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Monday 29 October 2007 21:23

On 26th October 2007, the following publications were published and distributed worldwide:

1. Soviet Analyst, Volume 30, expanded special combined issue: Volume 30, Numbers 4, 5 & 6.
This special combined issue contains hitherto unpublished documents revealing detailed financial transactions conducted by Leo Wanta, on Executive Order and personal instructions by President Reagan, concerning his Financial Warfare operations against the Soviet Union. The issue also reveals how rival US intelligence operatives later raided the assets accumulated by Leo Wanta in the course of his Financial Warfare operations on behalf of the US Government against the Soviet Union and stole as much of his assets, held in bank accounts belonging to his Title 18, Section 6 corporations, as they could. A specific example is cited, showing how two US operatives raided and stole from Leo Wanta's funds held with Status-Credit Bank in Moscow. This special issue has been delayed because of the pressure on the Editor arising from his publicity operations on behalf of Ambassador Wanta in the context of our extensive exposures of the worst financial corruption crisis in world history, displayed in our Wantagate reports

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2. The Latin American Times, Volume 19, Number 9, was distributed worldwide on the same date.

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