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Tuesday 15 May 2007 17:12


The situation is now MUCH WORSE even than was the case two weeks ago. HM The Queen's gold, which (we are advised) is located in New York, has NOT been restored to Her Majesty, ostensibly because it is under contract. Meanwhile Blair, who visited Cheney in the Green Zone about ten days ago, is wafting around the world 'saying goodbye' when everyone who knows what a scoundrel this crook is, wants to see the back of him: a performance which lends a new meaning to the word 'arrogance'. It is understood that an official statement by Special Counsel Fitzgerald concerning the incessant illegal financial activities of Vice President Richard Cheney was posted yesterday but was removed shortly afterwards. The Editor has proclaimed before the whole world in the report below WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO BRING THIS MATTER TO THE OPEN CRISIS LEVEL THAT IS EVIDENTLY NECESSARY IN ORDER FOR THESE CRIMINALS TO BE DECAPITATED ONCE AND FOR ALL. While Blair remains (unconstitutionally) in office but no longer in power, it is evident that the feckless British Government lacks the guts to confront these sons of Belial, head-on.

So this task is left up to us, and it had better be understood loud and clear that we are not about to relinquish our responsibilities in this crisis. The Ambassaor is the greatest and most remarkable man of integrity, faith and endurance that the Editor has ever been privileged to meet and serve, and we will continue this fight for the salvation of our two countries until such time as the criminals are wiped from the screen and sanity is once again restored to our two once great nations. Amen.




By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for Wanta Crisis reports since April 2006. [Note: The CLICK HERE panel is now: NEWS. A panel giving details of our latest publications, has been added].

In the light of the letter to President George W. Bush Jr., cited below, sent on 14th May 2007 and authorised by Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., the Executive Vice President and Treasurer of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., and by Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, faxed to Buckingham Palace and to the Chancery of the British Embassy in Washington, D.C. by this Editor last night, we state as follows:

1. The American Ambassador in London must now be ordered home to Washington immediately, and told not to return until he has procured the restoration of HM The Queen’s stolen gold assets, plus the payment of the illegally diverted Wanta Settlement of $4.5 trillion. The two situations are linked (as explained in the letter to George W. Bush Jr., below).

2. The British Treasury should order the immediate freezing of selected US dollar bank accounts belonging to beneficiaries of all corrupt US parties which have handled stolen financial assets, including all funds (in any currency) that have been generated by the illegal misappropriation, diversion and theft of the Ambassador’s financial and other assets.

3. Consideration should be given to the immediate freezing of ALL U.S. dollar bank accounts, with their release strictly contingent upon the full restoration, preferably with 100% interest, of Her Majesty’s gold assets and payment of Ambassador Wanta’s diverted $4.5 trillion.

4. In the event of continued intransigence by the corrupt US Nazi office-holders, the Clintons, Congressmen, Republican Party apparatchiks, officials, intelligence operatives, bankers, hedge fund controllers such as the former US Treasury Secretary John Snow, former Vice President Quayle and other sundry intermediaries concerned, a preplanned UK sanctions programme should be put in place, ratcheting up the pressure on these U.S. crooks, without further ado. For instance:

If the U.S. Ambassador cannot procure fulfilment of HM The Queen’s demands within two weeks, the entire staff at the US Embassy, together with its affiliated nest of spies, should be ordered out of the United Kingdom.

Should the penny still fail to drop inside the thick, rotten skulls of these criminals, the Americans should be warned that their military forces will be ordered to leave all bases in the United Kingdom on a date to be determined.

Passport restrictions should then be imposed upon Americans entering the United Kingdom, with strict obstacles placed in the way of their freedom of movement, given the extreme gravity of the situation, which is easily rectified.

Last night, the distinguished Ambassador Sir Leo Wanta spontaneously agreed with the Editor of this service, that the stealing/diversion of The Queen’s assets is a matter of ‘the utmost gravity’.

Moreover both the Ambassador and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., concurred last night with this Editor’s suggestion that certain (if not all) U.S. dollar bank accounts in the United Kingdom should be frozen immediately, pending resolution of these issues.

All three of us brush aside the argument that a breach between Britain and the United States is precisely what our evil mutual enemies, controlled from Dachau by DVD, have set out to achieve. Our reasoning is that the two countries’ mutual interests and historical ties are strong enough to enable us to weather this storm, given that it is precipitated by corrupt, duplicitous traitors in our midst, who have been prepositioned inside our structures precisely in order to implement this accelerated geopolitical takeover.

