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Sunday 3 June 2007 21:58

This is a special pre-announcement concerning Volume 32, #1-4 and Volume 33, #1-2 of International Currency Review. Subscription intermediaries in particular: Please note:

1. International Currency Review Volume 32, #1-4 are printed and in our warehouse ready for distribution to paid-up subscribers worldwide.

2. International Currency Review Volume 33, #1-2 are in preparation.

3. Why have we not yet distributed Volume 32? Answer:

4. Because, given the overriding importance of Wantagate [see Home Page and Archive], which is the biggest financial corruption crisis in world history and, if not soon resolved, will lead to the grandfather of all international financial crises later this year, we wish to deliver all these issues to subscribers simultaneously. The information contained therein is linked.

5. Therefore, as soon as International Currency Review, Volume 33, #1-2 are printed, we will be mailing the entire package to paid-up subscribers simultaneously. We will not mail Volume 32 until we have Volume 33, #1-2 to hand.

6. The primary reason for this is that the premium intelligence contained therein, which can only be obtained from us because no other publisher in the world, apparently, has the courage or detailed knowledge to expose the criminal financial operations that we are exposing, is spread across the issues in question, and will make better sense to readers when presented together.

7. We are not going to amend this decision, but hereby assure all subscribers and subscription intermediaries that the programme outlined above is far advanced and that fulfilment of the entire package will follow as soon as feasible. Note to intermediaries: Claims are a waste of our time and yours. The information posted here is of course authoritative. Please take note of it.

8. For our running commentary on the Wantagate crisis, which is the primary overwhelming focus of attention at the highest levels of all the key Governments, ICR subscribers should access this website and open up the NEWS and ARCHIVE, for details.

9. The entire international financial community needs to pay attention to Wantagate, insofar as we are able to report developments as revealed to us by our PRIMARY sources.

10. WANTAGATE ISSUES: The following present and past issues of International Currency Review contain key Wantagate documents and analyses: Volume 28, #4, March 2003; Volume 30, #2 and 3, January 2005, and Volume 31, #3 and 4 [480 pages], November 2006. These issues provide all the relevant documentary background available up to the end of November last year. Volume 33, #1 and 2, in preparation [see above] will contain some further documents, especially with regard to the Chicago-mafia-associated Wisconsin Tax Gestapo dimension of this global financial corruption scandal, which is described as the biggest financial crisis exposure in world history.