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Friday 18 June 2010 18:34

The following intelligence publications were mailed worldwide from London on 17th June 2010:

(1): INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY REVIEW, Volume 35, Numbers 1 & 2: Second mailing:
Containing detailed exposures of the rampant corruption, thievery, deception and 'Black' operations of the Obama White House, the Geithner Treasury, the Clinton State Department and the Federal Reserve. These exposures have rattled the high-level official criminals but have not stopped their racketeering under cover of high office. This is the biggest crisis ever faced by the United States and the perpetrators never expected they'd be found out.

(2): SOVIET ANALYST, Volume 31, Numbers 6 & 7: Containing inter alia:

Gorbachev (Orbach), Bush Senior and Kohl (Kohen): Racketeering Partners.
The Three Racketeers of St-Gallen, Schweiz: Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush Sr,
and Dr Helmut Kohl: Their speciality: handling and leveraging stolen financial assets.
British Prime Minister Harold Wilson and his uniformly dirty KGB-connected pals.
Kazakhstan's oil-fuelled geomasonic extravaganza fest: His new city Astana (anagram of the Russian for Satan: satana) is awash with New World Order occultism. Direct Bush connections.
Kazakh envy fuels impoverished fury in Kyrgyzstan:
Nasty mess to the south of vainglorious Kazakhstan.
Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin: By the man who assassinated him: Prince Felix Youssoupoff.

(3): ARAB-ASIAN AFFAIRS, Volume 33, Number 6: US Drug Duplicity in Afghanistan.

(4): ARAB~ASIAN AFFAIRS, Volume 33. Number 7: Russian data on the October Surprise.