The resurfacing of Ambassador Leo Wanta in July 2005 – after the CIA had spent 14 years lying to its dumkopfs throughout the myopic, compartmentalised US intelligence community and to compliant, co-conspiring bankers, that Leo was dead – DESTABILISED THE TAKEOVER TIMETABLE.

Ever since, therefore, these criminal operatives have been running around like headless chickens trying to put their cynical end-game show back on the road, and stealing, lying, deceiving, diverting funds, ‘preparing to settle’ in bad faith – and now both diverting The Queen’s assets and trading them, in open defiance of Her Majesty’s legitimate demand for the funds to be returned at once and the Ambassador paid without further criminal activity.

It is readily acknowledged that this Editor may have got up their noses, but given their provocative and criminal behaviour, he has had no choice in the matter. It is even possible that The Queen’s assets have been stolen in direct retaliation for our critical postings since the Wantagate scandal started this time last year. This would be the kind of lazy, ill-informed, 'thick' deduction that these dumkopfs would make: assuming that this financial Editor is part of the intelligence establishment, when any examination of his past record would show that he has done nothing else since 1970 than edit and publish International Currency Review and associated intelligence publications, as an independent publisher, with no subventions from any quarter.

So, if you criminal U.S. Nazis have retaliated against The Queen because of what we have written, this shows how just wretched and low-calibre your intelligence ‘take’ is, as you go about planning your criminal operations, fighting between yourselves and collaborating at the same time, like rats in a putrid sack. All rats in any given sewer are, by definition, the same colour.

Before we cite the text of the new letter to the President of the United States, which reveals some of what has happened since we last reported, here are some Memoranda for the attention of the parties named below:

King Abdullah: Inform the arrogant Americans that they must clean up their act immediately, or your patience and accommodating attitude over Dubai, the ‘funny money’ bolt-hole established on your doorstep, will experience the flip side of your generous nature. Tell the Americans, too, that your patience over the Wanta Settlement, and now the U.S. raid on the British Queen’s assets, is finite, and set a deadline for the resolution of these matters. If it isn’t met, start exerting your own official sanctions against the American criminalists.

As for Iraq, why is your patience with the wanton slaughter of the Sunnis in that country not already exhausted? Tell the criminal American Administration what you really think, and scrap your cultural politeness towards these criminals.

Jack Straw, British Foreign Secretary: Apply your considerable intellect to the horrendous crisis on your carpet, and remember that you operate exclusively on behalf of Her Majesty, and not for Dachau or Tel Aviv. Now is the time to show that you have backbone, even that you exist.

Gordon Brown: Stick to your guns and don’t deviate.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Your financial economy’s exposure to hedge funds (which as you are aware are almost the sole remaining ‘vents’ for the ‘surfacing’ of illegally generated ‘funny money’), are liable to result in the total destruction of the German economy. Do you now realise and understand this fact? Any collaboration with the small claque of intelligence crooks, like Richard Cheney, George Soros and Bill Clinton (who realised how much money Leo Wanta controlled, and orchestrated, with the obnoxious Donna Shalala, Tommy Thompson, Doyle, Haag, Ullmann etc, the illegal and merciless ‘takedown’ of Ambassador Wanta in order to seize control of these funds), will hasten the appalling day of reckoning that YOU, YES, YOU, GERMANY, will now face because you have condoned this illegal fiat money activity for so long. Your vast exposure to hedge funds is so colossal that when the implosion takes place, your economy along with that of France, may well be virtually destroyed. And you know it very well. So exert your huge influence RIGHT NOW, respected Madame Chancellor, to resolve these issues, and stop wavering and cowering in the face of the bullying American criminal Administration’s arrogance.

John Scarlett, head of MI6: Get the message that your loyalty should be exclusively to The Queen, and not to any foreign power(s), let alone to the odious German ‘Black’ Nazi strategic intelligence continuum, Dachau. Oh, and close down the G-02 ‘Black’ counterintelligence operation lurking inside your ugly Vauxhall headquarters, which controls two drug cartels and presides over the distribution of drugs to young people and British school children. This despicable Luciferian activity must be terminated immediately. What do you think you are doing allowing it to continue?

