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Sunday 13 May 2007 20:11

UPDATE #1, 14 MAY 2007: This report was 'snipped' this morning by NSA at the following paragraph:

The Editor became aware of this latest avalanche of lies about eight days ago, and enquired as to its purpose. Among the informed answers he has received to this question is the following:

‘The crooks can’t admit that the Ambassador exists because the moment they do this, they are either dead, or in jail’.

The text was 'snipped' at the word 'crooks'. It has been restored at 4.10pm London time.

By 'snipping' our text (which is ILLEGAL) at this point, the criminal operatives have revealed that we have touched on a sore spot, the implication of which is plain (Luciferian trade secrets).

We were simply quoting, accurately, what we were told.

The above quote was (and is) followed by our sentence which now reads:

How fascinating, then, that President George W. Bush Jr. addressed Leo as 'Dear Ambassador Leo', in the letter that we publicised here on 1st May, thus acknowledging the Ambassador's existence!

UPDATE #2, 14 MAY 2007: Notwithstanding that we restored the snipped text noted above, the NSA later proceeded to snip more of this text, chopping the final paragraph of the 'Goldman Sachs' text below (HYPOCRISY CORNER) and the whole of the sections below headed NEW AGENCY TRASHING CAMPAIGN AGAINST US, WARNING TO THE AGENCY'S AOL OPERATION, UTTERING THREATS IS A CRIME IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, and our usual LAWS BREACHED BY THE HIGH-LEVEL U.S. CRIMINAL OPERATIVES.

Our IT experts are tracing the original source of this interference with our website and we will take legal advice with a view to initiating appropriate legal proceedings in the UK.



By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for 'Wantagate' reports since April 2006. [Note: The CLICK HERE panel is now: NEWS. A panel giving details of our latest publications has been added].

WARNING: This report contains FACTS. In the unlikely event that you prefer FANTASY, please don’t bother to read this analysis, but rely instead on your ‘sidestream’ newspaper or your propaganda radio station of preference. And do not, please, shoot your humble messenger. See our ARCHIVE reports dated 1st, 4th and 5th May 2007, and 12th October 2005, for background.

The American people appear with good reason to be extremely angry, but at the same time half asleep. Being angry in a dream is a most unpleasant experience, as well as being disturbing to the psyche. But waking up to the realisation that their males are being killed in an illegal war, along with over a million Iraqis, for no reason other than the self-enrichment of the criminals who have hijacked their Government, has been a millennial shock for many now furious Americans.

Equally angry is this Brit, who, though an honorary American, has been obliged by certain special circumstances – and by the honour of assisting as great a US patriot and intellect as Ambassador Leo Wanta – to warn, almost in ‘real time’, that the Nazi and Zionazi criminal intelligence operatives who have been scamming and ruining the United States for a generation, are DESPERATE MEN.


Desperate crooks, driven by the demons inside their criminal minds, are liable to do desperate things. Consider the observable situation during the weekend of 12th-13th May 2007:

Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank and probable war criminal, having been instructed by the World Bank Board to submit his resignation, had thumbed his nose at the Bank's Board, and was evidently still refusing to budge.

As a consequence, there are well authenticated reports of seething discontent within the ranks of this tax-free organisation which, under both of its Wolves (Wolfensohn and Wolfowitz), has been illegally exploiting and diverting Ambassador Leo Wanta’s funds without his permission, under cover of the CIA’s lie that the Ambassador was ‘long since dead’, and impervious to the fact that, with effect from 21st July 2005, the Ambassador ceased to be dead.

It is known that certain honourable senior Bank staff members are so exasperated and disgusted with the World Bank’s corruption using the Wanta assets under these two operatives, that they are looking to have the Bank’s entire can of financial worms exposed, and would even be willing to see the World Bank closed down.

The corrupt British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, though effectively sacked by The Queen for having lied to Her Majesty (and not only for this reason), was engaged in a cynically choreographed, and evidently unconstitutional, ‘long goodbye’ charade – enabling him to buy time so that he can be paid the dirty money he may think he is owed, and perhaps remain in office (like Wolfowitz) following a US-provoked satanic catastrophe in the Middle East.

