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Friday 27 July 2007 02:59







By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for 'Wantagate' reports since April 2006. [Note: A new panel giving details of our latest publications as they are made available, has been added].

In conformity with our predictions of what would start happening failing economic receipt by Leo Wanta of his $4.5 trillion Settlement funds – which the whole of the ‘high’ financial sector would quickly know about – the predicted ‘train wreck’ erupted in earnest on 25th July. In the previous report, we warned that we would be lucky to get through July without a crash: and we haven’t.

At 4.05 EDT on Thursday, the Dow was down by 311.50 points, to 13,473.57, after recovering slightly from an earlier steep fall of 412 points. It closed 2.3% down on the day.

The FTSE 100 fell in parallel by more than 200 points, or 3.2%, to 6,251.2, the steepest decline since immediately ahead of the Iraq invasion.

The reason for the collapse was that the Wanta Settlement, which was finally slated to be paid onto the books, by 1.00pm Eastern Daylight, was again aborted.

But this time, given much more extensive financial market understanding of the implications of the Wantagate crisis, failure to credit $4.5 trillion on the books to the AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc, securities account with Morgan Stanley, New York, was immediately transferred to Wall Street stock market sentiment. There are fundamental reasons of timing for this linkage, which has never materialised previously: it signals the absolute end of the road for the criminalist financial operatives.

Among various explanations for this latest fiasco were assertions that there were serious glitches in France. Reports of trouble in Paris were confirmed when, after the issuance of arrest warrants for a significant number of bankers on 25th July, reports of their actual arrest were confirmed by several of our sources.

Immediately ahead of the start on 25th July of the predicted ‘train wreck’, the US dollar’s slide had accelerated, with the Euro reaching $1.3852 on 24th July (its highest level since launch in January 1999) and the pound sterling touching a high of $2.065.

Spot gold was already trading at $683.90 bid and $684.15 ask on that date, and the British press, sensing a crisis, and having doggedly ignored Wantagate, was floundering around attributing all the wrong reasons for these and related developments.

Another huge full colour photograph of the US Treasury Secretary, Henry M. Paulson Jr., took up a large area of the Business Section of The Daily Telegraph – as the previously referenced official PR campaign to inform the world that ‘I’m here’, continued unabated.

Someone looking like Paulson appeared on a US TV show on 25th July, uttering empty verbiage and convincing at least one well-informed US viewer friend of the Editor that he was floundering in the face of very sharp questioning about his failing stewardship, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, and prospective or actual knock-on effects of his ‘incompetence’ on the US and world economies.

Note in this context that Paulson, of course, has never denied that he was arrested in Germany last December – for the straightforward reason that he was arrested in Germany last December. He was exfiltrated, you will recall, by British agents, and plonked down in the Washington Cathedral, where he arrived late for the late President Ford’s funeral dirge.

‘Markets hold breath for fear of crunch’, ‘Dollar slides to record low as equity markets tumble’ [24th July], ‘Italy set to bail out bank (Italease) after huge derivatives losses’ [25th July] (the Bank of Italy has intervened to avert systemic contagion developing from exponential losses suffered by a low-margin leasing bank enticed by easy profits from futures contracts) and ‘Credit markets nauseous over cheap debt [22nd July] (pointing out that ‘many banks are sitting on a mountain of debt they can’t sell, at least, not at a decent price) – have been typical pre-'train wreck' London newspaper headlines confirming what we warned last week.

On 26th July, the Financial Times’ lead report was headed: ‘Big deals in trouble over debt take-up: Difficulties spark fears of global credit crunch’, with some banks rumoured to have closed down with respect to the provision of further credit, for the rest of the summer. The Daily Telegraph added, in huge bold type: ‘Banks left with $22 billion of debt as crunch deepens’.

Too bad that none of the British commentators, including those writing for the Financial Times, had perversely all ignored Wantagate and so were unable to tie any meaningful dots together to explain what was really happening. On the contrary, their analyses remained higgledy-piggeldy, built upon the shifting sands of ‘pronouncements’ by market gurus having axes to grind, with no real in-depth understanding beyond a superficial grasp of technicalities, and therefore no comprehension of the following central FACT: The previously trumpeted avalanche of inflationary liquidity was triggered specifically and uniquely by the panic arising from Wantagate – as holders of illicit ‘fiat’ money funds created from the leveraging and hypothecation of stolen and diverted 'on-the-books' assets, have scrambled almost in unison to protect themselves from prospective prosecution for fraud and tax evasion, by seeking the collectivisation of ‘their’ assets through placing them with ‘hedge funds’, a.k.a. ‘private equity’ groups which specialise in obfuscating ‘source of funds’.

Indeed financial journalists on both sides of the Atlantic persist in the dereliction of their Fourth Estate duty to query ‘source of funds' – which is NEVER identified in ANY reports on ‘private equity’ issues. This rule, it seems, is NEVER broken.

Never mind, many, if not all, of these dubious entities may soon have ceased to exist, as their 'on-the-books' sources of funds dry up. No-one will now lend to them 'on the books', and they cannot divert off-the-books fiat funds onto the books, to gain belated respectability.

So we have the blind leading the blind – the moral of which is that ‘both shall fall into the ditch’. This may seem unfair on the blind who are being led, but of course the author of this profound saying (the greatest intellect who ever lived) knew perfectly what He was talking about (1).

The generality of markets, investors and spectators remain blind because the full significance of Wantagate has not yet dawned in their minds. This, however, is not the case in respect of the minds of the ever-expanding army of co-conspiratorial investors, operatives, intermediaries, bankers and others who fall into the following two categories:

(1) Those whose eyes were open when they embarked upon participations in leveraged financial transactions based upon either borrowed or stolen/diverted assets.

(2) Those whose eyes were closed when they embarked upon participations in leveraged financial transactions based upon either borrowed or stolen/diverted assets.

According to Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., Executive Vice President and Treasurer of Ambassador Leo Wanta’s AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., the number of such parties that can now be estimated, may be of the order of 100,000. Who are these people?