M. Sarkozy, incoming President of France: Do not underestimate the extreme anger of British cadres over this crisis, and recognise that the entire political environment in Britain will undergo a tectonic shift in the near future. Be ready for this, or it will come as a shock to you. And separately, do not accept the bribes being extended in your direction by the likes of George Soros, who may be seeking to compromise you. Remember that your best bet is Ambassador Wanta. Don’t take these crooks’ filthy tainted bribe money.

William Jefferson Clinton, former President of the United States: Ambassador Wanta worked for you when you became President, given many ongoing intelligence operations with which he was involved on behalf of Uncle Sam, left over from the Reagan and Bush I Administrations. When you became aware of the immense sums of money that he had accumulated in pursuit of his legitimate Presidential instructions, you resolved to take him out of the way, and to seize control of the funds yourself – with your corrupt co-conspirators, the Bush Family, and corrupt banking and intelligence operatives. You personally orchestrated the Wisconsin Dimension of Leo E. Wanta’s ‘takedown’, in collaboration with your buddy Marc Rich, whose real identity as the long-range DVD operative Hans Brand we have revealed in International Currency Review, Volume 31, #3 and 4 (November 2006).

Do not imagine that your motives for berating the American electorate into voting for your CIA wife are not clearly understood in the appropriate circles. And do not take it for granted that you can continue to manipulate the criminal financial operations with which you have been so notoriously associated for the past 15+ years, with impunity. Just because the Gold Badges and the US military are so feeble and lacking in backbone, this does not mean that you, too, will not receive your come-uppance in due time. You will.

Great American public, Point #1: Do not make the mistake of voting for the wife of the lying charlatan, murderer and serial financial criminal and drug-running operative William Jefferson Clinton, or else you will experience eight more years of Presidential lies, mass murder, financial misconduct and drug-trafficking by the CIA, which could be avoided if a ‘cleaner’ candidate is chosen. Just because she’s a woman, it doesn’t mean she can be trusted.

Great American public, Point #2: Understand that Mr W. J. Clinton is campaigning desperately for his wife because both need the immunity that the Presidency provides, and the power to ‘pardon’ their fellow financial and drug-running criminal operatives. Do you REALLY want to perpetuate this high-level organised criminality for another eight years, or would you prefer that the filth of these criminal operatives were cleaned out of the official stables?

We don’t think that Americans are stupid at all, and the Rest of the World relies on you to make the appropriate decision. Remember that all the Presidential candidates that will be dangled before you will be compromised intelligence officers. So whoever you elect will probably be bad news. But there are degrees of bad news, and putting Queen Melusina in charge would be the Grandmother of all the American electorate’s many historical misjudgements.

Past and present US financial intelligence criminal operatives: Know and fully understand that the writing is on the wall for you and that you cannot rely upon enjoying open-ended impunity for your illegal financial scamming, Ponzi scheming, and serial OMEGA-type misbehaviour much longer.

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin: We anticipate that you will have made your extreme displeasure at the endless criminal financial antics of operatives at the highest level of the US Government, known in the pointed language of which you are a master, for the benefit of US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, when you saw her this morning.

Did you read her the Riot Act? If not, please send her a Diplomatic Note demanding an immediate end to the US Government’s financial banditry and irresponsible, reprobate behaviour. Do not be concerned about ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ (or even ‘the kettle calling the black pot’ for that matter): we understand all that.

Barclays Bank: Please be advised that your newly introduced Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs), which are UNREGISTERED, senior, unsubordinated, unsecured debt securities, that are to be managed by Barclays Bank PLC and Barclays Global Investors, San Francisco, are seen by experts to represent an exotic device to facilitate and continue the consequences of fraudulent financial operations, including the theft of the $4.8 trillion of The Queen’s liened gold assets. Anyone buying these Notes would therefore, de facto, become a co-conspirator and an accessory to the fact of the ‘Act of War’ perpetrated against The Queen and the United Kingdom, referenced above and in our recent postings. These unsecured debt securities, thought to be based upon illegally acquired funds, make no periodic income distributions. Investors will instead be taxed on gains and interest when they sell shares, or when the securities mature after 30 years, when no-one will have a clue how the so-called ‘assets’ originated. It’s called obfuscating ‘source of funds’, which is what hedge funds are ‘for’. [See The Wall Street Journal, US Edition, 15th May 2007, page C17].