US Vice President Richard Cheney, key architect of the ‘Act of War’ against the United Kingdom and Her Majesty the Queen, reported in our posting of 4th May, appears to be preparing the ground for the perpetration of a ghastly crime against humanity, urged by the demons controlling his ‘perfectly possessed’ cranium to detonate nuclear weapons so that his serial financial crimes, and those of his Nazi and Zionazi colleagues, can be covered by the resulting global debris (or so he may believe). He is also reported to have prepared to escape if necessary to Dubai – hardly a felicitous choice, since if the mad American Zionazis detonate nuclear weapons in that region, Dubai is quite likely to become uninhabitable. (This is one reason for believing that Cheney’s Gulf sabre-rattling may be desperate bluff on his part. But of course one cannot be sure).

Due to the US criminalists’ unfettered banditry, the so-called ‘Special Relationship’ between the United States and Britain (basically an intelligence pact) has collapsed, probably irretrievably. This is a considerable achievement on the part of the German long-range strategic cadre inside the Central Intelligence Agency's corrupt structures.

As in Nazi Germany, the discredited US Generals are sitting like petrified rabbits blinded by the headlights of oncoming cars, while the serial financial criminals prepare to cover up their crimes (so they imagine) by triggering what they anticipate will be a controllable, regionalised nuclear holocaust – perhaps having had their Luciferian plans disturbed by our reporting of their original intention to preside over a provocation involving the detonation of four megaton bombs to coincide with the Republican National Convention to be held in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St Paul starting on 1st September 2008.

NOTE: No-one has disputed our earlier exposure of this intended provocation.
This is because disputing what is true is not an option.

This provocation was to have given them the pretext for scrapping the US Constitution and installing the dictatorship of which George W. Bush Jr. spoke during the 2000 General Election campaign when he said that he’d prefer it if the United States was a dictatorship, ‘as long as I’m the dictator’. That was in his mind then, and it has remained in his deluded mind ever since.

The United Nations, newly equipped with powers from the International Court of Justice to arrest these political, official and banking criminals, and not just in the United States, has not yet activated the necessary decisive measures to enforce the Rule of Law – thus so far emulating the lily-livered pipsqueaks in the United States calling themselves Gold Badges who are too terrified of these Nazi thugs and serial thieves and scamsters to do what is necessary in order to save their Republic. These people ponce around in uniforms, but lack true will and guts. Interpol, Europol and National Police Forces, please note.

The City of London Police Fraud Squad, notified by the Editor of this service in general terms of the perpetration of the diversion of $4.8 trillion of gold assets from and involving the Bank of England and the serial US criminalists, indicated that they would be addressing the matter.

Specifically, the Editor spoke initially about this extreme crisis to DC Magnus Goodmanson at Scotland Yard [0207-230 1570], who directed him to the City of London Fraud Squad [0207-601 2999], where he informed Detective Sergeant Robertson of the illegal alienation of the Queen’s liened gold assets. Robertson said he would be in contact with the Editor the following morning, but failed to fulfil this straightforward undertaking.

Of course, the Editor did not expect the City of London Fraud Squad, any more than the cowardly US Gold Badges, to do their duty here, given the extreme gravity of the situation: but these details are recorded in case any remaining ‘Useful Idiots’ out there prefer their own ill-informed unbelief to the harsh reality of the FACTS we are having to report.

Her Majesty the Queen, having demanded the IMMEDIATE return of her stolen liened gold (all 10,000 tonnes of it*) when visiting with the President and Vice President of the United States, and at the Kentucky races, was reported on Saturday night to be STILL WAITING FOR THE CRIMINAL AMERICAN AUTHORITIES TO CARRY OUT HER LEGITIMATE DEMANDS.

During one meeting with the US President, the truly REMARKABLE 80-year-old British Monarch is believed to have insisted with steely resolve that her stolen liened gold assets must be returned at once (all 10,000 tonnes of it*) via a reverse unwinding of the illegal transaction, and that the Ambassador’s $4.5 trillion Settlement must be implemented simultaneously. The American crooks asked for ‘two weeks’ and The Queen said this was out of the question.

