knowledge, we are uncertain as to whether the planned atrocity mentioned above can be construed as a foreign operation against the United States, a foreign operation facilitated by domestic US intelligence cadres, a purely domestic planned abomination, or an operation of the international cabal trying vainly to establish its ‘New Underworld Order’.

But judging by the now immense domestic and international support that Ambassador Leo Wanta and his colleague, Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., have recently acquired in the course of their epic struggle to do what is right for the United States in accordance with the Wanta Plan provided for under the May 2006 Settlement, we are very confident that this diabolical plan will be aborted and that the United States will not succumb to the planned dictatorship any time soon.

Our other reason for believing that the planned abomination in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St Paul, intended to provide the pretext for the imposition of the dictatorship and to scrap the 2008 General Election, will not take place as planned, is that the New Underworld Order conspiracy has just been decisively derailed – thanks to ‘Wantagate’.

This is because offshore accounts consisting of untaxed fiat money, not just in the United States but around the world, have been frozen (permanently, according to sensitive sources: see above).

Furthermore, the severely compromised International Court of Justice, which is said to be engaged in a belated ‘housecleaning’ operation, is now, all of a sudden, insisting that the frozen fiat money must be taxed in the countries from which the funds have been hidden, and where tax is due.

In other words, the relevant components of the offshore financial system that have been financing the World Revolution fronted by the agentur of 'The Network' have been closed down because the funds held in the secret accounts in question represent illegal fiat money, and because of the tax evasion – ensuring that the Governments that have been deceived by these crooks will impose whatever percentage they charge on such balances, plus (no doubt) massive punitive penalties where applicable, including jail terms in accordance with local jurisdictional legislation.

Since the imposition of the New Underworld Order was being financed by this fiat money, it can well and truly be said that the World Revolution has been, or will shortly be, severely compromised and that the long-term Illuminati conspiracy to destroy our nation states is in jeopardy.

For this magnificent prospective outcome, the world will have two US heroes to thank: Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, who has borne his long suffering with extraordinary persistence, determination, courage, faith and patience since his illegal and unjust ‘takedown’ on 7th July 1993; and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., the Executive Vice President and Treasurer of the Ambassador’s Commonwealth of Virginia-based corporation, AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. – who has stuck to his guns in the face of years of relentless pressure that would have destroyed most lesser men, while insisting all along that the US securities and taxation regulations must be applied with rigorous impartiality, and refusing to succumb to numerous enticing offers from criminal parties seeking to distract and entice him away from the objectives that he knows to be in the best interests of US and global financial probity and stability. The Ambassador was right to place his faith in this 100% trustworthy financial expert.

The Governments of the Group of Seven powers (excluding the reprobate United States) and the Chinese Government, have been pressing for and expecting the necessary paperwork confirming economic receipt to the Ambassador for the Leo Wanta Settlement to be presented to them at their ongoing meetings behind closed doors, by way of confirmation that the $4.5 trillion hitherto illegally diverted these past ten months has at last been properly deposited with the Securities Account of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., with Morgan Stanley, New York, as should have happened back in the summer of 2006 – so that this sordid and disgraceful chapter in the United States’ financial history can begin to be brought to a delayed conclusion; and so that the deceived people of the United States can finally begin to benefit from the Wanta Plan, which will transform the present and future prospects for the US financial economy, reversing the United States’ sterile, corrosive and century-old deficit-spending orgy, thereby not only ‘refinancing’ the United States generally, but stabilising the entire world financial economy for the benefit of the whole of humanity.

In this connection, although we have heard this kind of thing before, and the whole world has learned that no high-level undertaking by the United States can be relied upon, we understand that the President of the United States has signed papers ordering the Wanta Settlement payment to be implemented. This appears to have met with the usual resistance at the highest level, prompting what we believe to be grave developments that were unfolding as this report had to be posted.

Any further trickery, chicanery and delay, evidence of which was again leaking out this weekend, will probably have catastrophic consequences. And we’re not just referring to R.I.C.O. and a Grand Jury investigation. For there are indeed many ways to skin a cat, and all of them are unpleasant.

Notes and References:

(1) Drugs are unlike any other commodity, in that demand for them depends upon supply. If the supply is withdrawn, demand declines, assuming that alternative suppliers do not replace the withdrawn supply. By contrast, demand for, say, oranges, is driven by demand for this pleasing natural fruit and food. In the case of narcotics, however, the demand (created by the supply) is artificial, because it is a consequence of chemical addiction. This addiction is fed by the supply that would otherwise not exist, because if the demand for drugs were not driven by addiction, there would be no demand for them at all. This equation makes it clear that the correct solution to the drug scourge is to throttle the supply chains. The reason that this is not happening is that corrupt intelligence cadres, including Britain’s filthy GO-2 operation buried inside MI6, are engaged in this lucrative and reprobate ‘Black’ activity. It is quite possible that the permanent freezing of certain offshore accounts may ‘interfere’ with these evil operations. The wayward Luciferian Governments concerned should immediately withdraw from this immoral activity, representing an ongoing crime against humanity, or face ever increasing pressure from exposures such as this posting.

