Foreign developed suite that destroys all US intelligence ploys

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Such programs are operations of corrupt US intelligence, and THEY DO NOT IN PRACTICE PREVENT CORRUPTION AND DELIBERATE DEGRADATION OF YOUR SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE BY MANY MALICIOUS EMAILS DEVELOPED BY CRIMINAL U.S. INTELLIGENCE ITSELF. Therefore, using the usual US proprietary programs, your computer and software are NOT PROTECTED AND CAN NEVER BE PROTECTED FROM U.S. INTELLIGENCE CRIMINALISTS' ATTACKS. The Editor is so satisfied with the foreign program that he has now installed on all our computers, that we are suggesting that our clients and friends would also do themselves a huge favour by installing the same software. We are therefore offering to source this proprietary software, with OUR STRONG AND RELIABLE RECOMMENDATION, as an add-on service through this website. At the same time, we are charging a premium price for this new service on the following basis: (1) If you buy this product from us you should never again encounter the same kinds of computer problems that you may have encountered hitherto: although we can provide no guarantee, we can assure you that the program we recommend here is INFINITELY SUPERIOR to anything that is produced in dubious faith by the surrogate US intelligence Dark Forces and marketed under the usual familiar proprietary labels. For instance, despite our being bombarded now day and night by an automated US NSA barrage of malicious emails, every single one of these attacks and the crude Trojans, viruses and worms and porn they contain, is being neutered/deleted. (2) If you purchase this product through us, you will not only be doing yourself an immense favour by overcoming the virus, malware, plus Trojan, worm and other infestations that will be familiar to you, but you be doing US a huge favour as well: because the mark-up that comes with our strong recommendation will enable us to finance our continuing exposure operations via this website. As you should be aware, our exposures of embedded financial and related corruption have moved mountains, have actually changed the entire course of history, and have generated an historically decisive 'break with the past'. This has been achieved BY STANDING UP TO THESE CRIMINALISTS, who thought that NOBODY WOULD EVER CONTRADICT THEM. On 8th August 2008, the Editor was actually informed by an impeccable US source that the perpetrators of the financial crimes that we have helped to expose THOUGHT THAT THEY COULD CONTINUE ON WITH THEIR FRAUDULENT FINANCE CAROUSEL FOR EVER. They thought they could 'enronise' not only Americans, but the WHOLE WORLD with total ongoing impunity, as hitherto. (3) THIS WEBSITE HAS HELPED TO STOP THEM AND HAS PREVENTED A GREATER CATASTROPHE. So, if you'd like to do BOTH OF US a favour, order this remarkable proprietary Internet Security Solution by pressing the SUBSCRIBE button and providing us with your Visa or MasterCard details. Not only will you RESOLVE your Internet problems, but you will be assisting us to finance the further exposures of very deep corruption that are going to be necessary. The pressure has to be maintained on these ruthless US and foreign intelligence structures and their organised criminal operations; and by ordering this foreign Internet Security Solution, YOU CAN HELP US DO THIS. It's thus a doubly worthwhile purchase. And by the way, this is a GENUINE OFFER. We don't deal in deception, as you will be aware by now.

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