The problems the US criminalists and their UK crime partners face are that:

1. The gold belonging to The Queen is liened, i.e. encumbered, and was therefore not available to be sold off at all. [Handling stolen goods. Fraud. Conspiracy].

2. They have sold the gold on. [Handling stolen goods. Fraud. Conspiracy].

3. They have been having difficulty ‘persuading’ the criminals who bought The Queen’s liened gold, to part with the assets that they have illegally acquired. [The ‘purchasers’ of the liened gold failed of course to conduct due diligence and are also liable for having corruptly handled stolen goods. Handling stolen goods. Fraud. Conspiracy].

4. All the parties involved in this ‘Act of War’ perpetrated by the US criminal gangs running the US Government are KNOWN BY NAME, and the transactions have been traced, so that their behaviour represents not only a crime of unprecedentedly brazen arrogance, but also one of such extreme stupidity as to give new meaning to the adjective ‘stupid’. Obviously these megacreeps thought they could get away with this abomination; but they were monitored and their identities are earmarked, which makes them extremely nervous (with good reason).


5. Her Majesty The Queen reportedly told the disconcerted US President pointedly that ‘I look forward to working with the Ambassador’.

6. A very sharp letter was sent allegedly on Her Majesty’s instructions to certain institutions in the City of London demanding their immediate compliance with Her Majesty’s demand for the illegal transaction perpetrated against her by the US criminals, with corrupt assistance from inside the Bank of England and elsewhere in the financial community, to be reversed forthwith.

7. Two corrupt US giga-banks, alleged to be Bank of America (the CIA’s main institution) and Wachovia (said to be the Bush Family money laundry) initially refused to comply, but were reported to us to have complied by Friday evening last week, with relevant requirements.

8. The Queen is believed to have become aware that she had been deceived, scammed and lied to, by her own Prime Minister and by the President and Vice President of the United States, after being briefed on, and possibly having had sight of, the letter addressed to Mr Cheney from Mr Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., and signed by Ambassador Leo Wanta, that we posted here on 4th May. The Editor faxed a copy of this letter, together with his relevant email on this subject that he had addressed to Buckingham Palace, to the Chancery at the British Embassy in Washington DC, on Saturday 5th May. The sight of the Ambassador’s signature on the letter will have been more than enough to signal the truth of the matter to Her Majesty, had she not been fully aware of it earlier.

Her Majesty knows and very rightly trusts the Ambassador, upon whom she conferred an honorary knighthood in recognition of exceptional (unreported) services that he rendered to the British.

9. Mr Henry M. ‘Conflict-of-Interest’ Paulson, soi-disant US Treasury Secretary, was reported to be NOT INTENDING to attend the Group of Eight Meeting scheduled for 18th-19th May in Germany. This is because he doesn’t fancy being slammed up against a brick wall and having handcuffs placed on his criminal wrists, as happened last December. Instead, he is supposed to be hanging around Washington to meet Chinese representatives, to see what he can wangle with them despite their loathing of this operative because he has lied to them so often.

10. A document, which may have been a Diplomatic Note, was despatched to Washington following or in association with The Queen’s State Visit, in which Her Majesty’s legitimate demands for the rectification of the US ‘Act of War’ perpetrated against her were spelled out in black and white in language easy even for serial Texan criminalist operatives to understand.

Obviously, the Editor is not a party to the content of this document. However one element of it has been leaked: it reportedly states in the starkest terms that certain prominent highest-level US office-holders are precluded from entering the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (and presumably its Overseas Territories as well, which will be irksome for those among them who employ the services of the Cayman Islands, for instance) at any time in the future.

So Mr Paulson won’t be able to travel to London, either.

Now let us discuss the straightforward issue of the Rule of law. During Her Majesty’s State Visit to the United States, The Queen made a number of pointed references to the Rule of Law. Manifestly such references were not inserted as rhetorical wallpaper. They were pointed indications of the concern of the British Head of State at the well-known fact (better known since we started these reports last year) that the Rule of Law has disintegrated in the United States.