Wisconsin Department of Revenue officials: Take note that, as the Editor has advised in writing and told you by telephone, you are vulnerable to pending R.I.C.O. action because of your corrupt and illegal dunning of the Ambassador for civil tax assessments that he never owed, but has paid three times under protest (with this Editor’s own loaned funds being used on the third occasion). Please also take note that because this Editor has an interest in this matter, there is no prospect whatsoever that he will rest from ensuring that justice is finally done to the Ambassador, however long it takes. Even if the Editor were not an interested party, he would never cease from fighting the Ambassador’s cause, which is an immense privilege and honour.

Washington sources who are talking about Ambassador Leo Wanta having been the victim of a ‘miscarriage of justice’: Don’t just sit and talk about this, leaving us to do all the running. If that’s what you believe (and you are correct), then kick up a stink and demand a resolution of Wantagate.

Great British Public, Point #1: As a result of the American criminal Government’s deliberate raid on Her Majesty’s liened gold assets, the United Kingdom and the Bank of England have been bankrupted. But you don’t know this yet. You soon will. Get ready for the dire consequences.

Great British Public, Point #2: Given the stealing of HM The Queen’s liened gold assets by the US criminal official claque in collaboration with Deutsche Bank and the other organs of the DVD, Dachau, Britain has suffered an ‘Act of War’ fronted by the United States on behalf (ultimately) of the Dachau-based Nazi strategic continuum, for which no ‘forgiveness’ is possible. This ‘Act of War’ is sufficient to enable the British Government to inform the European Union that it will activate its right to leave the EU Collective, now at last exposed as a long-range entrapment geostrategy orchestrated from Dachau in accordance with the authoritative Nazi strategy blueprint ‘Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’, published in Berlin in 1942 (upon which the convoluted Maastricht Treaty is modelled). Great Britain can do this under various headings, not least under Article 49 of the 1969 Geneva Convention on International Treaties [see posting dated 12th October 2005]. More to the point, since the Rule of Law has collapsed, Britain can recognise this indisputable reality by getting out of the German collective unilaterally. Value Added Tax accruals can then be applied directly to the urgent needs of British society without the unwanted intermediation of institutionally corrupt and grasping foreign bureaucrats.

European Union/European Commission: Be aware that it is known in appropriate circles that the stealing/diversion of HM the Queen's liened gold assets on 29th-30th March 2007, exposed by this service, is clearly understood to have represented an operation designed to tie the hands of the incoming Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, by bankrupting the Bank of England, Her Majesty and the United Kingdom generally. The geopolitical purpose of this scam was to deprive the pound sterling of the backing necessary for it to continue to exist, and to force a Brown Government to abandon sterling in favour of the European Collective Currency, the Euro. It is also clearly understood that this attempted putsch was orchestrated by the secret embedded DVD Continuum Nazis operating deep inside the US intelligence structures, on behalf of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, Dachau.

Because these connections are known and understood, be advised that the operation will have proved counterproductive (as is invariably the case with these arrogant Nazi operations against the 'Main Enemy') and will have precisely the opposite effect and outcome to that intended. It is also well understood that Nazi strategists, who imagine themselves to be so brilliant, are normally blinded by their own arrogance and stupidity. Even a cursory glance at the British character should have made it clear to the dumbest dumkopf that the Brits are not about to put up with being kicked around and jackbooted like this. So beware of what will follow this outrageous 'Act of War'. We are supposed to be mealy-mouthed about it because it was perpetrated by our Ally? You must be joking.
Get ready for Britain to get out of your institutionally corrupt Tower of Babel Collective. And soon.
Moves are afoot along these lines, since this 'Act of War' provides just the pretext we need.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair: Your cockiness is extremely offensive. You have been sacked by Her Majesty, for good reason, but you are acting ‘the limpet’, like your corrupt co-conspirators Mr Paul ‘hole-in-his-socks’ Wolfowitz, US Vice President Cheney, Mr Henry M. ‘Conflict-of-Interest’ Paulson, and other fellow operatives who appear to have decided collectively to stay in place ‘until the storm blows over’. Sorry, you have misread the vibes, Prime Minister – just like you misread, twist and misinterpret everything you touch. You have passed your sell-by date, your services are no longer required by Her Majesty. Get the hell out.

