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Saturday 8 September 2007 23:45

During the week beginning 10th September, World Reports Limited will be distributing the following publications and issues of our intelligence services worldwide:

1. International Currency Review, Volume 32, COMPLETE. This Volume consists, as previously announced, of ONE very large Volume, set in a specially manufactured presentation binder.

The dark blue binder is embossed in bright silver. Its dimensions are identical to the standard International Currency Review size, so that when placed on Library shelves, the binder and the huge special Volume will align perfectly with previous and subsequent Volumes and issues.

Note to subscription agencies: Please DO NOT circulate us with requests for Volume 32, #s 2, 3 and 4. This mailing takes care of the entire Volume [ = Volume 32, #s 1, 2, 3 and 4]. Requests along these lines will be ignored. We do not have a staff to handle such superfluous queries. This panel provides updated information for the benefit of both intermediaries and subscribers worldwide.

2. International Currency Review, Volume 33, #s 1 & 2 + TWO SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS [see below].

This is a very large 'Wantagate' double issue, consisting of 544 pages. The double issue deals as comprehensively as possible with today's global financial crisis, predicted by this service, which is 100% attributable, as we anticipated on 2nd September 2006, to the corrupt manipulations that have been taking place behind the scenes, exploiting Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta's $4.5 trillion financial Settlement, which ought by now already to have generated in excess of $8.0++ trillion in windfall tax revenues for the US Treasury. These have been forestalled by the corrupt transactions exposed, in favour of 'fiat money' self-enrichment schemes forensically examined by this service.

The failure of the de facto criminal financial operatives at the highest levels of the US Federal Government, and at leading named financial institutions, to follow ethical procedures, in favour of repeated illegal financial operations and self-enrichment agendas, has predictably resulted in the consequent exposure, by International Currency Review both in this print format and on the World Reports Limited website, of the fraudulent financial transactions underlying the crisis that has been allowed to develop as these criminals concentrated on lining their own greedy pockets rather than implementing The Wanta (Rescue) Plan agreed to by the world's central banks, the Group of Seven financial powers, by the President and Vice President of the United States, prominent legislators, and Supreme Court Justices. The Editor has served as the arms'-length Rapporteur for this crisis.

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS published with International Currency Review, Volume 33, #s 1 & 2:
The two Supplements, mailed with each subscription copy of the huge double issue, are:

1. 'The Ronald Reagan Library Papers: Showing that Wanta worked for the President': 48 pages consisting of an essay on the American version of the Soviet 'rehabilitation' procedure, plus a large number of facsimiles of documents released, on the instructions of the National Security Agency (NSA), by the Ronald Reagan Library last May, in preparation for the Wanta Settlement.

2. 'Wantagate and the 'Sub-Prime' Crisis: Showing how we exposed the Mortgage Frauds': 32 pages consisting of an explanation of how the criminal financial cadres' intransigeance over the illegal withholding of the Wanta Settlement led to the unravelling and exposure of fraudulent unbacked trash paper frauds perpetrated by US parties against foreigners (and by certain foriegn parties as well: but primarily by Americans). Kenneth Rofoff, Economics Professor at Harvard and the former Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund, has described this fraudulent paper-running activity, marketeing unbacked trash, as 'America's most dynamic export industry'. The Supplement contains two charts showing how Ambassador Leo Wanta's funds were illegally manipulated and exploited between 19th July and 21st August this year, contrary to law and securities Regulations.

3. The Latin American Times, Volume 19, Number 8. Subscribers to this service will be receiving the eighth issue due under their subscription to Volume 19. Two further issues are to be published for this Volume. The service, which is ongoing, was delayed by the Wantagate crisis, but is now being fulfilled in accordance with existing and continuing contracts. See this website for details.