So much so, that Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, a diplomat serving on the instructions of the White House and so confirmed at a ceremony in Paris presided over by the French Finance Minister du jour, was illegally arrested, stripped in the snow, incarcerated, held under house arrest, placed on probation and otherwise tormented (five murder attempts and six operations to have him declared insane, all of which, by the Grace of God alone, failed), for having ‘not’ paid an illegally demanded State civil tax assessment for $14,129 that he has in fact paid three times, and which is STILL being demanded by the corrupt Wisconsin Department of Revenue. A R.I.C.O prosecution beckons for ALL present and past officials and office-holders concerned.

So much so, too, that officials, office-holders, intelligence operatives, legislators and others serving at highest levels in the United States have spent the past several Administrations enriching themselves by exploiting, alienating, diverting, collateralising, hypothecating and otherwise illegally exploiting Ambassador Wanta’s funds, in collaboration with their corrupt intelligence, intermediary and banking sector co-conspirators and accessories to the fact of these crimes, with impunity – given the fecklessness of the useless American Gold Badges, Secret Service and other ‘law enforcement’ agents. Such officials operate against lower fry, but have shown themselves to be feeble and ineffective when it comes to compelling high-level office-holding intelligence criminals to comply with the law.

So, the Rule of Law has indeed collapsed in the United States. You can't have a PARTIAL Rule of Law. Either it is applicable to all, with no exceptions, or it is redundant. It's redundant.

So much so, that these US criminal operatives thought that they would help themselves to The Queen’s gold assets (*which have remained, of course, in situ, either at the Bank of England itself or in Kloten, Switzerland, or elsewhere, but under illegal ownership, since the 'Act of War' theft was perpetrated on 29th-30th March 2007).

Under Queen Elizabeth I, penalties for financial crimes included being beheaded in the Tower of London, or else being hanged on the gibbets at Tyburn. Other penalties too disgusting to describe on this polite website were also meted out to anyone who stole financial assets and was minded not to disgorge them with interest. Why do we mention these fundamental historical facts?

Because they illustrate the fact, now forgotten in the decadent United States and Britain, that the Rule of Law was once backed up by FORCE. Indeed, the Rule of Law came into being over time precisely as a SUBSTITUTE for the use of force, which by definition fundamentally represents the Law of the Jungle.

If The Queen’s liened gold, stolen by US officials and conspirators at the highest levels of the bandit American Bush II Government, are not immediately restored, and Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta paid simultaneously, in accordance with The Queen’s legitimate demand on behalf of her subjects, the Wantagate crisis will have escalated by an order of magnitude so that:

The Rule of Law, which has collapsed in the United States, has been replaced by the Law of the Jungle – a fact long since evident at the intergovernmental level (where the Rule of Law hardly exists due to the corruption inter alia at the International Court of Justice and inside the European Commission, and thanks to the DVD/CIA's use of wholesale bribery).

The US Generals, who ought to be demanding the application of the Rule of Law in their own country instead of collaborating with these serial criminals to perpetrate a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East, followed (as was intended) by a cynical firework display on 1st September 2008, are revealed to be instruments of the New Underworld Order, rather than servants of the American people. Their bombast and boastfulness is thus exposed as being indistinguishable from the behaviour of the compliant Nazi Generals under Hitler.

They relish the fact that the United States is intended to be the thuggish so-called ‘enforcement arm’ of the New Underworld Order, and neglect their solemn duty towards the American people. They are accordingly despicable co-conspirators in this looming catastrophe.

To sum up, then, the world faces the worst corruption crisis in history: and that is no exaggeration. In the immediate short term, it can be alleviated by:

1. The reversal of the wanton ‘Act of War’ perpetrated on 29th-30th March under cover of the UK banking shutdown, by the highest-level US criminal operatives against the Bank of England, which actually involved the alienation of some 10,000 tonnes of liened gold belonging to The Queen.

Note: At the highest level under a Monarchy, certain assets of the State and of the Monarch may be interchangeable. The same situation applies, for instance, in Saudi Arabia.

[*Note: This gold was not actually moved anywhere of course. It was just sold illegally and placed illegally under new ownership, a criminal transaction which has to be unwound if the American Ambassador is not to be kicked out of London and the bank accounts of the criminal operatives held within British jurisdictions kept frozen, and their assets confiscated without recourse].