They are the participants and counterparties in layered hypothecation transactions who were promised wild returns by George Bush Sr. et al, and who either wittingly or unwittingly allowed themselves to be enticed into dodgy transactions and contracts without querying ‘source of funds’ – deals which they thought were valid, and would yield great cascades of golden eggs, but which suddenly turned sour, or potentially sour, when the following events occurred:

1. All of a sudden, Leo Emil Wanta had ceased to be dead – as of 21st July 2005, contrary to the lie promulgated by the CIA under three Administrations. That was when the extortion demand handled by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections in relation to Judge Michael B. Torphy Jr.’s Restitution Order against the Ambassador (based upon State tax fabrications, false witness and perjury), was paid with this Editor’s private funds of $30,626.97 to Wisconsin probation Agent Michelle Riel – part of the proceeds of which were then remitted by cheque for $24,900.91 on the 4th August 2005 by the Department of Corrections to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Probation agent Michelle Riel then wrote (as had previously been mooted) to the Judge to ask whether he had any objection to Leo Wanta’s probation being shortened (as it turned out, by five+ years, to 14th November 2005, instead of 28th November 2010), to which request, Judge Torphy replied that he had ‘no objection’.

2. As an immediate consequence of (1) above, the lie that Leo Wanta was dead, perpetrated by three US Administrations – George Bush I, Clinton and George Bush II – and clumsily promulgated by the CIA (despite parallel lies that were being simultaneously thrown around the place by the FBI, in order to deceive the Wisconsin Court through perjury, false witness, etc), was exposed.


Why Omygosh? Here’s why:

For the preceding 13 years, the aforementioned participants and counterparties had been engaged in leveraged transactions without asking the usual necessary due diligence questions about ‘source of funds’ which, as stated above, they had assumed would deliver cascades of golden eggs for ever and ever. Amen.

The more astute among their number realised that if Leo Wanta was not dead after all, they had been deceived. They started to panic, correctly fearful that they personally may lack immunity from prospective prosecution for fraud in the future.

The less astute among them may have started to realise that the game might be up in some unspecified way but failed to wake up from their comfortable Rip van Winkle slumberland until recently (that is to say, following a year or so of these Wantagate reports). This is the reason that their numbers have been exploding of late, reaching an estimated 100,000 today.

Let us now take a step back to review the situation arising from the May 2006 accord whereby funds worth $4.5 trillion owned by Ambassador Wanta as sole Principal were repatriated in his name, for his account, by the People’s Bank of China.

This followed a high-level US official visit to Beijing when the Chinese authorities were informed, with proof, that Leo Emil Wanta, who had operated on US Presidential instructions with a Chinese Partner, Howe Kwong Kok, was indeed alive. (Howe died suddenly in Singapore after ingesting rat poison, shortly after a visit there by George H. W. Bush Sr. in 1992 – the first of two moves aimed at seizure and control of the targeted assets).

The object of the visit – by the Treasury Secretary of the day, John Snow, and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Dr Ben Bernanke – was to procure the repatriation of these funds, with the Chinese making it clear that they wished to conduct financing transactions with Leo Wanta, whom they admired because of his record of trustworthiness in their dealings with him in the past.

Snow and Bernanke sought repatriation of these funds ostensibly in order to purport to finance a ‘compromise’ Settlement with Leo Wanta that had been negotiated following the shock that had reverberated around the intelligence and financial communities when it became known among the compartmentalised brethren that Leo was not dead, as the CIA had lied, but quite the reverse.

Note: Every effort had been made by the Forces of Darkness, orchestrated by the CIA and the White House, to ensure that Leo Wanta WAS dead, as five attempts were made to murder him, the fifth entailing the notorious failed attack in the Kettle Moraine washroom by a Deputy Sheriff, who had put on prisoners’ clothes for the purpose, but then fled in his County car after changing back into his official garb in the administration area. Separately, a number of attempts were made to have Leo certified insane, but this offensive ceased after a kind Chinese female doctor, mindful of what happens in her own country, refused to succumb to the pressure exerted on her to comply.

The ‘compromise’ agreement, aimed at ‘releasing’ Leo Wanta’s claim to the $27.5 trillion ‘base’ funds and assets that he had accumulated in the course of his Presidentially sanctioned Financial Warfare against the Soviet Union, was agreed and signed off by the White House, Supreme Court Justices, senior legislators and others in May 2006.

In obtaining economic receipt of his $4.5 trillion, Leo Wanta would thereby relinquish his ongoing valid claim, as sole principal, on his $27.5 trillion – which all concerned, other than a few arrogant and misguided diehards, now desperately need to happen in order to avert total disaster.

The Editor is advised that US generals and other parties, especially the Chinese authorities and even President Putin, are again apoplectic that this transaction continues to be obstructed, with the business of the US Federal Government more or less at a standstill, and the financial markets, no longer propped up by laundered fiat funds, poised to implode further at any time (ie., now).

No sooner had the ink on the Wanta Settlement agreement of May 2006 dried, than John Snow suddenly left his post, and Henry M. Paulson was hauled to the Treasury by President George W. Bush Jr. (a decision that Paulson must now have occasion to regret); and instead of Leo Wanta collecting his funds as is his right, the $4.5 trillion, which had been paid to him, was now illegally hijacked, and has been corruptly exploited ever since.

The funds have in fact now been paid twice – once by the People’s Bank of China, and a second time by the Bank of England, the Editor has learned.

As indicated, Ambassador Leo Wanta accepted the ‘compromise’ $4.5 trillion (and volunteered to pay 35% tax to the Treasury, rather than the 5% applicable to repatriated funds), in lieu of asserting his claim to the $27.5 trillion (and all subsequent accruals illegally leveraged therefrom without his prior approval) that he held in bank accounts attached to his Title 18, Section 6 USG intelligence corporations, listed in earlier reports in this series (3).

Clearly, any abandonment of Leo Wanta’s claim, recognised by the banks as soon as they realised he was not dead, on 100% of his funds (plus accruals), remains firmly contingent upon his obtaining economic receipt of the $4.5 trillion – which is one of many pressing reasons why completion of the Wanta Settlement cannot be sidestepped, avoided or cancelled.

The value of these total funds, originally estimated by this service to have ballooned to around $70 trillion by late last year, is now believed to be of the order of $300 trillion, following hyperactive leveraging and hypothecation. The aggregate global VOLUME of illegally generated 'fiat money' funds floating around the off-balance sheet sector is believed to be infinitely higher. But whether any of these funds will have retained any VALUE at all by the end of August, may be questionable.

In summary, therefore, absent collection and economic receipt of the $4.5 trillion by Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta (in whose name the $4.5 trillion, to this day, are held and tagged), the Ambassador retains, and can exercise, a claim to the original $27.5 trillion ($300 trillion).

The $4.5 trillion has been paid to Leo Wanta, and ‘collected upon’, but it has not been collected by him and his Commonwealth of Virginia corporation. [US disinformation specialists have taken of late to spreading the lie that the funds have been removed. That is untrue: the assets remain in place, tagged and earmarked for Leo/Lee E Wanta as beneficiary].