Rupert Murdoch: Your current attempt to buy Dow Jones, upon which the whole world relies for accurate financial market data, is considered by experts to be liable to represent a potential threat to the integrity of all financial markets, given the scope for unscrupulous manipulation of reported data which could provide the criminal financial classes with open-ended ‘black hole’ opportunities.

Members of the reportedly divided Bancroft family, owners of Dow Jones (and thus Wall Street Journal) shares: Resist the blandishments of Rupert Murdoch and his Chinese intelligence wife. Place the interests of the United States and the world financial markets before your own pockets.

US Generals: Examine your consciences, if you have any. Look at the mess on your own front lawn. Instead of spending all your energies ‘inventing evil things’*, take hold of the runaway situation in accordance with your decayed professional responsibilities. Do something lastingly worthwhile, for once. [* Romans, Chapter 1, verse 30].

US Gold Badges: What are you FOR?

City of London Fraud Squad: What are YOU for?

Complacent British intelligence officers: What do you ACTUALLY do, apart from lunching and dining at West End Clubs? Let us know why you are content allowing us to do your dirty work on this crisis while you’re ‘out to lunch’, please.

Complacent, CIA-penetrated Federal Bureau of Investigation: We inform you what we think of your glaring lack of integrity, in the context of your typically disgraceful ‘fudging’ letter addressed to Attorney Thomas E. Henry, dated 30th April 2007, reproduced below.

‘Active Agent’ of the Republican Party who contacted Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., yesterday evening, enquiring about our timely exposure of the intended ‘Reichstag Fire’ that may have been planned for 1st September 2008 at the commencement of the Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St Paul: Point #1: We exposed this prospective crisis precisely in order to preclude it happening, obviously. Point #2: Details of the exposure are contained in a notarised Affidavit written by this Editor immediately following his unexpected discovery of this prospective abomination, and its conveyance to appropriate authorities in October 2004. Point #3: The Editor’s reasoning and rationale for deciding to make this matter public has been very clearly explained in earlier reports posted on this website. He would not have done this had he thought that the danger was non-existent. It would have been irresponsible, in the prevailing dreadful circumstances, to have withheld publication of the reported information any longer. Point #4: It is well recognised that because your own intelligence colleagues lie all the time, nothing that any of them says to you can be believed, or can ever have any credibility, given the long-term penetration of your intelligence structures by competing criminal gangs and their foreign power clients. Point #5: But on the other hand, you are in a position to demand that the Wantagate saga is brought to an immediate end, and that the stealing of The Queen’s assets is reversed forthwith.

So before you ask for this Editor’s further assistance…

Why don’t you pay attention to these urgent requirements, before picking up on subsidiary issues? We agree of course that the Twin Cities warning is a matter of extreme gravity.

But so is the ONI blackmail operation against the Royal Family, and so is the criminal US heist of British assets during the UK banking shutdown on 29th-30th March 2007.

Point #6: So, before you ask for the Editor’s further assistance – after all, he has stuck his neck out for you people for the past year, not expecting any thanks, let alone any reward – why don’t you do us a simple favour and exert whatever influence you may wield, to get this mess sorted, so that we can all get on with our lives? And don't even BEGIN to think you can intimidate us.

On the basis of your response, the Editor will judge whether, as the evidence would suggest, the US Republican Party is in fact a resurrected Nazi Party, or whether you people have not yet ALL taken leave of your senses. So, get moving, please, and work for resolutions of these calamities, before events take over and your Party goes to Hades with the Republic you purport to serve.

Yesterday, the Ambassador and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., delivered the following letter to President George W. Bush, copies of which, as mentioned above, were faxed by this Editor to Buckingham Palace and the Chancery of the British Embassy in Washington, D.C.:

AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc
Office of The Treasurer
Telephone/ANS: (814) 455 9218
Facsimile: (814) 453 4453

To: the Honorable George W. Bush
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C., 20500

Cc: The Honorable Henry M. Paulson, Jr.
Secretary of the Treasury

Via: (202) 456 1907; (202) 456 7044; (202) 622 6464; (202) 622 0073


1. Immediate inward remittance of Financial Settlement Funds
dated 14 May 2006.

2. Encl: 1) Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc. corporate securities account
coordinates for AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., dated 14 August 2006.
[These are of course excluded from this posting].

