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Saturday 12 July 2008 16:35

London, 12th July 2008: The following intelligence publications were distributed worldwide from London on Friday 11th July 2008 by first class airmail:

1. International Currency Review, Volume 33, Numbers 3 and 4:
Massive 976-page double issue on the global financial corruption crisis.

See NEWS report dated 12th July for a short essay on this huge presentation.

2. Economic Intelligence Review, Volume 11, Number 8:
Refinancing the whole world via the delayed Settlements

This issue contains reports on the world's extreme financial crisis, the parlous state of the US economy, European Central Bank interest rate tensions, Virtual reality as a substitute for the real world we live in, The Deutsche Bundesbank on sovereign wealth funds, plus country/currency reports on Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Russia, Iran, Ireland, E.U. Collective, Japan, United Kingdom, South Africa, Sultanate of Oman, and the Falkland Islands; Silver, Gold and Data Bank information. The technical problem with the website image has now been corrected.

3. London Currency Report, Volume 27, Number 1.

4. Interest Rate Service, Volume 22, Number 1.

SOVIET ANALYST: Volume 30, Numbers 7 and 8 are at the printing stage at last, and will be mailed from London in about ten days from this date.

The issues will contain detailed inside information about the criminalist KGB/GRU offensive fronted by top covert ongoing Soviet Leninist intelligence operatives masquerading as so-called directors and/or 'biznesmen' to retrieve the assets that were previously stolen originally from the Party-State and then restolen by the KGB/GRU oligarchs from Western interests by force.