Understanding what is meant here is important. By procuring the ‘payment’ of the funds to the Ambassador (by foreign parties who would be clueless about this nuance, of course) and holding the funds earmarked and tagged in his name – yet at the same time constructively preventing him from collecting (receiving economic receipt of) the funds – the co-conspirators and accessories to the fact of this gigantic illegal diversion and exploitation of his funds will have gambled recklessly that Leo Wanta could not assert his claim on the entire $27.5 trillion ($300 trillion), since the funds have been ‘paid’. This risky intended supposition has been undermined, not least by the practical reality that most of the foreign banks concur that Leo Wanta has a legitimate continuing claim on the funds held in his Title 18, Section 6 corporations’ accounts. It is for this underlying reason that they actively support the necessity for the compromise $4.5 trillion to be paid without further ado.

Deliberate obstruction of economic receipt of his funds by the Ambassador for the past 14 months means that – given not least the ‘Misprision of felony’ law (4), the Statutes and laws of which the criminalist operatives and their financial and intelligence sector associates are in breach, which have been listed at the foot of successive Wantagate reports since last February – the longer that Ambassador Wanta is obstructed from collecting the funds that have been paid to him, the longer and more damaging will be the list of felony counts which the perpetrators who lack ‘immunity’ risk facing in prospective prosecutions as the inevitable purge gathers momentum (5).

Moreover, Presidential Pardons wouldn’t help any, as they would have to be repeated every day – an abuse that not even this Congress would stand for.

Even more ominously for the perpetrators, the crimes committed against Leo Wanta are the same crimes as have repeatedly been committed against his AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which has no Statute of Limitations in respect of criminal acts – a fact of significance that appears to have been overlooked by all the perpetrators of these crimes.

The latest bunch of financial crooks to have joined the long list of the co-conspiratorial directors and accessories to the fact of some or all of these crimes is the Bank of New York Mellon, which is reported to have diverted and to have been misusing Ambassador Wanta’s funds, which had been transferred to its care under contract from the CIA’s primary institution, Bank of America, from 19th July 2007. (The Bank of New York Company, Inc. merged with Mellon Financial Corporation on 1st July 2007). This institution reportedly boasts of its compliance with the Patriot Act(s) despite the fact that, given its illegal diversion of Ambassador Wanta’s funds from 19th July 2007, the bank and its directors are in breach inter alia of:

Title III Patriot Act: Provision against money laundering conversion and unauthorised loans trading ahead of the fiduciary client: Title 311 USC Section 5318(h);
The Money-Laundering Control Act;
The Money-Laundering Suppression Act
The Bank Secrecy Act of 1970;
The Organized Crime Control Act of 1970;
The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act [R.I.C.O.]; Treason legislation, especially in time of war.

It would be interesting to know whether top Bank of New York Mellon executives Timothy F Keaney, Thomas A Renyi, Robert P Kelly, Gerald L Hassell, Carl Krasik, Bruce W. Van Saun and Richard Brueckner, consider that they enjoy exemptions from these Statutes.

They have no valid legal justification for obstructing immediate economic receipt of his 14 months-overdue funds by the owner of the $4.5 trillion, Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta/his Commonwealth of Virginia corporation, AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.

It will take ten minutes or so to transfer the balance to this corporation’s securities account with Morgan Stanley, New York. No extraneous diversionary considerations are relevant.

In this connection, the Editor and the Principals have repeatedly been at the receiving end of innumerable ‘explanations’, these past 14 months during which constructive receipt has been deliberately obstructed – seeking to ‘explain’ why and which parties had been responsible for the hold-up du jour. As the crisis has deepened, these explanations have become ever more exotic – ranging, most recently, from some confusion or other centred on a particular bank, to a suggestion from an American ‘interested party’ based in London that ‘George Bush Jr. won’t release the funds until Congress agrees to raise the Statutory Debt Ceiling to $17 trillion’.

When the Editor heard this, he marvelled at the advanced level of lunacy which must have gripped the sick mind of the ‘Useful Idiot’ source of this particular red herring. For it just so happens, as subscribers to International Currency Review will be aware, that the Editor may well be the United Kingdom’s sole lay ‘expert’ on the US Federal Budget in existence – having published a number of special issues of International Currency Review in the past that have been devoted exclusively to detailed analyses of the Federal Budget and of successive alterations to the ‘smoke and mirrors’ devices concocted by the Executive and Legislative Branches to obfuscate the ever-steepening downward curve of chronic degradation into which the US Treasury’s finances have descended as the United States’ century-old deficit-financing disease has avoided every cure on offer.

Dealing with the ‘red herring’ in question, the Debt Subject to Statutory Limit in FY 2006 was $8.4 trillion (having doubled, by the way, since 1995). The figure estimated by the Office of Management and Budget for FY 2007 is $8.9 trillion, and the FY 2008 estimate is $9.5 trillion.

Doubling the Debt Subject to Statutory Limit to $17 trillion would send such a negative signal to the international financial markets, that the very worst of the outcomes that we anticipated last week and are happening in real time 'as we speak', would be liable to ensue within the space of a matter of days. So, to put forward this crackpot ‘explanation’ for the continued criminal obstruction of Leo Wanta being able to take constructive receipt of the $4.5 trillion which has long since been paid to him, exposes its author as yet another irresponsible source of shallow US disinformation – in this case, intended to mislead gullible people who have not yet consulted the Office of Management and Budget’s documentation (i.e., 99.999% of humanity).

The only remaining cure or self-correcting mechanism for the US Treasury’s chronic disease IS The Wanta Plan, which, when activated (as should have happened in June 2006), would apply high-yield investment programme techniques ON BALANCE SHEET – procuring massive taxation windfalls for the US Treasury which it could book ON BALANCE SHEET so as to pay down its ‘background debt’ without fear of adverse scrutiny and in full view of the marketplace.

Such transactions are legal, always provided that tax is paid on them, and the proceeds are held on balance-sheet. The investment programmes that will be activated when The Wanta Plan is belatedly kick-started, will all be derived from 'on-the-books' sources of funds, will all be taxed, and will all be conducted transparently, in direct contrast to the myriad illegal 'fiat money' operations that have been generating untaxed proceeds off-balance sheet that are then laundered offshore and remain unreported to the metropolitan authorities.

This would then enable the US Office of Management and Budget to ‘clean up its act’ and to cease publishing grossly misleading and confused presentations in order to perpetuate the obfuscation of the Federal Budget so as to reassure foreign Governments and investors that purchases of US Treasury securities could continue sine die. (Ironically, given the impending collapse of the US dollar and the Wantagate-related financial crisis that has erupted thanks to the madness of the US criminal cadres, this carousel is about, it seems, to come to an abrupt end anyway).

