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Tuesday 26 February 2008 12:57

During the second half of February 2008, the following issues of our intelligence serials were published and distributed worldwide:

1. Economic Intelligence Review: Volume 11, #s 6 & 7: 72-page double issue:

'The 'train wreck' that we predicted, and why it is happening'
'How the clueless media commentators spun their ignorance'
'Germany, Europeans and the United States launch Basel II amid confusion'
'The crash of 2007-2008 was explicitly predicted by this service': how, when and why
'The related 9/11 cover-up: Senior U.S. military officers don't buy official lies'
Country/currency reports on Canada, Germany, Russia, E.U. Collective, Japan, United Kingdom, South Africa, Qatar, Falkland Islands; Gold; Data Bank

2. Arab-Asian Affairs: Volume 31, Number 6: BHUTTO MURDERED BY U.S. SPECIAL FORCES

3. Arab-Asian Affairs: Volume 31, Number 7: BHUTTO: ALL ABOUT THE SALE OF F-16S

4. Arab-Asian Affairs: Volume 31, Number 8: ISRAEL, WANTAGATE AND BASEL II

5. Arab-Asian Affairs: Volume 31, Number 9: WHAT WENT ON WHILE BUSH WAS IN ISRAEL

5. Global Analyst, Volume 2, Numbers 5 & 6: See previous announcement: This Archive

6. The Westminster Letter*: Number 8: MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT COMMIT TREASON

*The Westminster Letter is a four-page newsletter which we publish occasionally without charge. The current issue, drawing attention to the pan-German Nazi origins of the European Union Collective, was mailed to every member of Parliament on 29th February 2008.

FORTHCOMING: A huge double issue of International Currency Review on the financial crisis.

Intelligence books: Go to the Edward Harle Limited books section of this integrated website to order the following intelligence titles which shed detailed light on the ongoing World Revolution:

The Perestroika Deception, By Anatoliy Golitsyn, edited by Christopher Story.

Red Cocaine, By Dr Joseph D. Douglass, edited by Christopher Story

The European Union Collective, By Christopher Story

The New Underworld Order, By Christopher Story

The Red Terror in Russia, By Sergey Melgounov