Offshore Centres Report

The newsletter that compares the competing facilities of the world’s offshore tax havens.

Published by: World Reports Limited

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Offshore Centres Report investigates and undertakes comparisons between the relative structures and advantages/disadvantages of the competing tax havens in the context of the continuing offensive against offhsore jurisdictions spearheaded by the Group of Seven (G-7) powers, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the OECD and the International Monetary Fund. This offensive is quite hypocritical, because colossal volumes of stolen and criminalist funds are stored by key criminalised intelligence and Financial Warfare operatives in certain offshore centers, especially the locations within the ‘British jurisdiction’. Offshore Centres Report addresses banking secrecy issues, including official access to bank information for tax purposes – keeping taxation and other financial practioners, investors and the international banking community informed about threats to financial privacy and alerts about offshore financial scamming operations.

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  • First Published in: 1989
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  • Editor: Christopher Story FRSA

Investigations and comparisons of the competing offshore tax havens, criminal financial intelligence operations using offshore centres, and their cover – the tax havens regulation offensive.

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