2. Ambassador Leo Wanta’s $4.5 trillion Settlement must be paid in parallel with the demanded reversal of the criminal ‘Act of War’ perpetrated by the American crooks, with UK criminalist connivance, against Her Majesty. The long-running Wantagate saga must be brought to an end.

In case the main geopolitical New Underworld Order purpose of the ‘Act of War’ has STILL escaped anyone, we reiterate its cynical rationale here.

The incoming British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has remained silent for years, for very good reasons. In the first place, two attempts were made to assassinate him, during Blair’s premiership. Secondly, as an intelligence operative himself, he knows from his lofty perspective, about all the financial criminality that has been going on at intergovernmental level and in parallel within the World Bank, exploiting Ambassador Leo Wanta’s assets held at co-conspiring banks without his permission. He also knows that the CIA informed its myopic and compartmentalised cadres and the corrupt banks that Leo Emil Wanta died many years ago, a lie which (believe it or not) is STILL being perpetrated to this day (see below).

And he knows that MI6 is controlled by a treacherous operative whose secret allegiance is to Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau, the German ‘Black’ Nazi strategic Continuum intelligence agency that operates behind covers provided by the Soviets and the Illuminati.

He also knows that the dark European Commission is a den of institutionalised corruption [see our report, Archive, 12th October 2005], and that Britain would be ‘Better Off Out’ of this hellish DVD-sponsored quagmire, which is governed by 'regulation' (the essence of its control methodology).

The purpose of the ‘Act of War’ perpetrated against HM The Queen, the Bank of England and the United Kingdom, apart from greed and lust for self-enrichment, was therefore to destabilise Gordon Brown’s premiership from the outset by bankrupting the Bank of England and the Monarchy so that, the Nazi strategists intended, Great Britain would be forced to abandon sterling in favour of the European Collective Currency, the Euro – as a prelude to total British integration within this Pan-German (Nazi) sponsored EU den of institutionalised corruption.

And the coup de grace was to be delivered by the American prong of the DVD fork, presided over by the Grand Godfather of DVD, George H. W. Bush Sr., a.k.a. Herr Scherf (or Scherff).

Fortunately, this cynical geopolitical engineering operation has hit the ropes and The Queen realised she had been lied to, deceived and double-crossed not only by the duplicitous American criminal Government, but also by her very own participating traitor of a Prime Minister, the crass, arrogant, self-indulgent, opinionated, wrong-headed, deluded, corrupt and discredited ‘Tony’ Blair.

It is now, therefore, incumbent upon the incoming Prime Minister to stick to his guns, to refuse to be bulldozed by these corrupt end-game bullies, and to pull Great Britain out of the corrupt DVD-dominated European Union Collective in a display of British defiance of the secret criminal Nazi clique that is seeking to rule the world in order to control legal processes so that their immunity is ‘guaranteed’ for ever. For come their New Underworld Order nirvana, these criminals will control the already extensively corrupted justice systems (hence Blair's establishment of a prospectively corrupt, US-style Department of Justice in the United Kingdom), thereby ensuring that they do not suffer the same fate as the Ambassador.


The ONLY powerful defender of the Rule of Law is now the truly remarkable 80-year old British Monarch, whose extreme displeasure and determination to ensure that her will prevails cannot be underestimated.

The Queen MUST enforce the Rule of Law, and Her Majesty MUST receive unwavering support from all right-thinking observers and ‘actives’ all over the world, and especially at the highest levels of the relevant Governments.

The two-pronged DVD operation to tie the hands of the incoming British Prime Minister has been exposed and is on track towards utter failure and compromise. Note that Gordon Brown was, all of a sudden. ‘acknowledged’ throughout the Labour Government’s cadres last week as being the ‘rightful’ Prime Minister-in-waiting. The reasons that this happened were (a) that Tony Blair has effectively been sacked by the Monarch and (b) that the strategists prematurely thought that they had got away with their cynical, orchestrated $4.8 trillion gold asset ‘Act of War’ heist perpetrated on 29th-30th March 2007 and had therefore bankrupted the Bank of England, the Monarchy and the United Kingdom, tying Brown’s hands accordingly [see posting of 1st May 2007].