Rather than allow the greatest financial engineering brain in teh world to implement The Wanta Plan, which the Group of Eight financial powers, in its more sober moments, has supported, the former Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs, Henry M. Paulson, arrived at the Treasury with the apparent brief of frustrating implementation of The Wanta Plan and exploiting the $4.5 trillion cash-cash funds paid to, earmarked and tagged for the Ambassador.

This appears to have been done for both self-enrichment purposes, as we have publicised, and in order to generate funds now urgently needed to meet the frustrated expectations of the several participants and counterparties, who have been promised cascades of golden eggs but have so far, as a generality, received zilch.

These people now feared that, with Leo Wanta proven to be alive, contrary to the CIA’s lies, they may have been deceived and defrauded. Considering the pedigrees of some of these people, that is very dangerous for the master fraudsters.

And the nightmares of those who were always well aware of the illegal diversion, leveraging and exploitation of Leo Wanta’s assets, will have been even nastier.

In other words, Paulson and his associates are specifically responsible for making the perverse choice, and doing everything wrong: ignoring the gathering global financial storm clouds, in favour of addressing the ‘imperative’ (from their twisted perspective) of obfuscating the financial chaos generated by the criminal financial operations elaborated by President George Bush I, after (a) the murder of Howe Kwong Kok, (b) the illegal, trumped-up ‘takedown’ of Leo Wanta on 7th July 1993, and (c) the raising of a parallel $27.5 trillion (see immediately below) to obfuscate the intended diversion of Leo Wanta’s $27.5 trillion of assets of which he is sole Principal, held in his Title 18, Section 6 USG intelligence corporations.

[Under President Reagan’s 1981 Executive Order 12333, US intelligence operatives were licensed to establish corporations under their own specific control, and of which they could be the sole owners and Principals, for the purposes of entering into contract arrangements with the CIA, the Defence Intelligence Agency, the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and any of the other faces of the vast US intelligence community requiring their specialised services].

We now need to take a further step back, to June 2002, when the Editor attended a curious meeting convened by an intelligence front calling itself ‘Unanswered’. This entity purported to be acting in the interests of the families bereaved by the 9/11 atrocities, but in reality existed in order to control, on behalf of the criminal intelligence cadres, the responses and behaviour of the bereaved families, so as to minimise any fallout and awkward ‘blowback’ which might retain serious potential to implicate the US Government itself in the 9/11 abominations.

One of the abominations buried within the overall 9/11 abomination involved the murder of 658 employees of the money broker-cum-finance house, Cantor Fitzgerald – the staff of which, unlike that of Morgan Stanley, were not miraculously ‘away from their desks’ on the morning of 9/11, and who consequently perished in the controlled demolition explosions. This firm held the original contracts associated with a large portfolio of derivatives transactions – all of which, following 9/11, were ‘forgiven’, because the underlying original derivatives contract documentation had been most conveniently incinerated, along with Cantor Fitzgerald’s 658 New York employees.

Upon the basis of what funds and assets were such derivatives contracts originally leveraged and hypothecated? The answer is going to surprise some people:

1. Upon the $27.5 trillion diverted/stolen from the accounts belonging to Leo Wanta’s Title 18, Section 6 USG corporations located abroad; and:

2. Upon a SECOND ‘mirror image’ $27.5 trillion raised under George Bush I from 200+ banks in 1989-92 (6), ostensibly to finance the ‘global security environment’ which was to be constructed upon the dubious ‘consensus' that emerged inter alia from Mikhail Gorbachev’s ‘Global Security Project’, an initiative of his Gorbachev Foundation (viz., the Moscow-based Lenin School).

It was at the Unanswered meeting held in June 2002 that a participant distributed 30 binders containing copies of what became known as the ‘FINS’, being genuine images of sheets from Federal Reserve Board computer print-outs annotated by the top Secret Service agent Leo Wanta. These documents referred to the allocation of the SECOND $27.5 trillion (that is, item 2 above), NOT to the $27.5 trillion accumulated by Leo Wanta (item 1 above).

Before we go any further, it should be understood that it is routine practice for illegal, intelligence-linked fiat money-generation operations to be masked by a ‘real economy’ project – such as Hillary Clinton’s ‘Children’s Defense Fund’, or Enron: which, after the criminal operatives had spawned innumerable internally-originated high-yield investment programmes and had poured the proceeds into the offshore accounts of ‘Enron partnerships’, was ‘hollowed out’ and subsequently left as an empty carcase – given that these operations were soon yielding far greater fiat ‘profits’ than Enron itself; whereupon, to cover the tracks of the perpetrators, it was ‘taken down’ by specialist agents (like BCCI), leaving ranking personnel (plus a few token Big Shots) to be indicted and sentenced to extended jail terms, for cosmetic public consumption purposes.

Several supposedly real ‘projects’ were floated in 1992 to ‘justify’ the raising of the SECOND $27.5 trillion in 1992, of which the alleged but entirely unspecific ‘imperative’ of Gorbachev's ‘global security environment’ was one – and the reiterated ‘need’ for the Federal Reserve to be closed down (as provided for in the original 1913 legislation) was another. But, like the supposed project to ‘build homes for returning Soviet troops’, which was advanced as the pretext for Gorbachev receiving $1.0 billion by way of a down payment for his cooperation in covering up the ‘toppling’ of the Soviet Union by the Financial Warfare genius Leo Wanta, the real reason why a SECOND $27.5 trillion was raised from 200+ banks under George Bush I, was not at all ‘as advertised’.

What were the real reasons for the raising of $27.5 trillion in 1992? Answers:

(1) To procure the ‘on-the-books’ funds which would serve as the ‘mirror image’ of the $27.5 trillion held by Leo Emil Wanta as sole Principal, ready for the intended obfuscation operation described immediately below, so that Leo Wanta’s funds could then be ransacked.

In order to multiply fiat funds through bank leveraging operations off the books, a visible ‘on-the-books’ display of ‘real funds’ is always ‘necessary’. These typically serve as the ‘visible’ display of value, hiding the untaxed, laundered multiplication operation that takes place behind the façade of rectitude provided by the ‘visible’ funds on display.

