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Wednesday 17 March 2010 19:00

Economic Intelligence Review: Volume 12, Numbers 7 & 8: First Quarter 2010
This special issue was mailed worldwide from London on Tuesday 16th March 2010

Summary of contents:

The Rule of Law does not exist in the minds of US officials: Page 1

What you didn’t read in the press because of a concerted blackout: Page 3

Securitization is completely illegal in the United States and fraudulent under US legislation:
A comprehensive analysis proving that all securitization is illegal – not least because any contract formulated to procure a criminal act is void. This applies in all Common Law countries.

A summary of this analysis was published in our News Report dated 10th March 2010. Pages 5-21. This comprehensive Economic Intelligence Review report is organised as follows:

The Illegality of Securitization:

Introduction: Under US legislation, securitization is illegal.

A: Securitization violates State usury laws.

B: All ‘true-sale’ ‘disguised loan’ and ‘assignment securitizations’
are essentially tax-evasion schemes. Tax-evasion attracts draconian penalties.

C-1: In all ‘true-sale’ ‘disguised loan’ and ‘assignment securitizations’, the conflict of interest inherent in the sponsor also serving as the servicer, constitutes fraud and conversion.

C-2: In all ‘true-sale’ ‘disguised loan’ and ‘assignment securitizations’ where the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) is a Trust, the Declaration of Trust is void, as it exists for an illegal purpose.

D: Off-balance sheet treatment of asset-backed securities (both for ‘true-sale’ and for ‘assignment transactions) constitutes fraud.

E: All ‘true-sale’ ‘disguised loan’ and ‘assignment securitizations’
involve fraudulent conveyances.

F: Securitization usurps United States bankruptcy laws and hence is illegal.

G: New theories of the effects of securitization on bankruptcy efficiency.

H: Securitization constitutes a violation of Federal R.I.C.O. Statutes.

I: Securitization constitutes violations of U.S. antitrust laws.

J: Securitization involves void contracts.

Conclusion: Under US laws, securitization is manifestly illegal

Plus: Over five pages of Notes and References, to books, articles and Court cases.

US Statutes, Securities Regulations and Legal Principles routinely contravened
and ignored by investment banks, corrupt intelligence cadres, holders of high office, intermediaries, US regulators, US law enforcement, and others.

However it’s to be corrupt ‘business as usual’. The law? Forgeddaboudit: Pages 23-28.

Derivatives chart and statistics: 29-30.

The late Lord ‘Eddie’ George and the stealing of The Queen’s gold in 2007: Page 31.

Timeline of the Financial Corruption crisis arising from our fraud exposures,
based on data released by the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis: Pages 32-51.

United States: Perversely, arrogantly, stupidly,
proudly, headlong towards the abyss: Pages 52-54.

US Federal debt deconstructed: chart: Page 55.

EU Collective: EU Collective in turmoil as it faces
consequences of its own stupidity: Pages 56-58.

United Kingdom: Labour Government leaves Britain
in a hideous financial mess, as usual: Pages 59-61.

Japan: Japan’s non-LDP Government has lost its way as deflation takes hold: Pages 62-63.

Data Bank: Page 64.

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