How wrong they were, and what massive consequences will now ensue from their extreme arrogance and Teutonic/Zionazi stupidity.

The so-called UK-US ‘Special Relationship’ has been destroyed.

The criminal cadres are in a state of extreme panic, thanks mainly to the courage of Ambassador Wanta and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., and our disclosures resulting from their courageous stance, on this website.

Indicative of this, not least, is the incredible reality that the lie that Leo Wanta is dead is STILL being perpetrated [see below]. The reason for this is that the moment the crooks admit that he is alive, they are finished. Ironically, former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson and President George W. Bush Jr. have recently formally acknowledged the Ambassador’s existence in the letters that we publicised in our posting dated 1st May.

This in turn reveals the panicky confusion and ‘professional’ incompetence and crudeness of the Agency’s flatulent disinformation and discrediting hacks.

ALL US intelligence cadres who have been involved in this financial corruption over the years now fear for their futures, and rightly so. There is no question that, over time, they will receive their come-uppance. For instance:

A former aide to Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson (see our posting dated 1st May 2007), Nicholas Hurtgen, is reported to have been indicted on seven charges of mail and wire fraud. This indicates that the deep investigation, going back many years, that is the primary ongoing fallout from Wantagate, is actually yielding results – a hopeful sign amid the gloom of this crisis.

But the main fall-out from this unprecedented crisis has yet to occur, and may assume dramatic proportions. There is a temptation for the Cheney-MK-Ultra cadres to cover their dirty tracks by triggering nuclear explosions in the Middle East and at home, with the proposed crime against humanity in Iran being blamed on the ‘intransigence’ of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is of course just a planted intelligence ‘Dark Actor Playing Games’; and the now exposed atrocity that had been planned for 1st September 2008 being cynically blamed upon Islamic terrorists originally trained by the criminal CIA and Pakistani-trained intelligence cadres inter alia at local madrassahs furnished with CIA-prepared subversive teaching materials – or else trained by the parallel 'Black' continuing DVD-cooperating Soviets (GRU) at the terrorism training territories of Chechnya and Mozdok, a vast Soviet military area adjacent to Chechnya from which Soviet General Grachev once boasted that Moscow could wage world war indefinitely.

The evil intentions of the US Criminal Government are implicit from the promulgation on 11th May 2007 of National Security Policy Directive 51 (NSPD1) and Homeland Security Policy Directive 20 (HSPD20) which are concerned with national contingency policy and ‘continuity of government’ during the crisis which the criminals thought they were preparing in order to procure the pretext for a Nazi-style takeover, dictatorship and the subsequent activation of death trains and the 800+ US GULAG Concentration Camps to which these madmen intended to consign all who opposed their diabolical takeover plans, aimed at fulfilling the strategy outlined by the Nazis’ Madrid-based German Geopolitical Centre to found the ‘Thousand-Year Reich on the Ruins of the United States’.

Given this state of affairs, ONCE AGAIN, the only nation standing up for freedom against the German Nazis is the United Kingdom, whose 80-year-old Monarch insists upon the implementation of the Rule of Law and has had the guts, unlike anyone else except the Ambassador and Michael Cottrell, to stand up to these criminalists and to call their bluff.

This is something to which they are NOT accustomed. However your own correspondent’s experience is that when Workers of Darkness are offered serious resistance, they are so astonished that anyone has had the effrontery to confront their arrogance, that they back off.

Consider the following incredible confirmation of this fact from the Gospel of John, Chapter 18, verses 1-6:

‘When Jesus has spoken these words, he went forth with his disciples over the brook Cedron, where was a garden, into the which he entered, and his disciples.

And Judas also, which betrayed him, knew the place: for Jesus oft-times resorted thither with his disciples.

Judas then, having received a band of men and officers from the chief priests and Pharisees, cometh thither with lanterns and torches and weapons.

Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth, and said unto them, Whom seek ye?

They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus saith unto them, I am he. And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them.

As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, THEY WENT BACKWARD, AND FELL TO THE GROUND’.

