Eastern Europe Analyst

Economic, currency, financial, political and strategic intelligence on Eastern Europe.

Published by: World Reports Limited

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Eastern Europe Analyst contains intelligence information from and about Central and Eastern Europe, with detailed country reports and economic and geopolitical commentaries. Differentiated from other regional publications by its specialist geopolitical intelligence and strategic focus, Eastern Europe Analyst elaborates on the reality of continuing covert Leninist Soviet control in the region, and provides a correct strategic intellectual framework for any understanding of the hidden eastern policy orientation of the regional governments as well as the geostrategic reasons for their progressive incorporation within the European Union Collective, which Mikhail Gorbachėv has provocatively but correctly described as 'the new European Soviet’.

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  • ISSN: 0965-0350
  • First Published in: 1978
  • Issues per Volume/Serial: 4
  • Editor: Christopher Story FRSA

A regional intelligence publication focusing upon economic, monetary, banking, strategic, criminalism and political analysis.

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