Cc. Lee. E. Wanta, Chairman and Chief Executive Office

In the matter of: The Agreed Upon Financial Settlement and Four Point Five Trillion United States Dollars ($4,500,000,000,000.00 US Dollars) regarding Ambassador Leo E. Wanta/Lee E. Wanta and AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.

Ref: Encl: 1) Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc., corporate securities account coordinates for AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. dated 14 August 2006:

Re: Immediate Inward Remittance of Financial Settlement Funds:

Dear Sir

It has been brought to this firm’s attention that the referenced agreed upon Financial Settlement payment of Four Point Five Trillion United States Dollars ($4,500,000,000,000.00 US Dollars) is still on account within the United States Treasury Account of JPMORGANCHASE Custodial Account at CITIBANK with the beneficial ownership of Leo E. Wanta/Lee E. Wanta. Further, this firm is advised that the assignment to AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., is still in full force, per instructions to Secretary M. Paulson Jr., on 14 August 2006 et seq.

Additionally, the above referenced Settlement Funds have been kept unlawfully “off the books” while Vice President Cheney and Secretary Paulson, et al., at your direction, have utilized the Four Point Eight Trillion United States Dollars plus ($4,800,000,000,000.00 US Dollars), diverted from the Bank of England on March 29th-March 30th 2007, in an attempt to place said funds “on the books” before authorizing release to the lawful AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. Securities Account at Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc., coordinates (Encl 1).

On May 3rd, this firm was advised that a refunding, in the form of new issue unsubordinated debt obligations/ITraxx exchange traded funds via Deutsche Bank, will be used to recover the “mis-appropriated” Bank of England funds in a further unlawful attempt to delay the authorized release of the aforementioned Settlement funds and thereby to cause further delay and/or the prevention of payment – by Leo (Lee) E. Wanta/AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. – of payable taxes of One Point Five Seven Five Trillion United States Dollars ($1,575,000,000,000.00 US Dollars) to the Treasury of the United States of America (or as directed by the Office of the President of the United States of America).

Further, this firm was notified between 5:00 pm EDT May 12, 2007 and 2:00 EDT May 14, 2007, that the following events occurred:

(1) That a global Federal Reserve System shutdown was placed into effect, at 1:00 am EDT May 13, 2007, to coordinate the movement of funds to make the aforementioned payments, e.g. Bank of England replacement of the stolen “product” from her Majesty, and the payment to Ambassador Leo E. Wanta, et al.;
(2) That eight (8) of the twelve (12) Government Accounts had been “loaded/stocked” for said disbursement; and:
(3) That although assurances have been given to the “Agencies and DOD personnel” – NO funds have been released to the previously noted AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. account (Ref: Encl:1), per your agreement of May, June and July 2006 with Ambassador Leo E. Wanta et al.

Finally, we were shocked and surprised to read the letter from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, dated April 30, 2007, that they will not disclose the Federal employee that is responsible for the Title 18, Sections 4, 35 and 1970, et seq., fraudulent crimes against Ambassador Leo (Lee) E. Wanta/AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., and Her Majesty, et al.

Accordingly, with respect, this letter hereby advises and instructs you, as The President of the United States of America, per your Oath of Office, to immediately issue the authorization and inward remittance of the unlawfully held, at your direction, Four Point Five Trillion United States Dollars ($4,500,000,000,000.00 US Dollars) to the enclosed AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. corporate Securities Account.

Whereas, The President of the United States of America, having signed H.R. 3723 on October 11, 1996, has protected this transaction by allowing Corporations the right to declare their Contracts, Clients, Internal Procedures and Information, and the transactions they engage in as a Corporate or Trade Secret fully protected under the Economic and Industrial Espionage Laws of the United States of America and the International Economic Community.

Inasmuch, the names, identities, bank coordinates and other identifying information of persons or entities that are party to this transaction, contained herein, or learned hereafter, shall be a Corporate Trade Secret that shall not be disseminated or other than as provided for herein, or as allowed under applicable law. Any unauthorized Disclosure of this Private Transaction, parties to, or other material fact of, shall subject the violators to Criminal Prosecution.


AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.
Authorized by: [Signed] Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., 5-14-2007
Executive Vice President and Treasurer (814) 874 3257

Authorized by: [Signed] Lee E. Wanta, Chief Executive Officer
President, 14 May 07 (ANS: 814-455 9218).

Encl: 1) Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc. corporate securities account coordinates
For AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., dated 14 August 2006.

