Economic Intelligence Review

Global economic, monetary, geopolitical and financial intelligence service.

Published by: World Reports Limited

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The objective and independently-minded economic, monetary and geofinancial intelligence publication, with a pronounced geopolitical dimension, covering market and fundamental developments in the Americas, Euroland, Japan and the Rest of the World. In 1998-1999, Economic Intelligence Review accurately predicted the prolonged degradation of the Euro, in sharp contrast to 'consensus' analysts. This service was also the first to explore the impact of the global drug-money pipeline on the stock market and the real economy, and is now engaged in follow-up analyses of the underlying geofinancial and intelligence corruption crisis which threatens global stability.

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  • ISSN: 1350-1070
  • First Published in: 1993
  • Issues per Volume/Serial: 6
  • Editor: Christopher Story FRSA

Analyses economic, monetary and currency developments, the gold market, and the underlying geofinancial corruption crisis.

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