For further insights into this ‘supply’ characteristic of the drug trade, see ‘Red Cocaine: The Drugging of America and the West’, by Dr Joseph D. Douglass Jr., edited by this Editor, available from Edward Harle Limited (on this website).

(2) The distribution of pornography to schools has been sponsored by the British Government for at least two decades. Back in the 1980s, the late Commander Michael Blake, an intrepid activist, put on his old jeans and a gardening sweater, appeared at an address in central London from which a certain ‘sex guide’ for children was being distributed by the so-called Health Education Authority, and expressed great interest in helping them distribute this document. The agency's staff handed him several hundred of these corrupting publications, which he then brought round in a taxi to this Editor’s office. We spent the rest of the day selecting names and addressed of the ‘Great and the Good’, starting with the Archbishop of Canterbury, senior UK Government figures in the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and prominent people throughout the Kingdom. We prepared an expression of outrage, printed out several hundred copies, labelled the envelopes and mailed the package to these people immediately. As a consequence, a woman called Virginia Bottomley MP, who was a relevant Minister at the time, announced in the House a few weeks afterwards that this document had been withdrawn. Six months later we discovered that the Health Education Authority, an official body, had transferred the rights to a large publishing house, which then proceeded to distribute the pornography to schools as originally intended.

(3) For details of this revolutionary operation, hitherto financed by untaxed, illegal fiat money, to brainwash targeted cadres of the UK official structures, industry and society, please review the second posting in this series (Archive: 3rd March 2006). It is now to be hoped that, following the permanent freezing of fiat money accounts worldwide revealed in this and the preceding posting on this website, the financing of this destructive and subversive Bolshevik-Nazi mind-manipulation revolutionary operation run by the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, may start to dry up.

(4) ‘Proofs of a Conspiracy’, by Professor John Robison, of Edinburgh University, 1798, is one of two classic authoritative contemporary exposures of the modern Illuminati cult. It focuses on the operations of Professor Adam Weishaupt, the Jesuit-educated, Jesuit-loathing necromancer and self-confessed sorcerer and ghost-raiser, who ‘reorganised’ the structures and modus operandi of the Illuminati as a ‘parasite’ sitting inside and on the back of Freemasonry, and in other parallel worldly formats. Weishaupt openly modelled the updated Illuminati structures upon Jesuit practice, starting with the obligation that all members are required secretly to spy on each other and upon everyone else. This reprobate behaviour is inculcated into bewildered novices from the outset.

Evil preoccupations of the agentur include the 'devouring of widow’s houses’ [their estates: see Matthew, Chapter 23, at verse 14; Mark, Chapter 12, verse 40; and Luke, Chapter 20, verse 47: revealing that Jesus Christ condemned the practice of ripping-off dying widows, specialised in by the scribes (lawyers) and Pharisees (Jesuits)], providing for a member of the high agentur to be positioned alongside every targeted influential figure or holder of power, and inserting agentur into the highest positions at all times, so that any prospect of normal, honest, serious people rising to the highest levels is uniformly precluded.

This 'Black' modus operandi, which explains the Illuminati’s temporary grip on world affairs today, is extensively elaborated in the Editor’s new work, The New Underworld Order [see the intelligence books section of this website for ordering details]. Concerning the targeting of widows’ estates, a preoccupation of the Jesuits, this is an age-old scandalous activity to which specialist elements of US criminal intelligence give the highest priority to this day (e.g. AARP; aspartame, a 'Black' product of CBW research notoriously promoted in past years by Donald Rumsfeld, which has the effect of procuring that as many Americans as possible contract Alzheimer’s Disease, thereby facilitating the stealing of the dying individuals' estates by agents for members of the agentur or corrupt 'actives'. Similar operations are routine among the Indianapolis-based US insurance community.

The fact that Jesus’ warning against and condemnation of this foul practice appears no less than three times in the Gospels indicates how grave the problem was 2000 years ago, as remains the case today. Wherever such a warning appears in the Gospels three times, it is a grave warning indeed. Another example is Christ's condemnation of and warning to those who corrupt children.

Christ's specific warning against lawyers who steal 'widow's houses' (estates) is expressed in Luke, Chapter 20, as follows: 'Then, in the audience of all the people, he said unto his disciples, Beware of the scribes (= lawyers), which desire to walk in long robes, and love greetings in the markets, and the highest seats in the synagogues, and the chief rooms at feasts; Which devour widows' houses, and for a show make long prayers; the same shall receive greater damnation'.

In other contexts, the Lord says of such people: 'Verily I say unto you, they have their reward'.
Luke, Chapter 20, verses 45-47.