Cc: The Honorable Richard B. Cheney,
Vice President of the United States of America
The Honorable Alberto Gonzales,
Attorney General of the United States of America
The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
Madame Speaker of the House of Representatives
The Honorable Harry Reid,
Majority Leader of the United States Senate
The Honorable Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
Appropriate Leaders of USG Agencies
AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.
Mr William Bonney Sr., C.B.I.C. Corporation, BOLDCAP LIMITED, INC.
Land Baron/XENO
Thomas E. Henry, Attorney At Law
Mr Thomas J. Melville
Members of the United States Congress
Concerned National and Foreign Government Associated Parties
Relevant National and Foreign Private Business Interests.

We now turn to the Letter from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to Attorney Thomas E. Henry, dated 30th April 2007, sent in response to Ambassador Leo Wanta’s demand for an FBI Criminal Investigation into the diversion and illegal misapplication of Leo's funds, publicised here in March.

But first, we took a close look at the FBI’s website []. Specifically:

Under ‘What we investigate’, the website states that the FBI currently has ‘jurisdiction over violations or more than 200 categories of Federal law’.

The website proclaims: ‘The very heart of FBI operations lies in our investigations – which serve, as our mission states, “to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats and to enforce the criminal law of the United States”’.

Under ‘National Security priorities’ of the FBI, the website proclaims that these include:
Economic Espionage;
Government Fraud;
Corporate/Securities Fraud; and:
Money Laundering

Under FINANCIAL CRIMES, the FBI’s ‘Financial Crimes Report to the Public’ for Fiscal year 2006, begins with the following paragraph:

‘The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigates matters relating to fraud, theft or embezzlement occurring within or against the national and international financial community. These crimes are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust, and are not dependent upon the application or threat of physical force or violence. Such acts are committed by individuals and organizations to obtain personal or business advantage. The FBI focuses its financial crimes investigations on such criminal activities as corporate fraud, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, identity theft, insurance fraud, mass marketing fraud, and money laundering. These are the identified priority crime problem areas of the Financial Crimes Section (FCS) of the FBI’.

‘The mission of the FCS is to oversee the investigation of financial fraud and to facilitate the forfeiture of assets from those engaging in financial crimes’.

'The Economic Crimes Unit is responsible for significant frauds targeted against individuals, businesses and industries, to include: corporate fraud, insurance fraud... securities and commodities fraud, mass marketing fraud, telemarketing fraud, Ponzi schemes, advance fees schemes, and pyramid schemes'. [Victims of CIA/OMEGA Ponzi schemes, please NOTE].

Under CORPORATE FRAUD, the FBI website boasts:

‘As the lead agency investigating Corporate Fraud, the FBI has focused its efforts on cases which involve accounting schemes, self-dealing by corporate executives and obstruction of justice. The majority of Corporate Fraud cases pursued by the FBI involve accounting schemes designed to deceive investors, auditors and analysts about the true financial condition of a corporation. Through the manipulation of financial data, the share price of a corporation remains artificially inflated based on fictitious performance indicators provided to the investing public. In addition to significant financial losses to investors, Corporate Fraud has the potential to cause immeasurable damage to the U.S. economy and investor confidence’.

Unfortunately, the FBI is so extensively penetrated by agents reporting secretly to the corrupt CIA, that it has been FATALLY corrupted from within – so that its ‘mission statement’ is a pack of lies.

It is useless and thus, by definition, an accessory to the fact of massive ongoing criminal financial scams. The FBI does not enforce the Rule of Law: it condones egregious breaches of it, not least the multiple US Statutes listed as usual at the foot of this posting.

That the FBI is a useless waste of space, is evident from the text of this feckless FBI letter, written in response to Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta’s legitimate demand for an FBI Criminal Investigation, publicised on this website in March [see ARCHIVE]:

U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, DC 20535-0001

April 30, 2007-05-15
Mr Thomas E. Henry, Esq.
[Address withheld here]

Dear Mr Henry

Your letter, dated March 26, 2007, to the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, was referred to the Initial Processing Unit (IPU), Internal Investigations Section (IIS), Inspection Division (INSD), FBI, for review. The IPU/INSD is the FBI entity responsible for investigating allegations of serious misconduct or criminal activity on the part of an FBI employee.