This passage assures those who believe on his Name that if we have the simple faith and determination to stand up to the Workers of Darkness, they will fall back to the ground.

And that, dear friends, is what is happening ‘as we speak’.

Having foolishly fallen victim to a sophisticated intelligence sex operation to compromise him, the half-Jewish operative Lord Browne of Madingley, now the disgraced former Chief Executive of British Petroleum, lied to the High Court concerning his male ‘lover’ of four years, a Canadian plant named Chevalier, in order to try to prevent publication of this relationship by one of Britain’s odious (Leninist exposure) newspaper rags. Lord Browne had also served as a Director of Goldman Sachs since its floatation in 1999.

Browne is thought to have spoken by telephone to Goldman’s Chairman, Lloyd Blankfein, on 9th May, in the course of which conversation he offered his resignation, which was duly accepted. According to The Daily Telegraph of 11th May, a ‘former’ executive at Goldman was reported to have asserted that there was ‘enormous sympathy for Lord Browne’s personal misery, but from a corporate governance perspective he had to go. Goldman demands decency, honesty and truthfulness. You can’t have one rule for the executives and one rule for the rest of the staff’.

Note that this comment was attributed to a ‘former’ Goldman executive.

The reason for the inclusion of the adjective ‘former’ will presumably have been that if these remarks had been attributed to a CURRENT Goldman executive, they would have prospectively compromised Goldman Sachs & Company, given that Mr Blankfein and his co-directors, including the disgraced Lord Browne, are complicit in the illegal diversion and circumvention of the Wanta Settlement in the context of the institution’s failure to disgorge the Ambassador’s $4.5 trillion funds as required by the Treasurer of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., into its Securities Account with Morgan Stanley, New York, over a prolonged period of time.

By ensuring the inclusion of the word ‘former’, the newspaper and Goldman Sachs will have assumed that they cannot be accused of rank hypocrisy, double standards and double-mindedness – promulgating precisely one rule of conduct for PR and public consumption purposes, and the Law of the Jungle with respect to the illegal retention of the Ambassador’s $4.5 trillion Settlement funds.

Almost immediately after the delivery of the letter to Vice President Cheney that we posted here on 4th May, the desperate Agency disinformation and diversion cadres started a beefed-up campaign designed to discredit Mr Cottrell, the Ambassador and your humble servant, this correspondent. They are recycling old lies, such as that Ambassador Leo Wanta doesn’t exist, is dead, etc., the corollary being that this Editor is suffering from mental delusions (on which these nutcases are extremely keen), and that the eminent personage he has come to know so well from visits and telephone conversations since May 2004 is in fact Father Christmas or some other entity of their fertile but putrid imaginations.

The Editor became aware of this latest avalanche of lies about eight days ago, and enquired as to its purpose. Among the informed answers he has received to this question is the following:

‘The crooks can’t admit that the Ambassador exists because the moment they do this, they are either dead, or in jail’.

How fascinating, then, that President George W. Bush Jr. addressed Leo as 'Dear Ambassador Leo', in the letter that we publicised here on 1st May, thus acknowledging the Ambassador's existence! [14th May, 9.30pm London time: As noted at the top of this report, the NSA perpetrated a SECOND illegal 'snip' of this post, removing part of the final Goldman Sachs paragraph (above), the whole of this section on the CIA's latest pathetic trashing campaign, and the rest of this report including of course the list of laws of which the desperate criminalist cadres are in glaring breach].

And attempting to trash a securities and financial expert as proficient as Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., is like trying to prove that Leonardo da Vinci couldn’t draw and was no good at sculpture.

We also venture to add that trashing the Editor of this service, after he has been doing the same work non-stop since 1970 (37 years) and has earned a living from selling subscriptions to the most discriminating central banks and global financial institutions, governments, intelligence agencies, international institutions, private investors and corporations around the world, may likewise, by definition, be an uphill task. These people are low-level scum of the earth: ‘Useful Idiots’ who appear to enjoy displaying this reality to the world, in order to justify their filthy Agency stipends.