(5) Now the General Accountability Office, following a Bush II Administration semantic change which of course implies something completely different from ‘General Accounting Office’ – devaluing the accounting dimension and thereby enlarging the scope for obfuscatory official verbiage designed to divert attention from fraud and malfeasance.

(6) 9th September 2001 was (a) the birthday of Feliks Dzerzhinsky, founder of the Cheka Illuminati and mass mind trauma bloodbath specialists, precursors of the KGB (of which Mikhail Gorbachev has remained the top-secret chief, at least until 2005); (b) precisely the 20th anniversary of the commencement of construction work on the Twin Towers; (c) the 25th anniversary of the death of Nikita Sergeyevich (Salomon) Khrushchev (Perlmutter); and (d) the same as the 911 emergency telephone number used in the United States. For these demented Luciferians, numerology is interchangeable with ‘internal computer’ numerical programming ‘technology’.

(7) International Currency Review, Volume 28, Number 4, published in March 2003. Our timing on that occasion was less than perfect because the appearance of this issue, which the Editor calls his ‘first take’ on Wantagate, was immediately swamped by the invasion of Iraq. In early May, US Navy Lieutenant Delmart ‘Mike’ Vreeland, a medicated, controlled Office of Naval Intelligence operative (as extensively revealed in other sources) contacted the Editor and asserted that he wished to discuss matters arising from the financial corruption revelations contained in that issue of our financial/currency journal. On that occasion, the Editor decided, contrary to his usual practice, to investigate this intelligence operative further, and accordingly travelled to New York and then to Niagara Falls, Canada, for this purpose. He was financially scammed by Vreeland throughout the trip, and found on his return to London that a further 1,600 had been stolen from his Visa Card which Vreeland had either removed from the Editor’s billfold while he was not looking, or (more likely) had read upside down while the Editor was paying the hotel bill (which wound up including that for Lieutenant Vreeland and his young male ‘companion’).

While Vreeland’s behaviour was criminal, and he may be ‘fortunate’ that this Editor had mercy on him in this regard, his intelligent understanding of pertinent public domain geopolitical issues was to this Editor’s detailed background knowledge very sound, focused and accurate, although this dimension cannot be elaborated here. We parted on friendly terms, but while on the Amtrak train back to New York, Vreeland ‘ordered’ the Editor off the train and demanded his return to Niagara Falls. When the Editor refused, he uttered death threats against the Editor.

For the sake of good order, we reproduce again the list of Statutes etc. of which the officials and institutions in question remain in breach. This list shows to what extent the Bush II Administration condones one Rule of Law for the Rest of Us, and total contempt for domestic and international law for the officials and bankers who are illegally diverting and exploiting Ambassador Wanta’s funds:


US laws breached by President Bush Jr., Richard Cheney, Henry M. Paulson, Robert M. Kimmitt, Michael Chertoff, other officials previously named in these reports, all members of G. W. Bush's Cabinet, and the Boards of Directors of Goldman Sachs and Co, Bank of America, Citibank Group, Wachovia Bank, JPMorganChase, Bank of Nova Scotia, Chemical Bank, First Union Bank and other US and foreign institutions, including the Bank of England, which have been illegally exploiting Ambassador Wanta’s tagged and earmarked $4.5 trillion Settlement money, always intended for the benefit of the American people and for the paying down of the US Treasury’s background debt:

Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act
Anti-Drug Abuse Act
Applicable international money laundering restrictions
Bank Secrecy Act
Crimes, General Provisions, Accessory After the Fact [Title 18, USC]
Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act
Economic Espionage Act
Hobbs Act
Imparting or Conveying False Information [Title 18, USC]
Maloney Act
Misprision of Felony [Title 18, USC]
Money-Laundering Control Act
Money-Laundering Suppression Act
Organized Crime Control Act of 1970
Provisions pertaining to private business transactions
being protected under both private and criminal penalties [H.R. 3723]
Provisions prohibiting the bribing of foreign officials [FISA]
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act [R.I.C.O.]
Securities Act 1933
Securities Act 1934
Terrorism Prevention Act
Treason legislation, especially in time of war

Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta: Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535 a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS. AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001

Please be advised that the Editor of International Currency Review cannot enter into email correspondence related to this or the earlier Wanta Crisis reports. We are a private intelligence publishing house. Subscriptions to our services may be entered by pressing SUBSCRIBE against the selected publication title, and following the ultra-safe web payment procedure. We have no subventions apart from our subscriptions and books income, and cannot spend unproductive time on Internet discussions. If you would like to enter into formal consultation arrangements with the Editor on a fee-paying basis, you need to go, in the first instance, to the Global Analysis Limited section of this website and send us details about your requirements. We charge for our time and cannot provide free advice on any of these issues. This has been a straightforward business operation since 1963, and has nothing to do with any outside sponsorship.