(2) To OBFUSCATE THROUGH DELIBERATE, PRE-PLANNED DUPLICATION, the intended illegal diversion, theft, collateralisation, exploitation and hypothecation of the $27.5 trillion acquired by Leo Emil Wanta in the course of his Presidentially authorised Financial Warfare operations against the Soviet Union (an operation with which the Leninist chiefs – the real (continuing) KGB Chief, Gorbachëv, and the GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) operative Vladimir Putin – collaborated.
(However the Soviets collaborated in this operation in the context of the established background fact that ‘collapsible Communism’, as the Soviet defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn, had carefully explained, had been preplanned by the Kremlin following the death of Stalin, as a strategic deception option, to coincide with the end of the 40-year period during which the Allies had secretly agreed that Germany was to remain occupied (1949-89)).

Duplication is the enduring essence of the Leninist method. The institutions and structures of the Communist Party were/are duplicated and exactly matched by the institutions and structures of the State. By this means, the Leninist hierarchy preserved total control at all times, since any decision by the State structures could be countermanded by the Party structures, and vice versa.

The surfacing of the ‘FINS’ at the Washington Unanswered meeting in June 1992, had become ‘necessary’, in part. because of earlier leaks by competing US intelligence sources following 9/11, of some of these pages denoting Federal Reserve Board print-outs itemising huge payments to parties named on the sheets – including Pilgrim Investments (a George Bush family trust), Martwell Investments (Marc Rich, a.k.a. the long-term DVD operative Hans Brand (7)), the Vatican, and attorneys for other most ‘interesting’ recipients. Forensic deconstruction of these Fed payments is beyond the resources of the Editor, absent much more detailed inside knowledge. But such lack of information is irrelevant for our ‘macro’ purpose here, which is to establish the answer to the question: why where these Federal Reserve print-outs surfaced (by a ‘courier’)?
In the event, all but two of the folders were picked up by intelligence operatives who had suddenly asked to attend the event in June 2002, and duly crowded the meeting out. One copy was picked up by Vanity Fair, which never published anything on this subject. One set was subsequently sent to the Editor of this service, on request. And the rest is history. Probably, the intelligence community thought that the Editor would never be able to put this all together, even partially.
Did the planners actually intend a set of these Federal Reserve print-outs to fall into this Editor’s hands? The circumstances (necessitating detail inappropriate here) make this unlikely – not least, because the Editor did not obtain a set of these documents at the meeting in June 2002, but only asked for one to be sent to him many months later.

Even so, it is clear that it had become necessary for ‘visible evidence’ of ‘real funds’ to have been surfaced into a rarefied corner of the public domain. In this connection, the Editor is informed that Dr Alan Greenspan, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, had illegally removed US instruments of immense value and had taken them to Europe. The ‘FINS’ were probably surfaced at the obscure meeting in Washington, DC, that your correspondent attended, in order to ‘cover’ Dr Greenspan’s need to ‘justify’ massive ‘off-balance sheet’ amounts that he had arranged to be generated from the stolen instruments in Europe, and which would be retained unreported off-balance sheet. The off-balance sheet accruals ‘needed’ to be ‘covered’ by documents displaying the on-balance sheet numbers ‘in the public domain’, which would serve the precautionary purpose, in extremis, of dead-ending further suspicions and enquiries.

In a document held by the Editor giving the only 'public domain' inside details of what the Editor calls 'The First Wantagate, when the disposition of the $27.5 trillion raised from the 200+ banks was subjected to exactly the same kind of shenanigans that have bedevilled the Wanta Settlement for the past 14 months, the following passage about irregular activities attributed to Greenspan back then, appears (and is replicated in the section entitled 'The First Wantagate' on pages 109-136 of the forthcoming double Wantagate issue of International Currency Review [Volume 33, #s 1 & 2]):
'It appeared that the role in the Government's behaviour and activities, of Dr Alan Greenspan, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, was also brought into question as tensions rose – due to an investigation by another US Federal agency into the misappropriation of substantial funds and other irregular practices'.

Dr Greenspan resurfaced on 26th July 2007, after his stint in jail, at a staged event in Washington, DC, led by Henry M. Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, ostensibly called to discuss the business tax system, but which actually had another agenda – namely, to counter our verified reports that Dr Greenspan was arrested and incarcerated around 15th June 2007 – facts that have been repeatedly confirmed to us by Mr Michael C. Cottrell, M.S. and by other impeccable sources, based upon Gold Badge information and reiterated affirmations by Group of Eight (G-8) intelligence agencies.
As with Paulson's PR campaign that has been waged for much of this year (see above), which consists of placing large colour pictures of Mr Paulson addressing some meeting or other, the real purpose of this event was to signal to the financial markets and to the broader general public that, so far as the octogenarian Dr Greenspan is concerned, it's 'business as usual'.

However the key point to observe here is as follows: just as Mr Paulson has never referred to or denied that he was arrested in Germany last December – which he was – so have there been no denials from Dr Alan Greenspan (nor are there likely ever to be), that he was incarcerated in mid-June. The way 'rehabilitation' of these disgraced prominent figures is being handled, as Wantagate takes its toll on them, is to 'resurface them' in some public arena or other, with the TV and press cameras present, engaged in meetings on any plausible subject, as though nothing had happened.
However CNN viewers may have caught sight of a brief clip of Greenspan some days ago emerging from some doorway looking bedraggled, in a crumpled suit, as though he hadn't had a change of clothing for weeks. We don't know, but the doorway may have led from a jailhouse or a police cell.
So far as The Financial Times is concerned. Greenspan's pronouncements on borrowing costs and business tax rates at the Washington event led by Paulson, indicated that it was indeed 'business as usual'. But for Greenspan, as with all these other double-minded operatives, what they do and say in public diverges from what they do and say in private. A 'Dark Actor Playing Games' as well-trained as Greenspan can command media attention just six weeks after being caught 'in flagrante', probably in the same series of Wantagate-related 'sting' operations that resulted in the arrest of Sir Eddie George, the former Governor of the Bank of England, on 2nd July. Equipped with colossal private 'fiat money' wealth, these people can easily buy their way out of trouble if they have to.
With Greenspan, the routine pattern has been that the gravitas and sombre lectures to the world financial markets of the duplicitous Dr Jekyll have typically masked, and provided long-term cover for, the secret, corrupt off-balance sheet financial transactions of Dr Hyde.

