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Christopher Story FRSA, the Editorial Director of all the serials published by World Reports Limited and Global Analysis Limited, has been engaged in this activity since 1970. Accordingly, not only is he among the longest-serving editors and private publishers in the world, but he has also acquired over the years unrivalled knowledge and understanding of geopolitical and geofinancial developments. One method of accessing this accumulated knowledge and wisdom is to subscribe to this Global Intelligence Package, which provides the recipient with one copy of every single issue that the two linked serials intelligence organisations publish in any given calendar year*. This offer has been very well received internationally by clients and is available in several formats: for instance, the regular Global Intelligence Package is as advertised herewith; but if several or multiple copies of each issue published in any calendar year are required, the publisher offers discounts for multiple copy variants of this Global Intelligence Package. You may order the Global Intelligence Package using our secure subscription ordering system [press Subscribe], or if you require details of multiple copy variants of this Package, you may care to press the Contact Us facility which sends us an email and alerts us to your particular requirements. As is the case with the individual services, which are exclusively financed by subscription income, full remittance is necessary in advance, except by prior agreement. [*Note: The Global Intelligence Package specifically excludes London Currency Report and Interest Rate Service, and relates to all issues published in the calendar year applicable from the date on which the original order is placed, or as mutually agreed].

  • Subscription Price: $2500.00
  • UK [cheques only*]: £1650.00*
  • Issues per Volume/Serial: All*
  • Editor: Christopher Story FRSA

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