In your letter you allege that several private and public affiliated individuals and entities have continuously conspired, both individually and jointly, to prevent your clients, Leo E. Wanta/Lee E. Wanta, AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., from being able to exercise their legal right to the unrestricted use, transfer, and disbursement of monies that were transferred through international bank monetary clearing systems to financial institutions in the United States for the sole and exclusive use and benefit of your clients.

The purpose of this letter is to advise you since your correspondence does not include any allegations of serious misconduct on the part of any FBI employee, no further action will be taken by IPU/INSD regarding this matter.

IPU/INSD gives serious and appropriate attention to all allegations of FBI employee misconduct. If you have specific information concerning serious misconduct on the part of an FBI employee, you may send it directly to IPU at the J. Edgar Hoover Building, Inspection Division, Room 3041, 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20535.

Sincerely [sic!!!].

Mary Ellen D. Glass
Acting Unit Chief
Initial Processing Unit
Inspection Division

This letter is quite extraordinary, for three reasons. The Ambassador’s Attorney did NOT demand an investigation of FBI misconduct, but rather of gross serial criminality by holders of high office and others under the United States. In other words, the letter is deliberately skewed to respond to a question that was never asked, a.k.a. a figment of the FBI apparatchik’s imagination.

Secondly, the FBI letter acknowledges, by repeating them in paragraph two, the extremely serious allegations made by the Ambassador’s Attorney, a fact that will be of very great assistance in the forthcoming Grand Jury, R.I.C.O. and other US legal proceedings that have had to be initiated as a consequence of the official criminal operatives’ failure to resolve Wantagate.

And thirdly, the Federal employee responsible for the Title 18, Sections 4, 35 and 1970, et seq. fraudulent crimes against Ambassador Wanta, AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc, Her Majesty the Queen, and other victims, is none other than the weak and compromised President of the United States.

That the FBI is ‘guilty as hell’ is reconfirmed if we remind ourselves once again of the language of Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 1, Section 4: Misprision of Felony, which reads as follows:

‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a Court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.

And this, finally, provides us with our cue to listing, yet again, the American Statutes and legal environments which the penetrated, compromised, duplicitous, inefficient and hence thoroughly discredited Federal Bureau of Investigation is ignoring because it is taking instructions from its internal CIA handlers, who are in turn following instructions from on high not to rock the boat any further in case it topples over altogether:


US laws breached by President Bush Jr., Richard Cheney, Henry M. Paulson, Robert M. Kimmitt, Michael Chertoff, other officials previously named in these reports, all members of G. W. Bush's Cabinet, and the Boards of Directors of Goldman Sachs and Co, Bank of America, Citibank Group, Wachovia Bank, JPMorganChase, Bank of Nova Scotia, Chemical Bank, First Union Bank and other US and foreign institutions, including the Bank of England, which have been illegally exploiting Ambassador Wanta’s tagged and earmarked $4.5 trillion Settlement money, always intended for the benefit of the American people and for the paying down of the US Treasury’s background debt:

• Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act
• Anti-Drug Abuse Act
• Applicable international money laundering restrictions
• Bank Secrecy Act
• Conspiracy to commit and cover up murder.
• Crimes, General Provisions, Accessory After the Fact [Title 18, USC]
• Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act
• Economic Espionage Act
• Hobbs Act
• Imparting or Conveying False Information [Title 18, USC]
• Maloney Act
• Misprision of Felony [Title 18, USC]
• Money-Laundering Control Act
• Money-Laundering Suppression Act
• Organized Crime Control Act of 1970
• Perpetration of repeated egregious felonies by State and Federal public employees and their Departments and agencies, which are co-responsible with the said employees for ONGOING illegal and criminal actions, to sustain fraudulent operations and crimes in order to cover up criminal activities and High Crimes and Misdemeanours by present and former holders of high office under the United States
• Provisions pertaining to private business transactions being protected under both private and criminal penalties [H.R. 3723]
• Provisions prohibiting the bribing of foreign officials [F.I.S.A.]
• Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act [R.I.C.O.]
• Securities Act 1933
• Securities Act 1934
• Terrorism Prevention Act
• Treason legislation, especially in time of war

This list shows to what extent the Bush II Administration condones one Rule of Law for the Rest of Us, and total contempt for domestic and international law for the officials and bankers who are illegally diverting and exploiting Ambassador Wanta’s funds

Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta: Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535 a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS. AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001

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