At all events, by the summer of 2002, it seems, compartmentalised cadres, acting for Greenspan, George Bush Sr. et al, had decided that it was now necessary to augment the state of confusion and obfuscation – just in case, following 9/11, it were to become necessary for the criminal cadres to have to provide ‘further and better particulars’ about missing funds in general – and in particular about the consequences of the destruction during the Twin Towers explosions of the mountain of original derivatives contracts, which perished in tandem with the 658 murdered members of Cantor Fitzgerald’s staff. For there were two sides to the destruction of those contracts: on the one hand they had conveniently ceased to exist, so that performance on them had ceased to be ‘necessary’.
But on the other hand, the likelihood that questions that were bound to arise about what happened to the Cantor Fitzgerald derivatives contracts, would be very liable to trigger awkward subsidiary questions if investigations were to be launched into the source of funds of the underlying Cantor Fitzgerald contracts. This seemed probable, given that 658 staff members of that firm had perished in the explosions. So the ‘FINS’ were distributed by a selected courier at the June 2002 meeting as a precautionary obfuscation measure.

(The ‘Unanswered conference in DC was supposed to have been about helping the families of the bereaved, but was actually a front – which shows just how cynical these intelligence criminals are, when it comes to exploiting their only product: DEATH).

By DUPLICATING Leo Wanta’s $27.5 trillion, via the proceeds of the huge private loan raised from 200+ banks with a 7.5% per annum coupon at a deep discount for 20 years and one day (ending in 2012), George Bush Sr., then, procured the ‘on-the- books’ means of bamboozling prospective transactional participants and counterparties in the following manner:

The $27.5 trillion of Leo Wanta’s assets that were targeted to be leveraged, diverted, stolen, exploited and used for private gain, as soon as Leo Wanta’s partner, Howe Kwong Kok had been murdered and Leo himself had been fraudulently assigned to the GULAG, were now ready to be deliberately ‘confused with’ the parallel $27.5 trillion raised from the 200+ international banks.
way this was done was by avoiding all reference to ‘source of funds’ – a practice which (see above) the financial journalism community follows faithfully to this day. If anyone were to follow due diligence procedures, the ‘source of funds’ could always be asserted to be the borrowed $27.5 trillion, rather than the $27.5 trillion belonging to Leo Wanta.
This provided 'mirror' cover for the looting of Leo Wanta’s $27.5 trillion.

The idolatry of the criminal brain being the worship of Mammon, greed typically blinds such people to the possibility that, one day, their thefts and abominations may be exposed. Getting away with so much crime for so long, they eventually become careless.

Have you spotted just how careless it was of George Bush Sr. to preside over the raising of PRECISELY THE SAME NUMBER OF TRILLIONS that Leo Wanta had accumulated following his successful Financial Warfare operation against the Soviet Union?

By replicating the SAME amount (as that held by Leo Wanta) now borrowed from the 200+ banks, the perpetrators left a clue as to the real purpose of this fund-raising operation:

TO LOOT LEO WANTA’S ASSETS BEHIND THE COVER THAT WAS TO BE PROVIDED BY THE 'MIRROR' $27.5 TRILLION RAISED FROM THE 200+ BANKS – the (false) expectation being that no-one would ever even notice the existence of two amounts of $27.5 trillion, with the ‘legitimate’ funds raised from the 200+ banks providing cover for the illegitimate looting of Wanta’s funds.

If they hadn’t been as arrogant and stupid as they are, the criminal operatives would have seen to it that the total sum raised in 1992 from the 200+ banks would have borne no obvious correlation to the separate $27.5 trillion of which Leo Wanta was and remains the sole Principal.

But one of the most mysterious features of these people, apart from their lack of conscience, is their ‘cunning stupidity’.

What is the consequence of this state of affairs? Why, it is that there are two discernible categories of participants and counterparties who are up in arms, following the painful exposure of the CIA’s filthy lie that Leo Wanta was dead:

(1) Those whose transactions (however layered) were originally ‘based upon’ the $27.5 trillion raised for 20 years from the 200+ banks in 1992. There are believed to be a very large number of contracts which mature in 2012.

(2) Those whose transactions (however layered) were originally ‘based upon’ the $27.5 trillion stolen/diverted from Ambassador Leo Wanta, after he was illegally arrested, incarcerated, abused and jailed on an orchestrated trumped-up charge of not paying $14,129 of Wisconsin State tax which he never owed because he was legally resident on US Presidential business in Vienna from June 1988 onwards, and which he had nevertheless paid twice in 1992 (8).

Naturally, since Satan (whose Works of Darkness we are having to address here) is the author of confusion and lies, the participants and counterparties whose transactions and contracts can be traced back to Leo Wanta’s looted assets, find themselves (if they have woken up) in an awkward and confusing position – since their holdings or investments are now seen to be illegal, not merely given that they are held untaxed and off-balance sheet, but also because the ‘base’ assets upon which their illegal, untaxed, offshore-based ‘assets’ were leveraged, diverted or stolen, were all generated without the authority of the sole Principal, Leo Emil Wanta.

All these people suddenly therefore find themselves in serious danger of prosecution for a menu of offences, starting with money laundering and tax evasion. Their actual identities range from the Clintons (who may so far, we understand, not have been included in any immunity arrangements arising from this crisis) to disparate current and ‘former’ intelligence operatives running gold coin boutiques, antique stores and other false fronts and who may or may not remain ‘on call’ to handle spasmodic US (or foreign?) intelligence community requirements under contract.

The parties in the other category are equally in a difficult position because, given the monumental edifice of officially-promoted deception and lies that has characterised the corruption free-for-all that has been the primary preoccupation of the three US Administrations in question, and having never enquired as to ‘source of funds’, they may have no notion whether their underlying assets were ‘legal’ or not, they may not even be aware of the possibility that they may not be ‘legal’, or they will have known all along of the looting of Leo Wanta’s assets and have been quite content for their financial affairs to be intermingled with and obfuscated by this criminality (or all of the above).

Belonging to and hiding within both of these groups are organised criminal interests – the Chicago-based mafia cadres especially, plus their Luciferian associates/rivals, the Sicilian mafia, the South African mafia, the Russian mafiya, the Chinese Triads, Israeli organised criminal cadres, and other organised crime groups – and of course the Republican and Democratic Party participants.

The interests of the US Republican Party operatives are being ‘handled’ by former Supreme Court Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, while the interests of the Democratic Party operatives are being ‘handled’ by Clinton-appointee Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg; and the further interests of the international banks and the G-7 powers are supposedly being ‘looked after’ by two International Court of Justice (ICJ) Judges.

When it became known that Leo Wanta’s probation was about to be or had been ended, Leo Wanta and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., were briefly enticed into the potential trap of collaborating with the intelligence operation calling itself Multi-Sector Crisis Management, located in offices at Ballston, VA. Taken perhaps momentarily off-guard following the payment of the ‘ransom money’ that bought the termination of his probation in 2005, Leo Emil Wanta travelled to Virginia, where a meeting took place with this group, attended from time to time by Generals and others who were astonished to discover that Leo Wanta was alive. In the meantime, the Transport Security Agency (TSA) had seized Leo’s baggage, so that he had no change of clothing, no hairbrush, no toothpaste etc during his visit to Virginia – his baggage being found going round and round on the carousel, on his return. The purpose of this staged meeting?

