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Friday 25 July 2008 19:00

The latest special issue of Soviet Analyst was mailed worldwide from London on 25th July 2008.

It addresses the phenomenon of 'The Party's Gold', as shown by the KGB/GRU's operation to claw back the assets of the Party-State that were originally 'privatised' into the hands of KGB oligarchs, in a complex operation the underlying purpose of which was to entice Western oil corporations to transfer technology into the moribund Soviet energy sector, following which process the assets would be seized back for the covert Party-State.

Thanks to the stupidity and greed of the Western oil corporations, and the arrogance of such parties as the British Foreign Office, this operation has been immensely successful. On 24th July, the Chief Executive Officer of TNK-BP fled Russia and went into hiding.

Soviet Analyst identifies Fridman and his associates as veteran KGB criminalists, and publicises the hideous Norex case filed in the United States Eastern District Court of New York, which shows how Fridman operated then (deploying thugs to seize a Russian oil corporation owned by Western interests. How on earth could BP enter into partrnership with such known KGB operatives?).

No doubt the relevant Western parties, blinded by what they have achieved in the former USSR, thought that there would be no repetition of this kind of behaviour.

If so, they failed to take heed of the many warnings dispensed by Soviet Analyst to the effect that the 'post-Soviet' universe is the same Leninist Soviet Union in disguise, and that 'The Party's Gold' syndrome would be applied to claw back ALL the assets originally hijacked (on purpose) from the Soviet Party-State. This is what has duly occurred: and we are certainly justified in saying 'we told you so'. Especially since the Foreign Office cancelled all its subscriptions (as we had anticipated) to Soviet Analyst when we acquired the title in 1991, stating, in a snide single-sentence letter, that our 'take' on the events was wholly irrelevant and that Soviet Analyst was no longer useful in the new environment. In other words, the latest extensive issue of Soviet Analyst shows that British policy towards the 'former' USSR has been wholly misguided, because the Foreign Office was not prepared even to consider the possibility than the Leninists had not changed a single spot.

BP, misled by the Foreign Office, is paying the price for this stupidity. Some 25% of BP's production comes from TNK-BP. Not a bad outcome for the KGB/GRU planners, and a disgraceful indictment of the Foreign Office (as always). It has to be added that the letter from the Foreign Office in 1991 was as rude as it could be, indicating not inconsiderable annoyance that the vehicle (Soviet Analyst) that the Foreign Office had itself promoted when it needed it, was no longer prepared to tow the official UK line, and would be liable to show up the Foreign Office for the subversive organisation that it is. With the debacle over BP, we can state without fear of contradition that we were correct, while the Foreign OIffice was not just wrong, but was stupd and blind, as well. Not good enough!