At 15:00 hours on 12th May 2007, the Editor received a typically confused and badly-written email from a Marion Horn, Jr., which began as follows: ‘I am attempting to determine if you are one of the good guys or one of the people who just make statements that are unfounded or not true’! After this promising start, this operative continued: ‘First of all I don’t know Leo Wanta and have been unable to validate his actual existence’. The Editor was of course able to do this in person in May 2004, when the Ambassador graciously received and spoke with him for three hours, and again a year later, during a second private visit. The Queen knows teh Ambassador well, too.

Next, this fellow elaborated: ‘I have been informed by some parties of the intelligences that this is a big set up’, revealing of course that he is being lied to by his own rattled peers, whereupon he proceeded to bang the drum for a diversionary operation which is nothing to do with Ambassador Leo Wanta, never has been, and never will be. He then stated: ‘You said you know all about me, I doubt that, since we have never met’. The reason the Editor is aware of this operative is that for months last year, he selfishly blocked our email server with his emails and vast attachments (which we trashed) attempting to draw our attention to various financial claims which are nothing to do with us or the Ambassador. He has no standing in this matter whatsoever.

Finally, in the familiar language of the US intelligence bully, he resorted to the following threat:

‘Call me if you are a man of your word and you mean to find the truth [sic!!!!]. If not SHUT up and stop what you are doing now’.

The reason that we publicise this crude threat and attempt at coercion is that we require the CIA’s AOL operation to cease and desist from disseminating threats against the Editor of this service. The utterance of threats is a criminal offence in the United Kingdom. In the event of any repetition, we reserve all our rights and may sue AOL as well as this operative in the English Courts. We may also take action against the US organisation that is snipping this report.

We therefore require AOL to intervene forthwith by contacting this operative at his email address [] and instructing him to cease uttering threats against the Editor of this service (and the Ambassador, by the way). And the subsidiary reason that we are publicising this on our website is that, having entered our complaint on the requisite AOL form on their huge website, we were unable to send the email in question, given that the system appeared to have been set up in such a way that no complaints can actually be delivered to AOL at all.

Well, as has been emphasised before, there are other ways to skin a cat.


For the sake of good order, we reproduce again the list of Statutes etc. of which the officials and institutions in question remain in breach. This list shows to what extent the Bush II Administration condones one Rule of Law for the Rest of Us, and total contempt for domestic and international law for the officials and bankers who are illegally diverting and exploiting Ambassador Wanta’s funds:


US laws breached by President Bush Jr., Richard Cheney, Henry M. Paulson, Robert M. Kimmitt, Michael Chertoff, other officials previously named in these reports, all members of G. W. Bush's Cabinet, and the Boards of Directors of Goldman Sachs and Co, Bank of America, Citibank Group, Wachovia Bank, JPMorganChase, Bank of Nova Scotia, Chemical Bank, First Union Bank and other US and foreign institutions, including the Bank of England, which have been illegally exploiting Ambassador Wanta’s tagged and earmarked $4.5 trillion Settlement money, always intended for the benefit of the American people and for the paying down of the US Treasury’s background debt:

• Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act
• Anti-Drug Abuse Act
• Applicable international money laundering restrictions
• Bank Secrecy Act
• Conspiracy to commit and cover up murder.
• Crimes, General Provisions, Accessory After the Fact [Title 18, USC]
• Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act
• Economic Espionage Act
• Hobbs Act
• Imparting or Conveying False Information [Title 18, USC]
• Maloney Act
• Misprision of Felony [Title 18, USC]
• Money-Laundering Control Act
• Money-Laundering Suppression Act
• Organized Crime Control Act of 1970
• Perpetration of repeated egregious felonies by State and Federal public employees and their Departments and agencies, which are co-responsible with the said employees for ONGOING illegal and criminal actions, to sustain fraudulent operations and crimes in order to cover up criminal activities and High Crimes and Misdemeanours by present and former holders of high office under the United States
• Provisions pertaining to private business transactions being protected under both private and criminal penalties [H.R. 3723]
• Provisions prohibiting the bribing of foreign officials [F.I.S.A.]
• Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act [R.I.C.O.]
• Securities Act 1933
• Securities Act 1934
• Terrorism Prevention Act
• Treason legislation, especially in time of war

Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta: Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535 a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS. AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001

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