Soviet Analyst

A Review of continuing Soviet Leninist World Revolution deception strategy.

Published by: World Reports Limited

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Soviet Analyst, edited by Christopher Story FRSA, a Soviet strategy expert who further edited and published Anatoliy Golitsyn’s classic work The Perestroika Deception, is the only publication in the world specialising in the monitoring of continuing covert Soviet strategic deception operations and the ongoing Soviet dimension of the World Revolution. Given that the international community fell into the trap of the transparently Leninist strategic deception called ‘collapsible Communism’, Soviet Analyst is alone in fulfilling the very necessary function of explaining and exposing the covert Soviets’ ultra-subtle Leninist deception strategy – a proper understanding of which is a prerequisite to being able to make sense of all contemporary global developments. There is no excuse any longer for the hoodwinked political and policymaking communities in the West continuing to go on substituting dangerous wishful-thinking about Russia for realistic analysis – a mentality which has enabled the Leninist revolutionary enemy to maintain its disguise, with prospectively fateful outcomes for Western society, which is under a relentless revolutionary attack. It does not matter which fake covert Soviet political fraction wins a staged election in Moscow: the Communists always win, given that ‘Post’-Soviet controlled ‘democratism’ is part of the overall Leninist deception. Subscribers to Soviet Analyst are strongly recommended to order The Perestroika Deception, which provides the intellectual framework for understanding the Leninist mentality, and for grasping that the cynical covert Soviet KGB-GRU operatives masquerading as ‘democrats’ are not out of their minds: they are all in Lenin’s mind.

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  • First Published in: 1972
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  • Editor: Christopher Story FRSA

An intelligence commentary exposing Leninist revolutionary strategy and which applies Leninís mind to interpreting the continuing covert Soviet global offensive against the West.

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