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Saturday 21 November 2009 18:19

Due to the constant postal disruption in London that bedevilled October and part of November, and the consequent backlog of mail at the sorting offices, we decided to hold publications for despatch in one Royal Mail Collection. This collection took place from our London office at 2:00pm on Friday 20th November 2009. Items despatched included the issues of titles itemised here, together with a large despatch of books and orders for Internet Security Solution [see World Reports Limited list]:


(1): SOVIET ANALYST: Volume 31, Numbers 4 & 5:
This issue contains inter alia the following analyses and features:

GRU-Prime Minister Putin steps up his demands on Obama.

A detailed exposure of basic facts about Soviet Military Intelligence [Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravlenie (GRU)], the main guardian of the covert Soviet Union Continuum. The report contains a photo of GRU headquarters, maps and lists of known GRU operatives. It also describes the GRU Signals Base at Lourdes, Cuba; the Cam Ranh Bay Port Facilities in Vietnam; and the Vatutinki GRU Space Centre; and it reminds subscribers that the actual founder of the 'Registration Directorate', which became the GRU, was Leon Trotsky (Braunstein). While the GRU 'cooperates' with the rest of the covert Soviet Intelligence Power, it therefore also has a separate World Revolution agenda. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a GRU officer, a fact which is known to have caused consternation among a certain category of US intelligence operatives when we pointed this out some years ago.

Preparations in New York for the Assassination of Leon Trotsky: A detailed analysis of what went on behind the scenes within the Jewish Communist community in New York, ahead of the Stalin-ordered physical liquidation of Trotsky in Mexico, perpetrated by the NKVD.

Oleg Deripaska: Professional Nasty Piece of Work, GRU Oligarch and friend and associate of Lord (Jacob) Rothschild, Lord Mandelson (Gordon Brown's 'handler'), and of course Mr Qadhafi Jr., the Libyan dynasty's heir apparent, is a ruthless operative from whom measured distance should at all times be maintained. Our report sets out the essential facts that are known about this man.

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin: Continuing our serialisation of the narrative by the aristocrat who assassinated Rasputin, how he met and came to know him, how Rasputin operated, how Rasputin (a psychopolitical operative) destabilised the Russian Monarchy, and early preparations for the 'job'.

Soviet Analyst Briefings: Burning the files: An old trick; A further list of known GRU agents and operatives; Stanislav Lunev's GRU threats [he hasn't been heard of in the US for years now]; The knock on the door; Another old spy recalled: J. Peters, a.k.a. Alexander Stevens, a.k.a. Goldberger;
The late Edward Kennedy and 'Collapsible Communism'; Recalling that controversy over the new Soviet Embassy in Washington DC.

(2): GLOBAL ANALYST: Volume 3, Number 3:
This issue contains inter alia the following analyses and features:

Why we're bleeding in Afghanistan:
TO CONTROL AND EXPLOIT HEROIN so as to keep the interbank market liquid.
We have criminal Governments: didn't you know?

The Roman Catholic Church: No repentance from its abominations against Christians, Jews and Arabs: The Pope cannot repent for the sins of this worldly 'church' perpetrated by the Inquisition (of which the present German-Jewish Pope was previously supreme head) because the Popes are all 'Infallible'. Acknowledgement of past errors and abominations would destroy the myth of papal infallibility and therefore the Papacy itself. Nice one, Satan.

Corruption in Nazi Germany: The Third Reich origins of today's criminal finance crisis, based on Fraudulent Ponzi Ops: We trace the behaviour of the DVD-penetrated US Intelligence Power to the scamming by Nazi Gauleiters in Greater Deustchland during the Second World War. Anyone who is familiar with today's Fraudulent Finance crisis will immediately recognise the SAME BEHAVIOUR.

Fake CIA-controlled disinformation, diversion and confusion websites.

How to recognise that one is targeted by U.S. cover-up operatives, as the Editor is and was: Bombarding targets with emails; Befriending the target; Then reporting the target to handlers or controllers; Clumsy changes of behaviour; Normal reactions do not apply; Abnormal reactions to straightforward interpersonal circumstances; When you slap them down, it has no effect at all; Continuation of lies that have been exposed; They never give up; Heavy reliance on discrediting operations; Reliance on the minimal attention span of the Internet generation; Typical erroneous assumptions by Internet readers; Anonymous sources, by definition, can never be trusted; PLUS:

The most insidious CIA website of all.
No concern with publishing the truth.
A review of Internet cover-up ops.
Study of the 9/11 cover-up operation.
Manipulation of actual operations.
Other tricks and points to bear in mind.
The Internet as an indiscriminate 'Black' weapon
The Intelligence Power's abuse of Americans.

The truth about the Obama Health Care Bill, by an American lawyer who has READ IT.

The 'Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace': CIA, 1967.
The primary subversive document that is responsible for destroying Western civilisation:

War as an aid to human survival.
Warfare essential for economic growth.
Economic 'substitutes' for warfare
Subversive proposals that have taken root in our societies.
'Exciting changes in war and reproduction'.

The Irish Lisbon Referendum:
Ballot Boxes were pre-stuffed with 'Yes' votes, as happens in places like 'post'-Soviet states.