To entice Leo Wanta and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., into operating with the intended ‘compromise’ $4.5 trillion OFF-BALANCE SHEET, so that the US intelligence criminalists’ now clearly threatened off-the-books fiat money carousel could continue.

The offer was decisively rebuffed.

For the Ambassador and Michael Cottrell made it crystal clear that their intention was to operate transparently, that they would have nothing at all to do with off-balance sheet, irregular, financial transactions, and that everything they intended to do financially would be conducted ON-BALANCE SHEET, whether the corrupt elements of the US intelligence community liked it or not.

Nevertheless, the $4.5 trillion Settlement arrangement was put together so as to ‘enable’ the ‘mess behind the scenes’ to be ‘resolved’ – because, as we have seen, when Leo Wanta takes economic receipt of the $4.5 trillion that has been paid to him, but has not (as of the time of this posting) been collected by him, the legal claim that he exercises and retains over his original $27.5 trillion ($300 trillion), is de facto relinquished, and ceases, in the eyes of alarmed and wary foreign bankers, to apply. Economic receipt by the payee of the $4.5 trillion therefore ‘cleans’ the transactions based upon the diverted $27.5 trillion ‘base’ assets of which Wanta has remained, pending constructive receipt of his ‘compromise’ $4.5 trillion, the sole Principal.

And since the ‘borrowed’ $27.5 trillion (and leveraged accruals thereon) has been deliberately and corruptly intermingled with Leo Wanta’s diverted and exploited $27.5 trillion (to put the matter as simply as possible for the purposes of this necessary explanation), the urgent ‘need’ for the $4.5 trillion Settlement to be ‘consummated’ applies to that (borrowed) $27.5 trillion (plus its leveraged accruals) AS WELL. This is because, given that the appropriate due diligence and ‘source of funds’ questions have generally speaking never been asked, the two ‘base’ amounts of $27.5 trillion are, for the purposes of ‘resolution’ of this crisis, essentially intermingled. In other words, obfuscation has an 'unexpected consequences' downside for the perpetrators.

Only a few parties know whether ‘their’ fiat money holdings are quote ‘legitimate’ unquote – i.e., derived from the borrowed $27.5 trillion – although of course, unless held ON-BALANCE SHEET, they are ALL ‘illegitimate’ because they are untaxed and are stashed offshore contrary to money-laundering regulations – or whether they are corruptly derived from Leo's diverted assets of which he has remained the sole Principal and over which he exercises a legitimate claim.

The matter is complicated by other, unrelated and extraneous financial claims which, due to either deliberate or genuine misunderstandings, are being presented for confused public consumption via the Internet as though they fall into the above two broad categories, and are relevant to the Wanta Settlement, which is not the case. Furthermore, the quite separate argument – that there is a ‘chain’ of transactions which all need to be coordinated and slotted into place ‘before’ Leo Wanta can be allowed to obtain economic receipt of the funds that have long since been paid to him, but which remain to be collected by him, is spurious.

There is no valid reason why the Ambassador cannot be allowed to obtain economic receipt of his funds, albeit 14 months late – with other arrangements that are nothing whatsoever to do with him, being handled by the relevant parties later. It is all a smokescreen to cover illegal operations.

On the one hand, it is universally accepted that the Ambassador must take receipt of his paid funds to procure that his claim on the underlying $27.5 trillion ($300 trillion) ceases to apply, so that those illegally generated assets are thereby ‘cleaned’ in one specific sense; while on the other hand, the perpetrators are obstructing economic receipt, thereby perpetuating Ambassador Wanta’s claim – and ensuring that, if this madness continues any longer (beyond today, we surmise), we will indeed experience the grandfather of all global economic and financial crises, as predicted in this space.

We therefore face the following truly horrendous and ironic situation:

1. The Wanta Plan, which is the self-correcting mechanism that has been designed by the world’s most proficient financial engineer, Leo Wanta, to reverse the US Treasury’s century-long deficit-financing illness, and to ‘refinance’ the United States, has been obstructed for the past 14 months, and continues to be obstructed, by criminal US financial operatives and accessories to the fact of illegal financial acts who are motivated not by any responsible determination to resolve the United States’ financial problems, but by irresponsible concerns for their urgent ‘need’ for immunity.

2. The problems that these people face have arisen due to their own unwise and corrupt decisions and greed, and are nothing whatsoever to do with the Ambassador.

3. The reiterated implication that these (and all sorts of other spurious) administrative problems have to be ‘resolved’ before the Ambassador could be allowed to take economic receipt of his $4.5 trillion, is false – being motivated solely by the panic originally generated by the exposure of the CIA’s lie that Leo Wanta was dead, and its corollary, that the innumerable ‘affected’ parties may be participants in fraudulent financial transactions for which they could face, on conviction, the rest of their lives in jail. But that, again is hardly the Ambassador's problem.

4. Because of this threat, the participants and counterparties, in all their myriad shapes and sizes, have been scrambling to procure ‘immunity’, not least by laundering their untaxed offshore ‘assets’ via ‘hedge funds’ and the stock market, where possible, and if not, by seeking the ‘legitimisation’ of their holdings from the special panel of four Justices (Sandra Day O’Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a Belgian ICJ Judge and one other ICJ Judge) prior to Leo Wanta obtaining economic receipt of his $4.5 trillion. In other words, all these people seek assurances that they do not in any way deserve concerning the prospective treatment of their off-balance sheet holdings, and deeply fear the ‘on-balance sheet’ environment that will immediately click into gear following economic receipt by the Ambassador of his diverted $4.5 trillion.

5. This cannot be avoided without a meltdown and the destruction of all values on a scale with no historical precedent, and which has the potential to make 1929 seem like a pleasant dream.

6. Therefore, the endless ‘explanations’ for the deliberate obstruction of economic receipt by the Ambassador of the $4.5 trillion paid to him, which has for the past 14 months illegally prevented the US Treasury from receiving its initial windfall $1.575 trillion taxation receipts on the books, is like a huge monster that has run out of control. The sorcerer’s apprentice has become the sorcerer. And to mix our metaphors even further here, while the rats bicker and devour each other inside their putrid sack, each successive financial institution (the latest at our press date being the Bank of New York Mellon) to which the funds have been shifted, finds itself engulfed in a swirling juggernaut of corruption that threatens to entrap almost everyone on Wall Street.

Meanwhile, as these criminal rats quarrel among themselves, the entire world financial economy is being held to ransom, and is teetering on the brink of a catastrophe, predicted here last week and on 2nd September last year, that could overwhelm us all at any time, and which was triggered in ernest on 25th July.

In the last Wantagate commentary, we warned that the international financial community faced a straightforward choice: the Wanta Settlement, or a global calamity. On 24th June 2007, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) explicitly warned that what it described disingenuously as ‘years of loose monetary policy’ had clearly fuelled a dangerous credit bubble, leaving the world economy vulnerable to a 1930s-style slump. The BIS did not mention the word hyperinflation, although such an outcome is in fact the reverse side of the same Luciferian coin, and looks increasingly possible as the prelude or corollary to a crash. Note that Zimbabwe is experiencing hyperinflation and slump simultaneously: these ugly sisters live in the same hovel.

The choice being made by the rats in the sack is that the only thing that matters is their wretched immunity and survival. Yet both categories of rat are in ever increasing jeopardy (literally). In the meantime, some perpetrators and their co-conspirators have been continuing to reap massive ‘fiat money’ profits, with business ‘continuing as usual’.

The common problem all these people face is that they have no bona fide way of urgently placing these illegal accruals ‘on the books’ – preferring collectivisation via ‘private equity’ groups (which risks their ‘assets’ being stolen or being lost when the entities themselves collapse, of course) or else laundering the funds via real estate transactions, the stock market, and through offshore centers constructed from the proceeds of exploitation of Leo Wanta’s underlying diverted assets such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar, or deploying other mechanisms to maintain control of assets which leave them vulnerable to exposure and prosecution for tax evasion and money laundering.

In sum, these people would prefer the prospectively hyperinflationary ‘off the books’ regime to continue, as though Ambassador Leo Wanta had never come back to life and thereby (in their eyes) ‘revived’ his claim to his diverted and exploited ‘on the books’ assets.

But at the same time, they know that a decisive discontinuity has taken place, that they cannot put the clock back, and that rapid implementation of the intended, ‘on balance sheet’ environment consequent upon activation of The Wanta Plan, is inescapable. The financial market events of 25th July, predicted here last week, are just the beginning of the anticipated ‘train wreck’. Watch out for huge institutions to go to the wall. Expect hedge funds to vanish overnight. Right now, the credit markets in the United States have zero value, because there is no ‘on-the-books’ cash available for credit at US institutions anywhere.

What has been happening is that these madmen have been generating billions off the books, while jeopardising and alienating trillions of dollars ‘on the books’ – a recipe for a proliferating global financial meltdown which, however, we expect to be narrowly averted by the sudden economic receipt of Leo Wanta’s funds at the very last minute.

What remains uncertain, after this hellish 14 months to date, is whether ‘the crims’ (viz., those who remain at large) will be compelled by the intolerable bind in which they find themselves, and by the relentless ‘unrolling of events’, to come belatedly to terms with harsh reality – or whether they will continue to risk the destruction of values to the point at which, ironically, the financial crisis that we predicted, will smash what value they imagined they controlled, out of existence – plunging the financial system and the world economy into total chaos, thanks to their criminal selfishness, serial mendacity and unbounded arrogance.

Last week it was ‘touch’. This week’ it’s much closer to ‘go’.

Note: So we may now observe, in passing, that the French may well be somewhat less, not more, corrupt than the thoroughly corrupt British authorities. Instead of arresting Tony Blair, in conformity with the long outstanding International Court of Justice warrant for his arrest that was reported by this service on 10th February 2007, a new ‘diplomatic post’ was hurriedly invented, providing the former Prime Minister with the ‘necessary’ diplomatic immunity from arrest (which, you will recall, was illegally ineffective in Ambassador Leo Wanta’s case).

Furthermore, the UK Crown Prosecution Service decided not to pursue any ‘Cash for Honours’ charges, after Deputy Scotland Yard Commissioner John Yates had devoted sizeable resources and public money to his sensitive investigations into Labour Government corruption under the ex-Prime Minister. True, the former Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Eddie George, was arrested on 2nd July, as we reported: but that arrest occurred as a result of a huge international 'sting', and there was not a lot the UK authorities could do about it.

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(5) It has recently been put about on the Internet by certain known hysterics that ‘since Mr Story may not be an American citizen’, he is thus ‘not obliged to comply with the US misprision of felony statute’. This ignorant assertion overlooks the reality that, despite being resident in the United Kingdom and a subject of Her Majesty The Queen, the Editor has specifically been drawing the attention of all concerned in the United States since February 2007, to the extensive menu of US Statutes of which the perpetrators are in full or partial breach; and that one specific reason for this routine display of the list of relevant US Statutes is precisely to indicate that all in the United States who read these reports are required by law to report the felonies we are having to describe ‘to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States’, on penalty of a fine or imprisonment for three years, or both.
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(8) See Note 2. Payment of the Editor’s private funds in 2005 represented the third payment of the same illegally raised civil tax assessment against Ambassador Leo Wanta.
(9) In June 2007, Her Majesty The Queen called on the Group of Eight financial powers to procure the Wanta Settlement ‘for the sake of the whole of humanity]’. The Americans have insulted The Queen and have destroyed the ‘Special Relationship’.


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This list shows to what extent the Bush II Administration condones one Rule of Law for the Rest of Us, and absolute contempt for domestic and international law for the officials and bankers who are illegally diverting and exploiting Wanta’s funds.

The Directors and others listed in Part 1 of the Wantagate Listing of Institution Directors and others posted on 11th June may likewise be Accessories to the Fact of, and/or co-conspirators in, wittingly or unwittingly, the egregious violation of the laws itemised above. This list is reproduced in International Currency Review, Volume 33, #s 1 & 2, September 2007, on pages 163-168.


‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.

Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta: Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535 a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS. AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001

Please be advised that the Editor of International Currency Review cannot enter into email correspondence related to this or to any of the earlier Wantagate reports.

We are a private intelligence publishing house and have no connections to any outside parties including intelligence agencies. The word ‘intelligence’ on this website and in all our marketing material is used for marketing/sales purposes only and has no other connotations whatsoever: see ‘About Us’ on the red panels under the Notes on the Editor, Christopher Story FRSA, who has been solely and exclusively engaged as an investigative journalist, Editor, Author and private financial and current affairs Publisher since 1963 and is not and never has been an agent for a foreign power, suggestions to the contrary being actionable for libel in the English Court.