Dirty tricks: Standard E.U. practice.
Blueprint for the intended European Gestapo.

Deliberate pushing of immorality in US schools. [Happening in Britain, too].
The parallel 'Great Dark Lords' Psy-Ops intimidation operation against the Editor of this service.
Hollywood pushes sex with children: Three films on this theme.
The Nobel Prize deception: A device to 'lock in' lies.
Key Nazi Gauleiters were Jews.
Polanski arrest covered up arrest of a trader [in Switzerland].
Stalin alive and well in Moldova.
Wife of Goebbels asked Jewish doctor to kill her children.

(3): ARAB-ASIAN AFFAIRS, Volume 33, Number 2:
Ahmadinejad's Jewish background: His family name, Sabourjian, means the 'Jewish maker of the sabour', the Farsi word for the Jewish prayer-shawl. The Iranian President has openly admitted this. The revelation reconfirms that the entire 'Iranian play' is a controlled operation:

The attempt to seize the world's assets.
An Octopus Network controlled from Texas.
Iran manipulated by the same forces.
A Jew is 'running' Iran.
No denial of the Jewish name change.
Ruthless behaviour all round.
The bloody hand of the Bush Syndicate.

(4): ARAB-ASIAN AFFAIRS, Volume 33, Number 3:
An Irgun agent in the White House: Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's White House Chief of Staff, is exposed as an Irgun Mossad operative, who works with a previous holder of that post, Mr Leon Panetta, the CIA's Director of Central Intelligence. Between them, and with the cooperation of the US Treasury Secretary, another Jew, Timothy Geithner, they are holding the United States and the whole world to ransom (by continuing to block the hijacked Settlements process). Contents:

Israel 'owns' the United States [except that China does].
And Bush Sr. 'owns' the U.S. Intelligence Power [or did, at least, until Fort Hood].
Current Israeli blackmail against America.
Heavy-handed threats over Gaza.
Israel's blackmail 'power'.
Compromised Palestinians.
Compromised Jews around Obama.

Note: This isssue was mailed from London on 24th November 2009.

(5): ARAB-ASIAN AFFAIRS, Volume 33, Number 4:
Why we are in Afghanistan: The British Ministry of Defence's refusal to respond to the Editor's letter first sent in the summer of 2008 requesting a statement explaining what British troops are doing in Afghanistan, and what are they dying there for. Note: On 2nd December 2009, the main UK newspapers showed, on their front pages, yet another little child who has lost her father in pursuit of the internationalist agenda in Afghanistan. The little girl was weeping. This picture broke many hearts. How DARE these evil manipulators destroy our children's lives for the sake of controlling the heroin drug trade so as to provide liquidity for the interbank market. What an OUTRAGE.

Contents of this issue:

The Editor and the UK Ministry of Defence.
Signals at start of the Afghanistan War.
Disinformation about the opium trade.
Russia furious over Afghan drugs.
The phoney war in Afghanistan.
The geopolitics of Afghan opium.
The 'Lost Mandate of Heaven'.

Note: This isssue was mailed from London on 2nd December 2009.

Suggestions by professional gurus such as Afam Posen, a member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee, that money-printing (so-called Quantitative Easing) is quite safe as inflation cannot arise while a huge gap exists between demand and supply, are already being discredited. The leading article addresses this issue head-on.

Inside the issue:

Bush sabotages the Settlements while Merkel, in cahoots, signs off on them:
A snapshot behind the scenes exposing sabotage by the DVD cadre directed by Kissinger.

US securities laws, derivatives issues and the Securities and Exchange Commission's Madoff interview: a comprehensive analysis of the late [2009] stages of the criminal finance crisis.

Full text of the SEC Inspector General's incredible interview with Bernard L. Madoff.

SEC to be sued for aiding and abetting the counterfeiting of traded stocks. Note: Colossal RICO litigation is on the brink of being launched against the US Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with the rank corruption allegedly surrounding the assets of the CMKX creditors.

A new wave of home foreclosures is being driven by US Court judgments. Note: Certain US jurisdications (both municipal and State) are either contemplating or implementing foreclosure moratoria. This development has colossal implications, given the developing second downwave.

Country reports:

United States: The divergence between what we see and what US officials say, continues.

EU Collective: European figures indulge in bizarre abuse as fake [Lisbon] Treaty takes 'effect'.

United Kingdom: Those in charge of Britain continue to make a mess of all they touch.

Japan: Predicted 'double-dip' approaches as Japan's debt crisis escalates.

Israel: Israeli banking system integrated in the off-balance sheet fraud carousel.

Iran: Massive oil revenues accompanied by rapid inflation and monetary growth.

South Africa: Economy severely hit by the global recession, but boasts G-20 membership.

Sultanate of Oman: A developing country run smoothly with extensive expatriate assistance.

Gold: Gold price reflects inflation worries and chaos surrounding the Settlements.

Plus: Extensive charts, tables and economic, financial currency and interest rate data.

Note: This isssue was mailed from London on 2nd December 2009.

Dates of this Update: 21st and 24th November 2009, and 3rd December 2009.